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The start of another beautiful week is here. If you like books filled with action and adventure, this week's releases are sure to scratch that itch. There are a bunch of great stories continuing with this week's new releases!

In addition to the new releases this week, we have sneak peeks of the two new series that released at the end of last week. If you didn't pick them up yet, these are two great new series we are sure you will enjoy. Learn more about them below!

I have 5 action-packed books launching this week and one of them released this morning! That's pretty sweet for a Monday!

This Week's New Releases

Title: The Wolf is the Pack
Series: Great Lakes Investigations Book 4
Release Date: 08/08/2022

What do you do when your long-lost heritage comes calling?

Between their father leaving and their mother dying, neither Maggie nor Matt were ever affiliated with a pack.

When a werewolf shaman shows up looking for Matt, Maggie suddenly has a glimpse into a world she never expected to see…

…as well as a chance to figure out what’s going on with her powers.

Maggie cons her way into the pack to learn about her family and herself.

Things get complicated when one of the male shifters in the pack becomes sure Maggie is his fated mate.

Though she feels guilty, Maggie’s sense of belonging and her genuine attraction to the shifter complicate things, drawing her in closer.

One thing leads to another, and a series of accidents reveals her secrets to the pack.

Now, one half believe she’s an abomination, while the other half are vying to get her genetics for their bloodlines.

Title: Angry Gods
Series: Chronicles of Zoey Grimm Book 5
Release Date: 08/09/2022

The gods might be crazy…

Some of them are pissed! 

I couldn’t blame them. 

How was I supposed to know that all the supernatural nasties I’d reaped were going to overrun Olympus? 

Most of these gods hadn’t been on earth for thousands of years.

Some of them are enjoying themselves… a bit too much…

Others are looking for revenge. They’re coming for me.

It’s one thing to wonder whether I can possibly survive the wrath of the gods.

Now that they’re targeting innocent people to draw me out, I have to ask…

Is it possible to reap a god?

Title: Dirt Line
Series: Dwarvish Dirty Dozen Book 2
Release Date: 08/10/2022

What do you do after surviving a suicide mission?

Do your best to get home in one piece, naturally.

Things aren't going to be that easy for the Bad Badgers. There are miles to go, and they’re on foot with their prize in tow and an army of undead at their heels.

Not exactly an easy stroll toward the line on the map that marks safety.

Safety is a rare commodity for all sides in the Vale. Unnamed ancient horrors and secrets best left buried lie ahead…and perhaps closer than the dirty dozen imagined.

Our ragtag bunch of dwarves soon learn that there's more than just the enemy at their backs to worry about.

The test that shakes them is far deeper and much more personal.

As the Bad Badgers’ honor and mettle are tested by the trials and travails of war, how far is too far? And can they ever come back if they cross the line? 

Title: Extreme Prejudice
Series: One U.G.L.Y. Marine Book 4
Release Date: 08/11/2022

Subtlety is a game Joe is capable of, but he always preferred a more hands-on approach.

Unluckily for him, the Komran are no longer satisfied with a war of attrition and there’s no choice but to play.

After intercepting the Komran battleplans on his last suicide mission, Joe gets the request to take on the most challenging mission to date: diplomacy.

The team are sent to the outer fringes of the Vale system, where the Komran have planted traitors among the populations of three planets. If their plans succeed, the planets’ defenses will be taken down and a Komran invasion force will get easy access to stage landing points for a much more expansive push into Vale territory.

There’s no room for failure. The team must prepare to divert a war that could be ended in a day, or risk the start of a new level of subjugation.

For once, Joe needs to rely on his wits and his version of “diplomacy” to accomplish the mission and save the galaxy.

Sometimes, he wonders if he would be better off back in the freezer.

Title: The Affectionate Monster
Series: The Unconventional Agent Beaufont Book 7
Release Date: 08/12/2022

Love is a mystery…

But if Agent Paris Beaufont doesn’t solve it, then it could perish worldwide.

Promoted to the Director of Advanced Love, Paris finds more responsibility on her shoulders than ever before.

She must be careful though because now her decisions can lead to big changes—good and bad for love.

When all the residents of a small town come down with a nihilistic disorder, Paris knows she must act fast.

It turns out there’s something in the water…

And the food…

To fix this problem, Paris will have to solve the biggest mystery ever.

Can Paris Beaufont save this small town and all the love it has to offer? 

It may just be one place of many, but to this halfling, everywhere is worth saving. 

Supernatural Criminal Investigations banner

A woman with a secret grieving her daughter’s loss. This was meant to be where Katherine and her daughter were supposed to hide and be safe. Instead, her daughter mysteriously dies, with no answers in sight.

The Surgeon's Scalpel e-book cover

A new series comes your way this month with Heinous Crimes Unit. If you like psychological thrillers, you'll want to check out this sneak peek and the series!

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Fan Pricing Saturday, August 6, 2022

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Hope on the holler e-book cover

Hope of the Holler

The Nightmare Awakens e-book cover

The Nightmare Awakens

Striking Gold e-book cover

Striking Gold

Witch with an enemy e-book cover

Witch With an Enemy

Guardians of Tristholm e-book cover

The Guardians of Tristholm

Sorcery in San Francisco e-book cover

Sorcery in San Francisco

The Kindling Burns e-book cover

The Kindling Burns

Barbarian Princess complete Boxed set e-book cover

The Barbarian Princess Complete Boxed Set

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A Unique Form of Captivity in This Snippet of Heinous Crimes Unit Book 1

The Surgeon's Scalpel e-book cover

Heinous Crimes Unit Book 1: The Surgeon's Scalpel 


Charles is being held captive in a special kind of hell. Unable to speak, but very able to hear, the unimaginable


The madness started with a young man and a mute—as near as anyone could later pinpoint, anyway. Madness has a special way of hiding until, all at once, everyone can see it.

Charles Ranger had lost the ability to speak three years earlier, and every day since had been a special kind of hell. He wouldn’t have wished this on his worst enemy, or at least that’s what he’d thought when his ability to speak first left him. It had taken him three years, but he’d finally found someone that he wished could also carry this affliction.

Bradley Brown.

Charles Ranger was eighty-two years old, half-blind, mute, and living in a nursing home. The only thing he really had going for him was his hearing, but since meeting Bradley, he’d begun thinking he could go without that sense as well.

Bradley was one of the orderlies assigned to Charles’ corridor. His kids had thrown him in here at seventy-five, and while they visited often, he hated the damn place. Or at least he’d thought he had, but once again, when he’d met Bradley, Charles had come to a different understanding of things.

Bradley stood behind his wheelchair, pushing him toward his room. It was time for Charles’ afternoon nap, and although he rarely fell asleep, he would do anything to get away from the people in this place. Since he couldn’t talk, the other old farts all decided they would talk to him. They babbled as Charles stared at the television screen. He had one of those boards he could write on, but it took so long, and none of the babblers cared when he tried communicating with it. He didn’t even bother nodding anymore, didn’t care one bit whether the other “inmates” thought he was rude.

