Two new adventures start, three continue in this week’s new releases

Monday marks the start of a beautiful week. Coffee in hand, books to read, work to do, I can handle weeks like this. Especially when they start off with fun items to share with you that are book-related. All we have to do is count down to the holiday weekend coming up and it will be smooth sailing through the end of the month. At least I hope it is!

I have 5 spectacular books launching this week and two of them are out this morning. That's a great way to start this last week of May!

Learn all about them as well as sneak peeks of the two new series launching this week at the links below!

This Week's New Releases

Guardian e-book coverTitle: Guardian
Series: Diary of a Dark Monster Book 1
Release Date: 05/23/2022

Henry Nuemann is tall, dark and rich and about to launch a new invention on the world. But he’s also keeping secrets.

He’s a shifter – all fur and fangs – and a vigilante in the shadows of Seattle.

Now that the world knows about Oriceran and magic, mayhem has come creeping up out of the bowels of the city. Henry is determined to push back.

A new twisted figure has arrived on the scene – Bechtel Stryker – and he has an ancient bone to pick with Henry. His people, the Picts were robbed of their essence eons ago, and Henry has a piece of the puzzle. Stryker wants it back and he’s willing to do whatever it takes.

Will Henry negotiate with an ancient warrior when his loved ones are threatened? Or will he do what he does best?

Fight with honor and to the end, even if no one ever knows his secrets.

Title: Reclamation
Series: Fringe Colonies Book 5
Release Date: 05/23/2022

The time for hiding in the shadows is over.

Dante has one goal. To retake Corsera and become the governor he set out to be.

Older, wiser, and ready to step up and take on the responsibilities that entails, it’s time for Dante to face his demons—and the mate who betrayed him.

Something in the air…

Finally finding her feet, and her wings, Kit is determined that she’s going to see Dante back where he belongs after everything he has done for her and the rest of the Xeartais.

And she’s not alone.

The Xeartais crew is stronger than ever, and those who considered Corsera as their home are willing to do whatever it takes to get it back.

But fighting people you once called mates has a cost at a whole new level, and they call Corsera home as well. When two alliances both want something so badly, there’s only one guarantee:

The fight will be hard, and not everyone can win.

Who will lose the most? And will it be worth it?

Title: At the Speed of Yeti
Series: Demon Codex Book 2
Release Date: 05/24/2022

Professor Watson and his students fought an epic battle to stop the necromancer who gathered portions of the Demon Codex and threatened to unleash chaos throughout the world.

They rescued the trapped souls from his skeletal clutches, and banished the lich to another plane, winning the day.

Or did they?

Watson suspects that their success is just a feint in a larger game from the necromancer.

On the off chance that he’s right, Watson must round up other fragments of the Demon Codex before others fall victim to its power.

He can’t do it alone, but who can he trust?

Worse still, his opponent knows him better than he knows himself and is second guessing his every move. In a time of crisis and uncertainty, Watson must turn to old, otherworldly powers if he wants any hope of defeating his undead opponent.

Can Watson find help before its too late? Or will another betrayal shift the balance of magic in the world?

Witch With a Badge e-book coverTitle: Witch With A Badge
Series: Witch Warrior Book 1
Release Date: 05/25/2022

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Deputy US Marshal Cait Keane is a Witch with a Badge – and a Dragon for a partner.

The Boston office tour will have to wait – her first day on the job in her new appointment is canceled to pursue a federal fugitive, a magical with a penchant for fire.

She’ll need her gun and her wand to take him down. What will her team think of having a magical on board?

When a federal judge is killed, she discovers she’s in the middle of a territorial battle between criminal organizations. The killer is a magical, or working with one, which makes Cait the perfect Marshal to take them down.

Add in a threat to her coven and life has become a lot more challenging for Cait Keane.

The US Marshal with something extra wouldn’t have it any other way.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue join Cait Keane on her new adventure!

Title: Handmade Happenstance
Series: Marmalade and Magic Book 2
Release Date: 05/27/2022

Jemma Nox, holler witch in training, has discovered that there's more to Kalhoun County than meets the eye. Could things be about to get even stranger?

Old hurts and buried skeletons refuse to stay in the shadow of the past. Buckle up, darling. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

The county is divided when company men start crawling over the Mountain, but that’s not the worst of it. Illness sweeps through the younger residents, while everyone else in town takes sides over whether this is their big break or the beginning of the end for their way of life.

