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The Cinematic Universe Problem

The Cinematic Universe Problem

(Photos: Warner Bros. & Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

Having multiple movies where characters interact with each other is a relatively new idea to genre films. Generally speaking before the last decade, one actor would play a character confined to their own movies and never shall they meet another character from another movie. The stories of their movies exist on their own, and when the story reached its conclusion, if the studio wanted to tell more stories with that character, it was recast as a new actor completely separated from the films previous. Marvel Studios changed that, taking a huge risk in doing so, but other studios tried to take a bite at that apple with middling results. Warner Bros came late to the party with their universe, barely tying their Justice League line of films with side projects like Suicide Squad. Others, like Universal, attempted to make a go of Dark Universe, an attempt at a Universal monster franchise with films such as 2014s Dracula Untold and 2017s The Mummy reboot.

The problem with this is that when you have to make multiple movies fit one overarching plot, you lose, to differing degrees, what makes the single movie on its own great. While Captain America: Civil War was a pretty great movie, consider what it could have been read more…

Lost In Space – The Best And Brightest

Lost In Space – The Best And Brightest

Note: This Article Contains Spoilers From Netflix’s Lost In Space Season One

Space is a beautiful beast. Yet space is a beast humanity still has yet to conquer. What could it possibly take for humans to explore space safely?

Peak physical and mental health are at the top of that list. When creating the reboot to Lost In Space the writers (Matt Sazama, and Burk Sharpless) definitely kept the harshness of space survival in the back of their mind.

Trailer For Season One Here:

Real astronauts not only have thorough backgrounds in sciences and chemistry, but they also must undergo intense physical training to prepare them for changing conditions in space. Let’s not forget the countless hours spent running through emergency procedures and problem-solving. It was fascinating to see a scenario where those skills were exactly what helped them survive -skills that were trained and tested before their family embarked on a dangerous journey to a new frontier.

Will Robinson’s growth throughout the first season articulates how important those skills really are. Not only does his sister Judy almost literally get frozen thanks to him freezing at a time he needed to be collected, but his inability to handle stress was known to be lacking before even leaving Earth. Given the circumstances, his mother, Maureen, pulls some strings to get him accepted to the program, so they could venture into space as a family. Though Will’s age presents a very strange problem for future space travel, does his age affect his ability to adapt to the ever-changing conditions? In this case, he seems to be able to adapt just fine. His knowledge helps them identify a read more…

Streaming In The New Year

I remember how in my bartending days, my team of customer service brethren and I referred to New Year’s Eve as amateur night. We called it this because every other day of the year we served regular drinkers. New Year’s Eve meant that people who only drank on occasion made this their night out. This caused concern for those of us with the responsibility of serving people who lacked the tolerance for drinking. We planned ahead by having cab companies on standby and prepared ourselves to go home covered in vomit.

Nowadays I prefer to imbibe indoors. I entertain myself by streaming my favorite shows. My preferred streaming service is Netflix, although Amazon Prime TV and Hulu are doing some epic things. We compiled a list of Top Notch shows coming to Netflix in January. This is what I am watching to relieve some of the Winter Blues. Yes, we are lucky to have snow. It’s still my human desire to be warm. When I’m not indoors under a blanket, I am wearing my Puffer Jacket and doing everything I can to stay warm. I am a working journalist. I keep telling myself, moving close to the Canadian border in this political climate was probably a good decision. I’m still cold, and I’m coping by streaming stellar shows on Netflix. Here’s what I’m watching.

A Series of Unfortunate Events: Season 3 (begin streaming on January 1)

Not only is this show stunning, it also stars Neil Patrick Harris. Life has ups and downs. Children don’t understand that. They don’t understand the concept of life difficulties. We aren’t doing them any favors by putting them inside a bubble until they are 18 and then releasing them into the dark world with no understanding of how to cope. Shows like A Series of Unfortunate Events do just that. They show kids read more…

Six Films To Look Forward To In 2019

Six Films To Look Forward To In 2019

It’s that time again, where we look to the new year with excitement. Hundreds of movies pass through the world’s cinemas each year, and we have so many to choose from. While there are always sleeper hits and things that we haven’t heard about yet that might make for a late release, these six films, in no particular order, are ones that I’m currently most excited about seeing in 2019.

Captain Marvel

When I watched the first trailer, the tagline, “What makes her a hero,” with her becoming a hero, gave me chills that I still feel rewatching it at the time of writing this. Brie Larson is an amazing actress. She carries with her a confidence that completely sells me on her casting. In addition, seeing the Kree and Skrulls introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe outside of the brief mention they get in Guardians of the Galaxy and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, gives me hope for what a post-Avengers MCU might hold for us. Captain Marvel releases on March 8th.


Since M. Night Shyamalan’s take on the superhero movie, Unbreakable, released nearly two decades ago, the public had been clamoring for another. When one of the director’s infamous twists in the 2016 Split turned out to be that it was another movie in that universe, Night fans rejoiced. The third film in the series promises to feature Samuel L. Jackson’s Mr. Glass with James McAvoy’s The Horde against Bruce Willis as the unbreakable and super strong David Dunn, as well as perhaps cementing that the often maligned writer and director has indeed returned to the greatness of his much earlier works. Glass releases on January 18th.

Avengers: Endgame

All things end, and after a decade and 21 films (counting Captain Marvel by the time this releases), I’m excited to see how Marvel Studios will put this long overarching story to bed. How will characters like Spider-Man and Black Panther, who we know have sequels coming up, return to life or wherever they went when Thanos snapped his fingers? How does Captain Marvel feature into all of this? Who will die and who will survive, and those of the latter, how will they feature, if at all, in the Marvel movies to come? With so many questions to be answered, I hope Endgame sticks the landing. Avengers: Endgame releases on April 26th.

It: Chapter Two

The first chapter of this Stephen King adaptation only told half of the story – from the childhoods of the Loser’s Club. No one knew this, however, when the movie released last year, and it became the highest grossing horror movie in history to read more…