“Well, Charlie,” Bradley said, “here we are.”

Charles hated that about Bradley Brown, too. The bastard kept calling him “Charlie.”

The orderly opened the bedroom door and pushed him inside. He closed the door and then began helping Charles into his bed.

“I think it’s about time for me to start what we’ve been discussing.”

God, no. Please don’t talk about it anymore, Charles thought. It had been two weeks since the last time Bradley brought it up, and Charles simply couldn’t handle it anymore. He had to tell someone.

Who’s going to believe you, old man? And if they do, and they investigate the bastard, what happens if they don’t find anything? Bradley will know who told them. What do you think will happen to you then?

Charles had talked to himself about this multiple times already. It always ended with visions of him lying in bed and Bradley’s tall body standing over him, holding a pillow with both hands.

“Should have kept it our little secret, Charlie,” Bradley would say before pressing the pillow over Charles’ face.

He couldn’t tell anyone if he wanted to keep living.

“I’ve found the perfect girl. Finally. Her eyes, Charlie! If you could see them, you’d fall in love. Bright blue like the sky on steroids. I hope I can show them to you.” He pulled the blankets up to Charles’ chin. “I’m thinking sometime this week I’ll do it. I can probably show you them the week after. You’ll love ‘em. I’m sure of it.”

Charles looked up. Bradley was standing over him. The only thing missing was the white pillow he’d use to suffocate Charles.

“You’re not going to tell anyone about this, right? I mean, you won’t be writing any notes?”

Charles shook his head, wondering if the fear in his gut showed on his face.

“I didn’t think so. I imagine you like it a little bit, don’t you? Given what your profession used to be? I imagine cutting all those people up, even as a surgeon… Well, you had to enjoy the blood and guts, right?”

Charles nodded, although he hadn’t focused on the blood when he’d been a surgeon, only on keeping his patients alive.

“That’s why I came to you, Charlie. Because when I saw your patient file, I knew you were someone I could confide in. I can’t wait to show you what I get.”

Bradley turned and walked out of the room, leaving Charles Ranger feeling certain that his closest caretaker was a serial killer.


* * *


Bradley Brown understood that sooner or later, he would kill Charlie Ranger. Not for his eyes, though. He had no desire for a man’s eyes. No, he’d kill the old man because rules must be followed. Bradley was a big lover of rules and had been since his earliest memories.

He needed them.

Rules were the only reason he had made it this far in life. First his father’s, then his own. If he was going to continue doing as he pleased, then he would need even more of them.

Because Bradley definitely was going to continue doing as he pleased. Doing what pleased him.

Rule Number 1: No witnesses. Charlie wasn’t a witness, per se, but close enough, and sooner or later, he’d have to go. Hopefully later, because Bradley did enjoy talking to the old man. He bounced a lot of ideas off the bald guy’s dome, and even though Charlie couldn’t speak back, it clarified Bradley’s thinking.

Clarity was important for what came next.

And goodness, Charlie served that purpose well.

At first, Bradley had thought about taking women he knew. They would be the easiest. He understood where they lived, their patterns, etc. Talking with Charlie had rid him of that notion. Well, talking and reading.

Bradley read a lot. He preferred a very specific genre: true crime with a focus on serial killers. He was, as far as he was concerned, the most knowledgeable person in the United States on the subject. If they gave out doctorates on the subject, Bradley would certainly have one.

Reading about the killer Ed Kemper had shown Bradley how foolish it would be to abduct people he knew. Ed had only killed hitchhikers until he got to his mother.

Bradley would read, and then he’d talk to Charlie. In the end, his plan developed into something nearing perfection. He wouldn’t be caught, not like Ed or Jeffrey or Ted.

Ed had turned himself in.

Jeffrey had been caught because he was a fucking idiot. Same with Ted.

The cops, in every case, had been about as clueless as anyone could possibly be. In Jeffrey Dahmer’s case, they had sent an underage boy who had a hole in his head filled with acid back to Dahmer. Old Jeffrey had told them they were boyfriends and the underage boy was drunk. Believable enough.

Ted Bundy had escaped from jail.

Escaped. From. Jail.

When Bradley realized that, it had taken a few minutes to sink in. The police, the FBI, they were all so incompetent that Bradley could do whatever he wanted, as long as he followed his rules. Truthfully, the fear of incarceration or the death penalty had been the only thing that kept Bradley from doing it sooner.

That was over now, though.

Bradley’s parents had his IQ tested as a boy, putting him at 145, which was in the upper echelon.

He was far too smart to be caught by people who would send someone with a goddamn hole in his head back to a cannibalistic serial killer.

No, it was time to start.


What can Charles possibly do to stop his captor? It is clear he has to do something, but how? Find out on August 4th when The Surgeon's Scalpel: Heinous Crimes Unit Book 1 is released. Until then head over to Amazon and pre-order today.

The Surgeon's Scalpel e-book cover


Monsoons and Wild Wednesday August 3, 2022

Summer Wild Wednesday Banner

Deals as fierce as a summer monsoon!


Wild Wednesday, August 3, 2022


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

Please remember to double-check the price before you one-click.



Barbarian Princess complete Boxed set e-book coverBarbarian Princess Complete Series Boxed Set:

Cassandra has fought alongside Skharr DeathEater, but will she be able to forge a new path alone? When the former paladin turned Barbarian Princess is robbed while aiding travelers against brigands, she vows to find the miscreants.  In the war-ravaged north-east of the continent, a new evil has arisen and begins to impose a rule of dark sorcery and fear on the small settlements. Will she find the allies she needs in time to save a town? How will she know who she can trust in this evil hour? Her quest will demand everything from her but she cannot turn away. Does she have sufficient skill, experience, and determination to defeat the rising malevolence? She pits her steel and will against sorcery and its army and digs deep. This is what it means to be a Barbarian of Theros, but can she hope to survive? With new allies at her side, Cassandra fights to turn the tide of darkness and fear. This is her path—to smite evil and save innocents.

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in the shadow of Ziammotienth e-book coverIn The Shadow of Ziammotienth:

Why is it that thieves and mages never mix? Probably because thieves remind mages too much of themselves.
A young female thief is working to help her crew stay alive in Waypoint, a city that exists on the precipice of humanity to one side and in the shadows of Ziammotienth on the other. Also called Tolan’s Doom, the mountain torn asunder by a dragon—if you believe in myths. Many an adventurer calls Waypoint the only bastion of civilization before returning to the remains of the once-great half-elven city’s remains from which to strike into the darkness underground. Most do not return. Kaylin has no intention of heading to the mountain’s grip. But will she be able to evade its grasp? Is Ziammotienth just a story of legends and minstrels or much more? Commerce, adventure, and intrigue swirl around the young thief as she fights her way into a far larger world than she had expected to experience.