Mama B insists that she's the only one who can end the division, but Jemma isn’t sure that she's cut out for the job. Even with her friends Easter and Val helping, she's going to have her hands full.

All Jemma can do is put her shoulder to the wheel.

The wheel keeps on turning as Jemma dives deeper into the lore of her newfound calling. Yet, the deeper she goes, the more questions she has. Not just about Kalhoun County, but about herself.

Is this really who she is? What she's meant to do?If not, why has she taken to it like a duck to water?

Diary of a Dark Monster Banner

A badass vigilante on a motorcycle. These bad guys don't know what Henry Neumann has in store for them. Dive into this first sneak peek of Guardian, book 1 of Diary of a Dark Monster today!

The Witch Warrior Banner

Deputy US Marshal Cait Keane hits the ground running on her first day in a new city. Another new series in the Oriceran Universe launches this week with Witch With A Badge, book 1 of Witch Warrior, releasing on Wednesday!

Out of This World Fan Pricing Saturday May 21, 2022

Out of this world e-book cover

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Fan Pricing Saturday, May 21, 2022

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From Whom the bell tolls e-book cover

For Whom the Bell Tolls

The Hidden Terror e-book cover

The Hidden Terror

New Rules for war e-book cover

New Rules for War

The Magic Mirror e-book cover

The Magic Mirror

Osprey Chronicles Complete e-book cover

Osprey Chronicles Complete Series Boxed Set

non-peaceful Negotiations e-book cover

Non-Peaceful Negotiations

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A Warm Welcome in This Snippet for Witch Warrior Book 1

The Witch Warrior Banner


Witch Warrior Book 1: Witch With a Badge


Deputy US Marshal Cait Keane hits the ground running on her first day in a new city.

Witch Warrior 01 snippet – 


Compared to Cait’s previous experience at the US Marshals’ office in Columbus, Ohio, the scene as she entered Boston’s John Joseph Moakley Federal Courthouse on Monday morning was one of barely controlled chaos. People moved in all directions through the lobby after passing through the metal, magic, and explosive detectors at the door and having their bags searched. She’d shown her ID and temporarily surrendered the cardboard box of personal and professional items she carried in both arms for inspection on the way in. 

In one corner, a guide addressed a group of tourists, detailing the building’s notable architectural features. It was an environment that tempered utility with beauty, from the interior artworks to the sweeping glass-front curved exterior. Cait shook her head. Not the most secure location on the planet, that’s for sure, but the guards and inspectors look competent, and the place has managed for quite a long time before Caitriona Eloise Keane ever set foot inside. It probably isn’t about to succumb to some random unpleasantness on my first visit, I hope.

Cait stepped into the elevator with a dozen others, riding up to the top level. Those around her wore suits or dresses, everyone on their best behavior for a day in court as defendant, lawyer, jury, or maybe judge. She wore the same outfit she’d worn to her first day on the job in Columbus, a black business suit over a deep red blouse and stylish boots that climbed to her calves underneath her pants. Her right wrist bore her only jewelry other than the small silver studs in her earlobes, a bracelet of twined metal and wood with a turquoise stone set into it. People often noticed it, and she accepted their compliments with the explanation that it was a family heirloom.

That was accurate as far as it went but was also a lie by omission. The wooden parts had indeed belonged to her great-grandmother. Cait had used her power to reshape her ancestor’s wand into something she could wear around her wrist. It allowed her to bring the magic that was her heritage as a witch into play without digging for a casting implement. Which is handy in my rather active line of work.

The doors opened on the top level, and she strode out, making a left to head to her new office. She’d liked Columbus and would have been happy to stay, but when the opportunity to jump to the much bigger city had appeared, she’d accepted it without hesitation. And without much transition time since my last day there was Friday. She stepped through the outer glass door with a professional smile and was surprised to see several people striding toward her. That’s quite the welcome wagon for a new employee. One of them, an older man in a trim business suit with an unruly bundle of white hair said, “Keane. Welcome in.”

She nodded guardedly. “Thanks, Chief Levitt.” 

His lined face rearranged itself as he smiled. “Call me Simon.” He gestured in turn at the two men next to him. “This is Clement Austin, and this is Garrett Bradley.” The former was tan and healthy-looking, held himself ramrod straight, and seemed simultaneously muscular and lanky. He had collar-length blond hair with the sides slicked back. 

