To Live or to Win

To Live or to Win

Series: Heaven's Peak, Book 3
Genre: Science Fiction
Tags: Heaven's Peak, SCI-FI STAND ALONE
Publisher: LMBPN Publishing

The path to guardianship is fraught with peril, but the greatest danger might be failing to learn from the past.

Each day is a battle for the trainee guardians at Heaven's Peak—a test of skill, a forging of spirits.

Once, the thrill of combat was exhilarating; now, after a year, it has become their new normal.

Ike and his comrades are torn between the comfort of their celestial training ground and the yearning to return to Earth to claim their destinies as protectors. With the Engineer's silence echoing in their ears, uncertainty breeds tension within their ranks.

Amidst the rising discord, Ada discovers a loophole—an ancient rite promising a swift graduation and a return to Earth, but it's an all-or-nothing gambit that demands unity.

As the group stands divided, the rite looms like a shadow, its secrets veiled and its consequences unknown. What test awaits them? What forgotten chapter of history will they relive?

Get your copy and join this crucible of destiny, where potential guardians face the ultimate choice. Will unity prevail, or will the call of individual desires fracture their fellowship?

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About the Author
Michael Todd

with Michael Anderle

Hello, my name is Michael Todd and I'm a fun-loving guy who writes full-time for a living.

Protected by the Damned (and other stories I might place here) are some of my 'other things' I work on when I take a break from other authoring responsibilities.

In other words, when I'm playing Hookey.

In order to separate what has become a HUGE wall of books and get a chance to play again, I've snuck out of my real author name and built this pen name to have some fun at the small level once more.

I hope you like these stories as we build new fans and family moving forward with Protected by the Damned.

This Coke is for You!

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