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WE 100TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION E-BOOK COVERWe: 100th Anniversary Edition:

Before Huxley. Before Orwell. There was Zamyatin. When society has programmed you to sleep . . . How do you wake yourself up? The One State is a world where people are merely numbers, and free will itself is a disease. Most are happy in their role as cogs in a huge machine, controlled by the ever-watchful Benefactor. However, on the eve of the launch of the Integral—the spacecraft that will impose the One State’s way of life everywhere—starship architect D-503 meets I-330, a female number as irreverent as she is beautiful. The Benefactor has quantified human experience, circumscribed edit, reduced it to nothing but a series of mathematical equations—that is, until one man tries to factor in the ultimate unknown: love. We is the groundbreaking novel that inspired 1984 and Brave New World, the two towering dystopian works of the twentieth century. Discover it for yourself today.

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The Legend of Nyx Omnibus e-book coverThe Legend of Nyx Omnibus Collection:

6 books and 2000 pages of shifters, vampires, witches, slayers and slow-burn romance fill this complete urban fantasy boxset.*

From Book 1: Scared Shiftless A stiletto heel through a vampire’s heart… Who ever said you had to sacrifice fabulous for functional? Eventually I’d find her, the one who stole my abilities.
Now I was stuck like this… in a human body… a male body… I was scared shiftless. I'm out for more than vengeance. I want my life back. But even if I catch her, even if I kill the vampire who ruined my life… can I even take my shapeshifting abilities back?
Or, am I destined to stay like this forever?

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Violent Graduation e-book coverViolent Graduation:

It’s easy to ignore dangerous issues while you’re studying at the Royal Space Navy’s academy, until a sniper attempts to assassinate you. The scar across the side of Jack’s head is the visible price. The risk to his friends at the academy is the hidden price. His challenge is how to balance the risks. The final stage of his training is a shakedown cruise on an old minesweeper, barely able to achieve FTL entry and exit. Midway through their cruise, the minesweeper collides with an ancient alien wreck, ripping the sides off the starship. Jack’s team of bots help seal the combined wreck to prevent air loss. Ghost, a nanolife form from the alien wreck, provides assistance. Jack and his girlfriend, Sofia, are the only survivors, and air, food, and supplies are critical. The countdown of days to survive is ticking. No wonder the Royal Family are angry.
And there’s still a price on Jack’s head.

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What do you get when you combine boredom, creativity and teenage years with a healthy dose of winning contests with poetry? A collection of poems nicely wrapped into a book. A collection of 30 poems falling into the categories of Life and Love, Everything in Between, and Death and Destruction, four essays from writing exercises and a short story fill the pages of this book. If you're looking for inspiration, motivation or perhaps something to help you cope with the loss of a loved one, this book is for you.


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Calculated e-book coverCalculated:

 She's a math prodigy, a calculating genius and everyone wants her. In seventeen-year-old Jo River's complicated world of numbers, there's no such thing as coincidence. When she is betrayed by someone she loves, kidnapped by the world's most wanted smuggler, and forced to use her talent to shore up a criminal empire, Jo deems her gift a curse—until she meets Red. Fellow captive and unlikely sage, Red teaches Jo to harness her true potential, so she can do more than just escape. Before he dies, Red reveals a secret about her enemies and makes her vow to right his wrongs. But Jo has a vow of her own. With help from Chan, a bitter billionaire, and Kai, his off-limits son, Jo rises into a new role, ready to take down those who ruined her life. Until a mathematical error comes back to haunt her with a threat much more dangerous than the criminals on the loose. To beat the odds, Jo must decide who she really is and if risking everything is worth it. After all, history is not made—it's calculated.

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When Turquoise Ranch hand Curly Stevens went into Flagstaff to meet a new employee arriving on the train, his first impression of Rob Barringer is of how big and strong the tenderfoot is. Rob’s eagerness to learn and his willingness to take on the most difficult jobs wins everyone over, including ranch foreman Jake Dunford, and Melanie Duford, his beautiful daughter. Rob is well-educated, and his demeanor and intelligence catches the attention of Melanie, causing him difficulty with ranch manager Lee Garrison, who believes he has an exclusive right to Melanie. Garrison makes life difficult for the ranch hands, and Rob in particular.

When Jake Dunford makes a public accusation that the ranch manager is stealing from the ranch, Garrison reacts by firing everyone, but it is Garrison who is in for a big surprise.

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Wild and Free Just Like the Sea: Gift Card Giveaway


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A Grim Day Shrouded in Mystery in This Snippet of Supernatural Criminal Investigations Book 1

Supernatural Criminal Investigations banner

Supernatural Criminal Investigations Book 1: The Kindling Burns


A woman with a secret grieving her daughter’s loss. This was meant to be where Katherine and her daughter were supposed to hide and be safe. Instead, her daughter mysteriously dies, with no answers in sight.



Katherine Troy stood still and silent beside her daughter’s open grave. Around her, the quiet sobs of friends, neighbors, classmates, and teachers carried on the summer wind. 

She envied how freely they gave themselves over to grief. Katherine knew if she let her suffering out, even for a moment, it would be an all-consuming howl that would chill everyone to the bone. 

Rather than give in to the tsunami of emotion swirling inside her, she pushed it all into a room in the back of her mind and padlocked the door. She forced herself to focus on her daughter’s best friend as the girl finished the last eulogy.

“It’s so unfair. We shouldn’t have to say goodbye to Jess. Not yet,” Hannah Campbell said. Her thin arms wrapped around her midsection like she was holding herself together. Tears had left discernible tracks through the makeup applied with a heavier hand than a thirteen-year-old should have. 

Katherine never allowed Jess to wear so much face paint—their fights over the matter were epic. Neighbors even called the police during a legendary row. 

She let her mind linger on the memory of her daughter’s face the last time she saw her alive. It was midnight the night before she died. Jess sang along at the top of her lungs to an Ariana Grande tune as she rummaged in the fridge for a late-night snack—growth spurt hormones, Kat had guessed. 

She looked every bit the classic kid caught between girlhood and young womanhood. She had started to fill out physically but still wore the blue tie-dye pajama set with the butterflies all over it that she loved so much.

Kat had wished she could freeze time and keep her a little girl for a while longer. She had wanted perfect happiness for her child, and if eating the egg rolls Kat had bought for herself made her happy, so be it.

Katherine’s chest constricted with grief, and she almost let it out. It didn’t help that every scent in the air for miles dominated her senses. The perfumes and aftershaves of the people around the grave were a riot of overpowering flowers, citruses, and spices. The crushing weight of pollen hung heavy, and on top of that was…what was that? It was stale and reminiscent of ammonia. Old cigars, maybe?