The latter was bald, with dark black skin reflecting the lights above. His body strained a little at his suit, like he’d let himself go a little. His brilliant smile lit up the room. Levitt’s head tipped toward the corner of the room. “Over there is Sabrina Morin.” The woman he indicated seemed reserved, and the most notable thing about her was the darkness of her hair against the paleness of her skin. “Everyone, this is our new deputy marshal, Cait Keane.” He turned back to her. “Good. Introductions are over. Grab your gear. We’ve got a situation.”


Twenty minutes later, Cait was in the rear seat of a dark SUV with tinted windows, sealing the last Velcro strap on her bulletproof vest. Good thing I wore a long-sleeve blouse. Her suit jacket was too well-tailored to go over the body armor, and showing off her abundant tattoos on day one probably wouldn’t be a great choice, even though the USMS didn’t prohibit them. 

Garrett was behind the wheel, and Clement rode shotgun. She presumed Chief Levitt was in his own vehicle, but she’d lost track of him as they hustled toward the garage beside the courthouse. A quick check confirmed that her pistol was properly seated in her shoulder holster, and her vest hadn’t dislodged it. Dressing in the car is an art form I haven’t had to practice for a while. Welcome to Boston, Cait.

Clement turned to face her and nodded. “Good. You’re ready. Add these to your loadout.” That phrasing plus a couple of other things he’d said, and his general demeanor, told her that he was ex-military. She’d trained with people like him at Glynco and served with several as part of her work with the Marshals’ Special Operations Group. She accepted the two small boxes and clipped the first onto her belt behind her hip, pulling on it to ensure it was secure. It was a communication base station, a model she was well familiar with. 

The other case held a pair of large glasses with temples that hooked over the ears, and she slipped them on. The lenses darkened slightly in response to the sunlight coming through the windshield, and data appeared around the periphery of her visual field as the eyewear went through its diagnostic process. She said, “Radio check,” when prompted by the glasses.

A woman’s voice replied, “I can hear you.”

Clement asked, “Morin, what do we know?”

Sabrina, who was apparently their coordinator with the home office while they were in the field, answered, “I’ve got him on traffic cameras. Drone inbound, ETA seventy seconds. He’s gone into an old apartment building. Six floors, four units on each floor. Target has no obvious connection to anyone inside.”

It was the first real operational details Cait had received and restraining herself from seeking them had been getting increasingly difficult. Before she could ask for clarification, Clement said, “Our target is Mitchell Walsman. He’s a federal fugitive who woke up, decided today would be a great day to do something stupid, and stopped by to visit a former girlfriend.”

She replied, “True love?”

Sabrina laughed, a throaty sound with a sarcastic edge. “Hardly. He tried to break into her apartment while screaming loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear that he was going to kill her. Fortunately, she installed a heavy door after he went inside when she cut ties. We’ve kept an eye on her place, along with the known associates of any federal fugitive with connections to Boston. The computers gave us the heads-up when he showed.”

Cait replied, “Impressive.”

Chief Levitt’s voice joined the conversation. “One of the great things about being in a big town is that we have the money for nice toys and local brainpower to help create them.” From behind the wheel, Garrett lifted his hand, opening and closing his fingertips to mimic flapping gums. She grinned as Levitt finished, “Austin has tactical command. Morin is your liaison. I’ll be listening in and coordinating with local PD.”

Clement said dryly, “Best if the boys in blue don’t get in the way.”

The chief barked a laugh. “I’m aware of your opinion on the local constabulary, Austin. They’ll maintain their distance until they’re needed. So, try not to make them needed.”

“Roger that.” Clement’s voice held a touch of a southern accent, and she imagined he could probably turn the good old boy charm on and off at will. “We’ll rely on the drone to take care of the roof and go in together on the ground floor.” 

He opened the glove compartment and extended a pistol magazine to her. “Our target is part elf or something. You might need this.” She accepted it and looked inside, finding the telltale blue glow of anti-magic ammunition at the tip of the rounds. 

Cait wasn’t sure whether the chief had shared the knowledge that she was a magical with the rest of the team. In her previous job, her boss had preferred she keep it quiet for reasons he’d never chosen to explain. Which is one of the things that pushed me out of Columbus. Like my mother is fond of saying, I’ve gotta be me. She inwardly laughed as she slipped the magazine into a loop on her vest. 

With no hint of warning, Garrett yelled, “Bail! Bail! Bail!” Her body reacted before her mind fully processed the words. She slammed open the door to her left, hit the release on her seatbelt, and hurled herself out of the rapidly decelerating vehicle as she exerted her magic to cover herself in a force shield. 