It was almost painful, and for some strange reason, she was nauseous and hungry at the same time. She needed to eat. Soon. She felt like screaming.

 Stop it, Katherine silently chided herself. You can’t lose control. Not here. It was a fight to quell nausea caused by the odors bombarding her. She forced her attention back to Hannah. The girl spoke so fast that Katherine wondered how the kid could get all the words out and still breathe.

“We had plans, y’know? Like, we were supposed to go to high school and the same college and share a room so we could stay up all night talking and doing homework.” She paused and quirked a little smile at Katherine. “Well, mostly talking, I guess. Jess loved to talk. Like, a lot.”

The mourners chuckled, a little levity on the heaviest of days. Katherine couldn’t join in. She didn’t want to smile or laugh or let go. She wanted to jump into the hole in the ground, rip the lid off the coffin with her bare hands, scoop her baby up, and fly away. 

Ruby’s steady hand rested on her arm. “Hold on to me, Kat. Hold on tight,” she whispered. 

Katherine didn’t need to be told twice. She clung to her friend’s hand like Ruby was the last lifeline in the world.

“We were supposed to travel.” Hannah’s breath caught in her throat as she spoke. Her brow creased as she struggled to get the words out. “We were supposed to date hot guys, write books, and wear gorgeous clothes. 

“She was so funny and smart and kind. She hated it when anyone was hurting. When anyone in our group was sad, she would cheer us up with silly magic tricks—like trying to make a feather float by itself or making our pens disappear while doing chemistry homework.” 

“Shit,” Katherine whispered as she glanced sideways at Ruby. 

“The girl was never big on following rules,” Ruby whispered back. “Too much like her mama.” 

“Humph,” Kat grunted. She couldn’t deny the truth, though. Jess was her mini-me in every way possible—good and not-so-good.

“We never could figure out how she pulled off those tricks,” Hannah continued with a small smile. “She always said something lame like ‘magicians never reveal their secrets.’ We figured fishing line and mirrors were involved.” 

The girl’s gaze lingered on the grave. Her smile disappeared, and a pensive look replaced it as she bit her lower lip to keep from crying again. “I want to talk to her one more time. That’s all. Just one more talk.” She paused to sniffle. Someone offered a handkerchief, but she waved it away. Instead, she unfolded a sheet of paper she’d been holding. 

“In English Lit this term, we learned about Victorian poetry. Jess really got into it. For one assignment, we had to choose a poet and write something that sounded like them. Jess loved Christina Rossetti, who wrote about death a lot. This is what she wrote for her poem, and it blew everyone away.” Hannah cleared her throat and began reading.

“Say goodbye and say it soon. 

In case our moment wanes like notes of a fading tune.

Say you love me always, and say it now, 

In case the new day comes, and we’ve no time for vows.

Don't let time pass us by.”

Katherine didn’t think she could hurt any more than she was. Then razor-sharp bits of memories stabbed her of five-year-old Jess writing a funny poem about Ruby. No more poems. There will be no more poems.

Hannah continued reading.

“I'll be gone tomorrow, or maybe today, 

please say what's real while I'm here and don't shy away.

Say what's true, my fam… Shout it with love, 

I need a miracle beyond the physical before I take wing like a dove.

Don't question the magic; just let it fly.

Remember me tomorrow and next year and forever,

Use our mem’ries to heal, not reel ‘cos we’re severed.

Pass on your love and hope, your brilliant steadfast strength, too.

Cast spells so love dwells in other hearts; this is your cue.

Don’t hoard love or let it die.”

As she finished the last line, Hannah choked out a sob and melted into the arms of a tall, gangly boy who hadn’t fully grown into his limbs. 

The lad didn’t look entirely comfortable with the public display of grief, and—except for a few awkward attempts at comfort pats on her back—he stood motionless as his girlfriend cried.

“Thank you, Hannah.” The funeral celebrant spoke with heavy solemnity. “Thanks to all of you who shared your remembrances today. 

“It is said that death leaves a heartache no one can heal, and love leaves a memory no one can steal. Today, you have celebrated the life of an amazing young woman. So, we say our final goodbyes to Jessenia Rose Troy with heavy hearts. To her mother Katherine, we all want to say, while your grief may feel like an endless road, you don’t have to travel it alone. Lean on those who can help bear your burden.”

As the mourners began to disperse, Kat stared into the earth where Jessenia’s flower-covered coffin lay. The blur of the last week since her death felt endless. She knew this ordeal wouldn’t be over until someone could tell her what happened to her girl.

There had been no warning. The kid was okay when she went to bed one night, in a coma by sunrise, and dead by nightfall. It all happened too frighteningly fast, and she had no answers.

As a small cluster of people parted, Kat spotted her boss, Elias Winters, the Humanities department chair at Millford University. He was also a friend. He offered a tentative wave as he approached. “I'm so very sorry, Kat.” He reached out to hug her. His already deep voice was raspy with emotion. Katherine noticed he swallowed hard and cleared his throat several times before he spoke again—it looked like he was losing the battle to keep his emotions in check. “Take as much time as you need before coming back to work,” he said. 

“I’ll be in class on Monday,” Kat replied.

“You mean this Monday? As in two days from now?” His voice had a crystal clear “are you sure” tone. “You can take more time. It’s not a problem.”

“Thank you, Elias. I’m fine,” Katherine lied. 

She was the furthest from fine she had been in eons, but she wanted to work. She needed to work to keep her mind occupied and away from the realities of a nest emptied way too soon. “If I need anything, I’ll let you know.” 

“No, she won’t be back on Monday.” Ruby stepped between them as bold as the wide-brimmed fuchsia hat on her head. She stuck her hand out to Elias. “I’m Ruby, Kat’s best friend. I’m in charge of ensuring this girl gets some rest and doesn’t push herself too hard for a little while. She’ll be happy to take a few weeks off work.”

Elias accepted her offered hand with a sigh of relief. “Good.” He leveled a fatherly gaze at Kat. “Listen to your friend, my dear. It’s good to have someone like her with you right now. 

“I’ve already arranged as much of a sabbatical as you need with the dean. He sends his condolences, by the way. I asked Professor Tyler to cover your folklore and mythology classes for as long as you need. I’m still working on getting someone to take the Ancient Greek and Early European History courses.”

“Tyler. The prof from Cambridge who rides a motorbike?” Kat invoked the image of Sally Tyler, an outgoing and energetic British professor completing a year-long fellowship at Millford University. They had become friendly over the last term, and Kat knew she would do a great job with her students. “I like her. She’s a wonderful teacher. Ok, I’ll be back in a few weeks then. Thank you.”

Elias paused a moment with a bemused twinkle in his eye as he smiled at Ruby, then at Katherine. “Ruby. Isn’t that your cat’s name?” 

“Why, yes, it is the cat’s name,” Ruby replied. “It also happens to be my name.”

“Who came along first, you or the cat?”

“That’s what we call a chicken and the egg question.” Ruby grinned with a sparkle in her eyes. Kat jabbed an elbow into Ruby’s ribs, and Ruby—eyes still on Professor Winters—returned it.

“Well, it’s lovely to meet you.” The professor’s bemusement turned to wonder as he gazed at Ruby. “I’m sorry.” He blushed. “I’m not normally this forward with women. I hope you don’t mind my saying that your eyes are…striking.”

Ruby glanced down and looked up at him through her thick lashes. “That’s very sweet of you to say.”

“They’re as gold as amber. No, wait, they’re deeper than that.” He paused, studying Ruby’s eyes. “They’re like a topaz. I’ve never met anyone with topaz eyes before.” 

Ruby leaned in and spoke in a conspiratorial whisper. “Can I let you in on a little secret?”

The professor nodded and leaned closer, his mouth open like a schoolboy anticipating his first kiss. Kat rolled her eyes.

“They’re contact lenses.” Ruby winked. “I’m blind as a mole diggin’ a tunnel without them. But I have to wear them, so I might as well have fun with them.” 

“Oh.” Elias deflated. “Of course, call on me if either of you needs anything. I live only a few blocks away from our dear professor here, so it’s no trouble to bring food over or cut the grass.” 

“There you go being sweet again, but—” Kat exaggerated her wave. Ruby got the sarcastic jab at her expense. She also sensed an imminent refusal and quickly cut Katherine off. Again.

“It is lovely of you,” Ruby said. “Such a kind offer, Professor. We’d love to take you up on it. We could use some help with the yard work. Does tomorrow work for you?”

He nodded eagerly. “It does. How does eight o’clock sound?”

“Better make it nine. Yardwork too early on a Sunday morning makes the neighbors cranky. Thank you, Professor Winters. It is such a comfort to have friends and neighbors help out during this difficult time.”

“It is my pleasure, dear lady.” He took Ruby’s hand in both of his. “Please, call me Elias.”

Kat spotted Mrs. Hartnell saying goodbye to the students still gathered near Jess’ grave. It seemed nobody wanted to leave. She caught the teacher’s eye and lifted her hand in a slight wave. Mrs. Hartnell responded with a small wave before laying her hand on her heart. 

“Excuse me a moment,” Kat said. “I want to catch up with Jess’ English teacher before she leaves.”

As she walked toward Mrs. Hartnell, Katherine caught a distinct yet familiar scent in the wind. She turned in a circle, scanning the trees and up the crest of the hill leading to the parking lot. 

On her left, in a copse of elms a hundred or so yards in the distance, she glimpsed a regal-looking man sporting short-cropped hair and wearing an immaculately tailored suit. 

For the first time in what seemed like forever, Katherine felt some tension leave her shoulders. 

The man raised a hand in brief acknowledgment, and she returned the greeting. Kat allowed herself a quick smile. When she blinked, he was gone.

 Kat glanced back at Ruby. Her friend returned the smile with a sarcastic smirk. 

Ruby had seen him too and wasn’t happy about his unannounced arrival. He wasn’t supposed to know where they were hiding. 

There was also the fact that she loathed Ozul Reyes.

Ruby returned to her conversation with Elias, waiting until they got in the car to broach the subject of Ozul, so Kat chatted with Mrs. Hartnell. As the remaining mourners departed—mostly Jess’ friends and their parents—they stopped to hug Kat and promised to deliver casseroles, cakes, and homemade pies to the house over the next few days. 

There were pros and cons to taking refuge in a small Midwestern town. One benefit was the food people brought when neighbors pulled together in a crisis. The flip side was that everyone knew everybody else’s business, and nobody kept their mouths shut. Kat couldn’t allow the townspeople to learn anything more about her, Jess, and Ruby than the carefully crafted script they had fed the locals over the last thirteen years. The more they knew, the more questions they'd ask.


It can't be that a perfectly healthy young girl simply died in the night. There has to be something more to this story. Find out on August 3rd, when The Kindling Burns: Supernatural Criminal Investigations Book 1 is released. Until then head over to Amazon and pre-order today.

The Kindling Burns e-book cover

Are you prepared to be thrilled with this week's new releases?

You may have noticed, things have been a little hectic the last few months and some of the books we talked about releasing on certain days got pushed back a couple of times. As some of you may know from reading Michael's author notes, a couple months ago, we lost one of our editors. We are training new ones, but it has put the production schedule up in the air and has resulted in books being pushed back.

Because things are still in flux, we won't be doing an August Preorder release email this month. I figured it would be safer to not promise dates that I know may get pushed back. We'll still tease them as often as we can at the bottom of the emails, just no extra email this month.

I have 7 brilliant books launching this week and one of those has been out for a day already and the rest are all on preorder! That's pretty sweet for a Monday!

Two new series this week! Isn't that great? And one of these series launches LMBPN's new imprint, Marlow and Vane. I'm sure we'll be telling you more about that soon!

Do you want to find out more about this week's releases?

This Week's New Releases

Title: Witch With An Enemy
Series: Witch Warrior Book 3
Release Date: 07/31/2022

Cait Keane and her Dragon partner Aza are surrounded by powerful enemies.

Cait’s gone from restful meditation to combat with shifters in the blink of an eye – even the young witch’s refuge is no longer safe.

A roaming pack of wolves is threatening her coven and the nearby town. And more enemies are intent on taking the witches’ land, by force if necessary.

Back in Boston, a wealthy criminal’s bank vault reveals the greatest evil Cait has ever encountered.

Unlocking the safe put her on the hook for a favor to a master thief. Was the information worth it?

The peace between the Roses and the Dragons is over and the streets of Boston have become a dangerous place as the hidden war escalates.

On top of it all, the assassin Cait’s pursuing now has her in his sights.

Cait will have to be on top of her game just to survive. To have a fighting chance at victory, she’ll need to increase her power and rely on her allies.

The US Marshal with something extra wouldn’t have it any other way.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue join Cait Keane on her new adventure!

Title: Sorcery in San Francisco
Series: Case Files Of An Urban Druid
Release Date: 08/02/2022

Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass.

With the magical veil between our world and the fae realm down, the life we live has gotten weirder by the day.

Imagine cloud shape bawdiness, venomous invaders sneaking through tears in the fabric between worlds, and waking up to realize San Francisco isn't where it was the night before.

Yeah, lost a city? Call 1-800-Team-Trouble.

Handling the whacked and weird of the world is my wheelhouse.

It doesn’t matter if it’s murderous escaped felons, back-stabbing sorcerers, crazy fae queens, or even slighted ex-lovers, Team Trouble is there to tackle the tough situations.

And by tackle, I mean scramble to keep it all from blowing up in our faces.