She hit the pavement a moment before a fireball slammed into the SUV, flipping it onto its hood and sending it skidding forward several feet. Sparks flew as it scraped along the road. She saw the initial impact in flashes as she tumbled but had stopped moving as it landed, ablaze from the magical attack. 

Clement snapped, “Check in.”

She half-growled, half-groaned, “Keane, undamaged.”

Garrett confirmed his well-being with a snarled, “Bradley, seriously pissed off.”

Clement was already running toward the building, and she moved into a jog to follow him to the cover it offered. “I’d say he knows we’re here.”

He laughed. “Yeah. Just once, I’d like to reach a place by stealth.”

Garrett countered sarcastically, “That’s for the weasels in the Paranormal Defense Agency and government Special Ops. We’re the Marshals. Our targets should quake in fear.” 

Clement replied, “Okay. Focus up. Here we go.”


Will Cait be able to use her Magic here? It looks like it could really come in handy right about now. Find out If Boston lives up to Cait's expectations on May 25, 2022 when Witch Warrior Book 1: Witch With a Badge is released. Head over to Amazon and pre-order it today.


Witch With a Badge e-book cover



Sensational Wild Wednesday May 18, 2022

Spring Wild Wednesday


Sensational books at sensational prices!


Wild Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

Please remember to double-check the price before you one-click

Osprey Chronicles Complete e-book coverOsprey Chronicles Complete Boxed Set:

What do you do if you wake up hundreds of light-years from home in a strange ship and someone is trying to eat you?

Jaeger can’t remember who she is or anything about her life, but she knows that's just wrong. The ship's AI tells Jaeger there are thousands of other lifeforms on board, but the instruments say she's alone—except for the killer. Something deep inside her screams that humanity’s fate hinges on her completing her mission…whatever it is.

Jaeger must repair the ship and figure out her past while fighting for her life. Will she survive? If she can’t recall her mission, will humanity?

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The Soul Weaver e-book coverThe Soul Weaver:

The Prince of Avonar is in desperate straits.  Betrayal devastates his plan to defeat the vile Lords of Zhev’Na without violence, and then a ruthless attack leaves his beloved wife near death. As frustration and anger shake the fragile joining of the Prince’s body and soul, war engulfs his magical realm.

Sixteen-year-old Gerick, half-crazed with nightmare visions, pursued by past horror and his father’s wrath, flees beyond the boundaries of the known worlds. In a sunless realm of misshapen misfits, he discovers unlikely purpose and a devastating clue to the brokenness within himself. With three worlds on the brink of ruin, the Prince and his son must look deep inside themselves to discover the truth of their enemies—a mystery bound up in Gerick’s emerging magic, a world newborn from chaos, and a whisper buried deep in Dar’Nethi legend.

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Academy for Reapers year one e-book coverAcademy for Reapers Year One:

I just died…and ended up with a one way ticket to the Academy for Reapers.
But first I have to pass my trial. 
It’s like high school all over again.

Mean girls, homework, and the Untouchables—hot reaper guys with attitude. Of course I get partnered up with the meanest of the bunch. He’s got a serious chip on his shoulder and I find him irritatingly hot.

And did I mention there’s a war between Heaven and Hell and I’m stuck in the middle of it. There’s a big bad demon trying to bring down the reapers and steal all the souls. Including my dad’s.

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Four men, brought together by chance, trapped well behind enemy lines. Surrender and ride out the war in safety, or fight the enemy until their last breath. They choose to fight. Jasper van Ruiker is an elderly algae farmer, drafted into the local militia to defend his village from the invading Tenners. Lieutenant Castor “Mountie” Klocek is a Navy pilot, shot down during an air-to-ground mission. Lance Corporal Javier Julio Gregory Portillo and Sergeant Gary Go are Marine combat engineers, the only survivors of a deep-recon mission to destroy a bridge. All four are thrust together by chance, and they must learn to work together if they are going to survive, Jasper to search for his wife and grandchildren who fled their destroyed village, and the three servicemen to reach Federation forces far to the north. Surrounded by enemy troops, they have to decide what “duty” means.

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Western-fiction e-book coverWestern Fiction Ten Pack:

Rugged ranchers. Vengeful lawmen. Discover 10 full-length western tales of classic frontier justice. Can brothers torn apart by war make peace to find a lost treasure? Will an orphan turned sheriff fulfill his lifelong quest for vengeance? What will it take for deserters, decorated vets, and an Apache scout to pull off a death-defying rescue mission? When you live your life by the gun, it's only a matter of time before the past catches up… From grizzly dens in the Rockies to no-man’s-lands teeming with outlaws. After these true trailblazers track down fugitives, battle natural disasters, and ride into danger, who among them will be left standing?

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For those too afraid or intimidated by technology to think about where their kids go on the Internet, Andrew Vachss’ Blood Line will rock you to your core.

In the world of dangerous men, a blood line is a cause passed from generation to generation from master to protégé. But on the path to becoming a master, each protégé must find their own hunting ground… When a young girl is lured away by an Internet predator, the young protégé of an assassin who never leaves a trace decides to leave his own mark by hunting down sexual predators targeting vulnerable teens who are bullied and feeling unwanted. As Sonny discovers his own cause—his own reason for existence—and a skill set beyond anything his master taught him, he steps out of the shadows and joins a long blood line of masters seeking justice on behalf of defenseless children.

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A Thrilling Joy Ride in This Snippet of Diary of a Dark Monster Book 1

Diary of a Dark Monster Banner

Diary of a Dark Monster Book 1: Guardian


A badass vigilante on a motorcycle. These bad guys don't know what Henry Neumann has in store for them.


Guardian snippet –

1 – The night was dark and forlorn. The wind tugged at Henry’s leather jacket. He leaned forward and forced the Ninja to go faster, a request the vehicle obliged with a high-pitched roar.

The thing was fast, and that almost made him sad. He could barely get it up to speed, and he was already approaching his destination. He would work it out later running with his pack through a nearby forest.

At this time of night, Washington State Road Three was a dark and desolate stretch of asphalt following the edge of Sinclair Inlet. Distant lights sparkled on the water. Their beauty distracted him for a moment, and the speed wobbles kicked in. 

Henry forced his attention back to the road, squeezing his knees together and tightening his hands like he was trying to regain control of a bucking bronco. The muscles in his thighs were strong from the years of shifting into a wolf. A bone-crunching metamorphosis. He pushed the thought away.

No way he was going to let himself wreck the Ninja. Not so soon, anyway.

Up ahead, he finally spotted the prey. A truck full of goods about to be stolen.

He was on his way home from a cruise around Port Orchard when the call came in from his old friend, the watchful gnome, Lexus. A gang of smugglers was on their way north. Toward home. Probably trying to get on the nine o’clock ferry to Seattle, where they could offload their hot wares and disappear.

The last boat of the day. Tired security guards. No one paying much attention because they were looking forward to being home. The perfect time to make a run.

Not on Henry’s watch. He slipped easily from business owner by day to not-so-friendly neighborhood vigilante by night. It was his way of making something good come from being kidnapped and forcibly changed into a hairy creature. 

He winced at the memory, grinding his teeth. Damn the dark families. He revved the engine, twisting the handle and pushing the bike to go even faster. Anything to drown out the memories. He’d work it out another time. Or not at all.

It was almost scary how fast he caught up to the semi. It was hauling relative ass, going ten over the fifty MPH speed limit. It might as well have been standing still. The Ninja’s tires chewed up the pavement, zooming up on the rear of the semi before the driver could glance in his side mirror.

Henry grinned, hoping they could somehow see his bared teeth through the opaque face shield on his helmet.

Yup. I’m here. Take it in.

Henry was looking forward to seeing these guys flinch, then watching them scramble and do their best to refocus. It won’t be enough

The man in the passenger seat rolled his window down, stuck his hand out, and waved Henry forward.

“You want me to go around, huh?” He accelerated, lurching forward. “Well, what goes around comes around. Didn’t your mother ever teach you that?”

He maneuvered into the slipstream, the area of broken airflow behind the semi. The truck did the work, pushing against the drag. It was a large vehicle, acting like a windsail as it tore down the road. Back here, in the space immediately behind it, Henry was hit with almost no drag at all. The effect allowed an increase in the Ninja’s top speed. Within a second, he was right behind them, his front tire almost bumping the bottom edge of the trailer.

He saw their next move coming.

These guys aren’t as stupid as I thought they were. “Time for a little fun.” 

They figured out pretty fast that he meant trouble. The driver hit the brakes. The semi’s tires screeched. Henry reacted, but he had given himself zero maneuvering space. His front tire slotted neatly under the trailer and his face smacked hard against the back of it. Fuck. He sipped in air, letting the shifter energy pass through him. Enough to keep him upright, but not enough to cross the line and transform.