Case Files of an Urban Druid brings you more druid adventure with Fiona and Clan Cumhaill. If you enjoy family shenanigans, and mythical tales of magic and mystery, you’ve found your family.

Title: The Nightmare Awakens
Series: Opus X: Fleet of One Book 6
Release Date: 08/02/2022

Cyrus and Kat are ready for the final showdown.

After the defeat of the frontier clone army, Kat and Cyrus are worried that humanity’s time is running out. Their shadowy enemy is prepared to murder millions and destroy entire star systems to reopen the ancient interdimensional prisons.

Unwilling to go down without a fight, the UTC government readies their ultimate battleship and assigns it to the team.

Kat and Cyrus have a new ship. Now they need a new army. A Fleet of Two is nice. Expanding the fleet could prove…challenging.

Knowing the only way to defeat their powerful enemy is by forming new alliances, Cyrus and Kat escort an ambassador to the border of Leem space to recruit the powerful aliens to their cause. Trying to talk with a species who understand the world in such a different way risks leading to a deadly confrontation.

War begins where diplomacy ends.

Recruiting aliens into a grand alliance might not be enough when their shared enemy possesses advanced ancient technology. One species has already fallen. There’s no guarantee the others will survive.

Title: Guardians of Tristholm
Series: Rise Of The Grandmaster Series Book 5
Release Date: 08/02/2022

Roll 15 for persuasion…and 1 for luck.

Note: This book was previously released as part of the megabook The Trials of Tristholm.

Lorelai is settling in as part of the Blue Dagger Society.

The guild return to Tristholm, where they have two missions: Help Ernie make it to the city safely, and find out what's happening at the healers’ temple.

No one has heard from the priests there in some time.

The group secures the temple and a means to quickly travel between the two cities, but Tristholm is under attack.

The werewolves’ attack the on city is made worse by the incoming army of undead.

The Blue Dagger Society must join the defense of the kingdom or lose everything.

Can Tim and the team make a difference in the battle to save the city of Tristholm?

Title: The Kindling Burns
Series: Supernatural Criminal Investigations
Release Date: 08/03/2022

A woman with a secret grieving her daughter’s loss. Vampires emerging from the shadows to live openly among humans. Dark forces seeking to destroy them all.

They’re on a collision course with destiny, and it will be bloody.

Fourteen years ago, Katherine Troy went into hiding to protect her unborn child from her vampire enemies. Her world is shattered when her daughter, Jessenia, suddenly dies without explanation.

What happened to Jessenia? Do her ancient enemies have something to do with her child’s death? Kat has questions and no answers.

To make matters worse, on the day Kat buries her daughter, Major Barry Lawrence of the United States Army appears at the cemetery. He shocks her with news that the world leaders know vampires are real, and plans are in the works to merge them openly into human society.

Can Kat use this opportunity to search for the answers about her daughter’s death? Because she won’t stop digging until she finds the truth.

Jazmin Palu, an investigator with the US Army’s Central Investigation Division, is assigned to a top-secret team investigating strange cold case murders with unexplained elements. She has no clue what’s going on or why she was selected to be part of the team. All she and her teammates know is their new boss, a small-town university professor who doesn’t have a past beyond the birth of her now-deceased daughter, is as strange and mysterious as their cases.

Problem is, what she and her teammates don’t know could get them killed.

Title: Striking Gold
Series: Gallows Hill Academy Series Book 6
Release Date: 08/03/2022

Dark waters hide darker secrets.

NOTE: This book was previously published as part of the megabook Silver and Gold.

The sea around Key of Crowns is darker than any I’ve seen or even read about.

A final resting place for countless dead, the island is a perpetual battleground for the factions vying for control.Our quest has led us here for one purpose.

Stop the bloodshed.

The only way to do that is to win the war.

None of us high school kids know the first thing about fighting one, but my brother and the strange spider yokai he’s befriended have a plan.

Along with two individuals we never expected to meet on that island, all we can do is claim our victory or fail.

Can we win the fight, or will Key of Crowns claim our souls instead? 

Title: The Surgeon's Scalpel
Series: Heinous Crimes Unit Book 1
Release Date: 08/04/2022

The latest serial killer is the sickest in history.

Can a 23-year old rookie with two PhDs stop him?

Christian Windsor is a certified genius. He’s also autistic. He’s just joined a special unit at the FBI whose current mission is to stop the murderer known as “The Surgeon.”

There’s just one problem…

This killer doesn’t make mistakes.

The most challenging case in years is taking its toll on the unit, and a second killer is lurking in the shadows. The bodies are piling up and the public is terrified they could be next, adding to the pressure.

Will Christian’s unique way of looking at problems be the answer?

Or will the unexpected turns of the case lead to him paying the ultimate price?

: This book was previously published as The Surgeon in the Luke Titan Chronicles.

Summer Rains and Fan Pricing Saturday July 30, 2022

Summer rains and fan pricing Saturday banner

It's Raining Deals This Weekend

Fan Pricing Saturday, July 30, 2022 

Note: We requested the price changes from Amazon on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, they don’t change all of the prices at one time. Please double-check the price before clicking “Buy”.
All of these new releases are 99c for one day only!
And they are also available for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
Grab them today before the prices go up!

Fight or Flight e-book cover

Fight or Flight

Pack Rules e-book cover

Pack Rules

Wrapped in Silver e-book cover

Wrapped in Silver

Ready For All e-book cover

Ready For All

New Rules for Incompetents e-book cover

New Rules for Incompetents

Revenant Files Complete Series e-book cover

Revenant Files Complete Boxed Set

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Double Stacked Wild Wednesday July 27, 2022

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Stacks and stacks of deals!


Wild Wednesday, July 27, 2022


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

Please remember to double-check the price before you one-click.



Revenant Files Complete Series e-book coverRevenant Files Complete Series Boxed Set:

Among ghosts and breathers, there is a saying… “There is always something going down in New Orleans.”

A city as old and as violent as New Orleans is filled with ghosts. They aren't a hidden phenomenon anymore. They are as real as any living person and capable of causing just as much trouble. Fortunately, there are unique bounty hunters like Johnny Despereaux to hunt them down.

Grab this boxed set and step into a new world where ghosts and breathers walk the street together.

Included in this boxed set: Back From Hell, Axeman: Cycle of Death, Jazz Funeral

Stacks of Deals Here





Ten-year-old Noah has a gift beyond the natural gifts of humans.  This ability allows him to hear the thoughts of the family therapy dog, Ozzie, and to see visions of the future, which go unnoticed by the people who should love him and trust him the most.Noah’s brother Sean is on the autism spectrum and receives more attention from their parents, at least more than Noah gets…which causes him to feel angst, sadness, frustration, and jealousy. Noah wants what all children want, love and acceptance. He needs his parents and grandmother to trust him and help him gain confidence in himself.

Being Noah is a story of a boy believing in himself, even when others don’t, and finding a way to use his gifts so he can affect change in the world and lives of those around him.

Stacks of Deals Here




Scions of Magic e-book boxed set coverScions of Magic Complete Series Boxed Set:

Justice in New Orleans has a new champion and she’s packing magic. Meet Cali, a not so average college student and her crew.

From Magic Street Boogie: A mysterious stranger, a mild-mannered Dwarven bartender and the magical creature who’s adopted her. Cali had life all figured out till three revelations change everything. One. An escaped prisoner shows her the underbelly of her city. Two. She discovers the secret her murdered parents hid about her magic. Three. Two competing gangs target her and her friends. Is her band of magical outsiders enough to keep New Orleans safe? Just how weird can magic get in the old French Quarter? It’s up to Cali to keep the underground tensions from blowing up while she eludes the detective who’s got a suspicious eye on her.

Stacks of Deals Here




MAGIC CITY CHRONICLES BOXED SET E-BOOK COVERMagic City Chronicles Complete Series Boxed Set:

 Something big is about to go down in Magic City and it’s nothing good. Ruby and Achera just wanted a nice, quiet drink at her family’s casino in Magic City. The Mist Casino sits just above a kemana with an interior that would make a ghost feel right at home. Of course it does. After all, Magic City has to compete with nearby Vegas. A different kind of magic. Ruby is just back from University for the summer, catching up with an old friend when everything changes with a BANG! A series of small blasts are exploding all around her. Chips are flying through the air. Someone wanted to announce their arrival in town. But who? Ruby is about to get drawn into a battle for control of Magic City. They just made the fight personal. Is the Ebon Dragon Casino next? Will Ruby’s secrets get in her way? What waits at the end could change her life forever, if she survives the journey.

Stacks of Deals Here




Go Dwarf Yourself Boxed Set 1 e-book coverGo Dwarf Yourself Boxed Set # 1 Books 1-6:

When Johnny's teenage daughter was murdered, everybody’s favorite Dwarf retreated to his cabin in the swamp with his two hound dogs by his side, and retired with his guns, his whiskey and his memories. Who was the killer? Even Johnny couldn’t figure it out. At least not yet. But magical monsters weren’t done with him… yet. Years have passed and a young female shifter has gone missing and her parents are dead. The Feds know that Johnny is her only hope and the clock is ticking. Johnny can’t say no this time. He’s off to New York City with Light Elf Fed Lisa Breyer to get her back. Dwarf the Bounty Hunter is back to kick ass and take names. Or maybe just kick ass. What will he do when the clues connect to the fifteen-year-old cold case of his daughter’s murder?

Stacks of Deals Here




Dwarf Bounty Hunter Boxed Set #2 Books  7-12:

It’s a full house with teenage Amanda home for winter break and four confused cyborgs living with him. Johnny needs an escape. Time to go hunt some monsters. He’ll even need the help of the cyborgs for this one.

Weapons are being smuggled that can make things go boom across a city block. Definitely NOT something they want the bad guys to get their hands on. But the monsters are getting cocky and want to take on Dwarf the Bounty Hunter. Johnny has seen their kind before and he has a few new assets of his own. An Elven partner with a gun, four disobedient cyborgs and two coonhounds that talk back. These weapons smugglers have no idea what’s coming. Just the way Johnny likes it.

Stacks of Deals Here




Case Files of an Urban Witch e-book coverCase Files of an Urban Witch Complete Series Boxed Set:

Fighting supernatural crime from a minivan while keeping the magical world a secret is a fulltime job. Then there’s the PTA bake sale and the neighborhood barbecue. Hard to balance even with a wand.

And now, a monstrous loan shark is spreading his shadowy empire from a hidden kemana. Mix in a tribe of ancient witches and tunnel-dwelling magical misfits. Turns out, Los Angeles is hiding a lot of secrets just underneath your feet. Can Lucy put the bad guys behind Trevilsom bars and still get home in time for family dinner? What are her magical kids up to and do they have their own spy network?

Stacks of Deals Here





THE ROGUE ELF BOXED SETThe Rogue Elf: Twilight Ascension Complete Series Boxed Set:

War has erupted across the lands and when the elves of Urlas depart for war, Kealin is not allowed to join the other warriors as he expects. His father and mother, and the elven High Council, demand he and his siblings stay behind. There's something Kealin is not being told. When a soothsayer foretells the fall of the elves that have gone to war, it's up to Kealin and his siblings who refuse to stand by and wait. if they're to save their parents and the lives of their kin they must act. No matter the risk involved. This one dark choice will see Kealin on a path like none before. A menace within him awakens. It isn't elven magic. It is something else, older and darker. When one tragedy follows another, Kealin must grow and become something else entirely. His ascension begins. Embracing the darkness of an ancient race that resides within as seething darkness just on the edge of his mind, can he control this growing power?

Stacks of Deals Here




Chet Cunninghams outlaw series e-book coverChet Cunningham's The Outlaws Series Complete Boxed Set:

They were too young to die, too tough to care. The six outlaws met in a Texas jail, three set to hang, three on the way to prison.

Willy Boy, the gang leader, engineered their escape and they began a bloody trail of revenge. Each had a price on his head, and every bounty hunter worth his salt was after their hides–dead or alive.

Ride along on each and every one of their unforgettable adventures in the complete and unabridged edition of the series, just as Chet Cunningham intended.

Stacks of Deals Here





After he is betrayed and shoots the two most powerful men in the Irish Mob, John “Reaper” Kane is forced into hiding. He thinks Retribution, Arizona, is the perfect hiding place, but he is wrong. Underneath the old, crusty surface of the dying town, hides the Montoya Cartel, for they use it as a funnel to ship their drugs across the border. Trying to lay low in a town gripped with lawlessness is impossible for the ex-recon marine, especially after the local sheriff is brutally murdered by the Montoya Cartel’s sicario, leaving an old friend, Deputy Sheriff Cara Billings, the only person standing between them and the town. Things go from bad to worse when Kane is arrested by Cleaver, the deputy in the cartel’s pocket, for shooting a local gang member. Enter DEA Agent Luis Ferrero who has expressed to his bosses for a long time the need for a task force to fight the cartels on their own ground. He’s about to get his wish, and to head up his team, he wants the Reaper.

Stacks of Deals Here






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Lazy days of summer gift card banner

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Are you ready for all the new releases?

The last week of July is here. It feels like just a few days ago the month started. Crazy isn't it? Time just flies by when we have so many great books to read. And there are oh so many! And we're planning more fun free book weeks and more later this year! In fact, the next free book week is in September! Keep an eye out for it.

Several new series will be coming your way in August as well. I'll be telling you about them further down in the email. I think you will enjoy all of them!

I have 5 fantastic books launching this week, and one is ready for you to pick up and read. That's a great way to start the week!

This Week's New Releases

Title: Ready For All
Series: The Warrior Book 9
Release Date: 07/25/2022

Idina Moorfield and Hellion Squadron are going on their first mission.

Months and months of training is finally paying off.

No amount of training could have prepared them for this.

A monster unlike anything they have seen before.

Idina and her team are going to have to come up with new tactics to capture or kill this monster… if they can.

The world is changing. Magic is changing. Can Idina, Richard and Hellion Squadron adapt to the changes and stay on top of the monster threat they’re facing?

Title: New Rules For Incompetents
Series: Dead Evil Mercenary Corps
Release Date: 07/27/2022

While the DEMC haven't gone native, they're finding that their particular brand of varied vector violence is appreciated in the Bast Station populace.

Deck by deck, meter by meter they are leading the efforts at reclamation.

Remarkably, they've found the rough and ready inhabitants of the station rallying around them.

That's before other mercenaries come to Coil Cove, drawn by the DEMC’s success.

The more the merrier, right? Except these newcomers threaten to throw the hard-won balance into chaos.

After all, killer robots, flesh-hungry mutants, and armed civilians with impulse control issues are not the most stable collection of participants in this little drama.

What's an intrepid mercenary company to do?

Well, they'll get back to you on that one. Right now, they've got to blow something up, somewhere, and someone is probably going to have a problem with it.

Title: Wrapped in Silver
Series: Gallows Hill Academy Series Book 5
Release Date: 07/27/2022

Life is like a thundercloud. However dark it gets, there’s a silver lining of hope.

NOTE: This book was previously published as part of the megabook Silver and Gold.

My silver lining snapped like a frayed thread before school even started this year.

My awful family put my boyfriend in intensive care. I can’t blame his parents for moving out of town.

We’re all still recovering from losing a beloved friend.

On top of that, we’ve picked up huge new clues on our quest. Our lead points to an island locked in an endless cycle of war.

Whether it’s full of enemies or allies remains to be seen.

I suspect a little of both, and my faerie contacts aren’t telling me anything that will help.

Can I prepare for a new challenge when even the faerie monarchs can’t say what it is?

Title: Pack Rules
Series: The Victorious Redemption Book 2
Release Date: 07/26/2022

Jasmine and her grandmother are reunited, which means only one thing lies ahead:

Her two worlds will unite.

After years of rumor and hearsay, Jasmine comes face-to-face with the very thing her mother warned her about: her werewolf.

There’s only one way to move forward and find her target.

It won’t be easy, but Jasmine must be initiated and earn her rightful place.

Along the way, she is guided and hindered by strange forest creatures, as well as a neighboring mob who have heard about Jasmine’s powers.

It all comes down to a showdown when old friends appear and unruly creatures raise their necrotic heads to the world.

Title: Hope Of The Holler
Series: Marmalade and Magic Book 4
Release Date: 07/29/2022

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

Jemma Nox has been busy keeping up with school, helping maintain Gran’s Rest, and heading up the Kalhoun County coven.

But not everyone who needs help can see their way to accepting it.

Mama B’s health is declining, but she’s not out of the game just yet.

A late-night call takes Jemma to the Pineridge Motel, where a bloody carcass opens the door on an injured woman and a mystery that throws her against an ancient and powerful enemy.

A woman in need, a vengeful ex-lover…and a giant?

A monster has broken free of Cherokee land in the east, and Jemma and her friends need to make the most of their varying talents to unravel the danger stalking Ally.

But is everything as it seems?

Another month is almost upon us and like previous months, August will grace us with new series for everyone to enjoy. In fact, there are four new series. Whether you enjoy urban fantasy, psychological thrillers or a mix of urban fantasy and thriller, we've got something for you!

New series coming in August

Another month is almost upon us and like previous months, August will grace us with new series for everyone to enjoy. In fact, there are four new series. Whether you enjoy urban fantasy, psychological thrillers or a mix of urban fantasy and thriller, we've got something for you!

Learn more about what comes out and when below!

LMBPN welcomes a new collaborator with a new urban fantasy series…

A woman with a secret grieving her daughter’s loss. Vampires emerging from the shadows to live openly among humans. Dark forces seeking to destroy them all. Welcome to Supernatural Criminal Investigations.

Fourteen years ago, Katherine Troy's world turns upside down when her daughter, Jessenia, suddenly dies without explanation. She suspects her vampire enemies might be behind it but has no proof. When she learns that world leaders know vampires are real, and plans are in the works to merge them openly into human society, she decides to use the opportunity to look into her daughter's death.

Jazmin Palu, an investigator with the US Army’s Central Investigation Division, is assigned to a top-secret team investigating strange cold case murders with unexplained elements. 

Her and her team team up with Katherine as they search for answers and discover the dark reality behind myths of the supernatural!

Check out Lyn South and Michael Anderle's new series. Book 1, The Kindling Burns, releases on August 3, 2022. Preorder your copy!

If you like psychological thrillers, check out this new series from an LMBPN imprint…

LMBPN is launching a new thriller imprint this month and the first release is this new series, Heinous Crimes Unit. 

Meet Christian Windsor. He is a certified genius who's also autistic. He’s just joined a special unit at the FBI whose current mission is to stop the murderer known as “The Surgeon.”

The problem? This serial killer doesn't make mistakes. The bodies are piling up and the public is terrified they could be next, adding to the pressure.

Will Christian’s unique way of looking at problems be the answer?

Or will the unexpected turns of the case lead to him paying the ultimate price?

Find out!

The Surgeon's Scalpel releases August 4. Preorder your copy now!

If you like vampires and vampires hunter, a new series is coming for you…


Vampires are used to getting what they want. And when they want to buy the family property, they don’t take kindly to being told no.

But that’s what happened when Dylan McCormick’s father was asked to sell the shop.

He just didn’t know he was saying no to a vampire.

Meanwhile, the current Van Helsing and leader of the Helsing Society is 1,700 miles away and his two sons, Saul and Greg, are tired of watching from the shadows. They’d rather take action and go after vampires, no matter the risk.

Will they make vampires fear the night again?

Join the adventures of Dylan and the Helsing Brothers’ worlds collide.

You may have seen this book coming soon in June, but it was delayed until this month. Discover this new urban fantasy series in August! Preorder coming soon!

Another new author to LMBPN joins our ranks with a new series…

At seventeen, finding yourself is never easy. But when you can’t trust what you see, can you believe anything or anyone?

Unreal is the first book in the riveting Unreal series. If you like mind-bending storylines, strong female characters, and clean romance, you'll adore Cindy Gunderson's page-turning psychological saga.

More information about this upcoming series and a preorder will be coming soon.




We hope you enjoy this sneak peek of the new series coming your way, along with all the other new releases, in August! We'll be back later next month to tell you about the new series arriving in September!  I know you've got to be excited!