Henry braked and backed off a little, reaching up to lift the cracked face shield. It didn’t help much. He could still barely see anything. The thin stream of blood down his face wasn’t helping.

He gritted his teeth, an involuntary growl rumbling deep in his chest. Dark fur momentarily crawled across the back of his neck, receding just as quickly.

Now I’m pissed. It wasn’t their first mistake, but it was by far their worst.

Reaching up to the collar of his riding jacket, he stuck a finger inside and felt along his neck until he found the button on the center of his necklace. It was another Lexus invention. One of hundreds over the years.

He pushed hard, the small, round cylinder pressing against his skin. A funny feeling spread over his head, a fuzzy pins-and-needles sensation as the energy discharged, creating an equalizing of pressures. The lines of his face blurred into a grotesque mask, shielding his identity from onlookers. 

Lexus claimed it was harmless, but if Henry wound up with a brain tumor ten years from now, he’d know why.

Until then, he’d keep kicking ass.

Case in point, quarter to nine at night on a lonely stretch of road. Just him and the semi-truck. At least two drug-running doofuses. Probably more in the trailer.

Henry reached back, grabbed the curved handle of a black umbrella, and pulled it out.

The passenger in the truck put his head out the window and laughed. “What’s that, your grandma’s umbrella? It’s not even raining, jackass!”

“I know, right?” Henry called. “I hate it when people say it never stops raining in the Pacific Northwest. But you never know when a good umbrella will come in handy.”

He held the handle like a gun and aimed the umbrella's tip at the truck’s rear tires. A tight squeeze on the handle caused a concussive bang and a strong recoil that kicked the umbrella up into the wind, almost ripping it from his grasp.

The projectile flickered red in the night, splitting in two. Each piece embedded itself in the rubber of the back tires, heating up. The tires quickly deflated, melted into goo, and sloughed off onto the road. The bare rims ground on the pavement, tossing up a shower of sparks that fell around Henry like sideways rain.

He gritted his teeth and narrowed his eyes, ducking his head as he swerved through the fiery shower that pricked at his skin and jacket.

The truck driver fought to keep control as Henry set about making his job harder. He swerved to the left, coming dangerously close to scraping himself along the concrete divider. With the left front tire in his sights, he squeezed off another round.

The projectile found its mark and opened into a fan with sharp, tiny hooks that rotated upon contact. In a few seconds, the tire was completely gone. So was any hope the driver had of getting away.

The truck lost traction and fishtailed, smashing and scraping the divider on one side and kicking out over the train tracks on the other. The back wheels caught and pulled the truck to a stop with the front wheels slowly spinning.

Henry seized the opportunity, stopped, and pushed down the kickstand on his motorcycle. He stepped off and paced up the road toward the floundering semi, pulled an inset toggle switch on the umbrella's shaft, and aimed again.

He shot the door on the back of the trailer. No fancy bullets this time, only a standard projectile the size of an arrowhead, fired with incredible aim. It hit the latch, causing it to spring open. Several men tumbled out, getting road rash as they flopped and rolled to a stop.

Henry jumped back on the Ninja and raced up toward them, delivering a few swift kicks to fragile jaws before speeding onward toward the truck.

It had stopped with the trailer wedged almost sideways across two lanes. Henry navigated through the other flotsam that had ejected with the men in the back. The shattered remains of a bunch of statues, all depicting various religious figures. There were a lot of Buddha, a few of the more recognizable Hindu gods, and hundreds of good old Jesus. They were all made out of the same dry, crumbly material.

Henry had seen it before. The drug trade was always coming up with genius new ideas to hide and disperse their products. Nowadays they had even more tools at their disposal and the ability to transmute their products into completely new materials. This stuff looked like any other flimsy pottery, but it was pure fentanyl. Dangerous to even be around.

Sneaky. “Not in my town,” he growled, tasting the coppery blood trickling down his cheek.

He parked the bike again and casually strolled up the side of the jackknifed trailer. The passenger was scrambling out, bleeding from a contusion as he clumsily yanked an FN Five-seveN pistol off his belt.

Henry clicked the toggle on his weapon again and delivered a shock blast to the center of the thug’s chest before his opponent could get off a round. The lean, wiry man stiffened and a second later, went completely limp. He folded over like overcooked lasagna, banging his face on the ground.

The driver came around the front of the truck, his AR-15 blazing. Henry dove for cover, rolling beneath the trailer and quickly coming up on the other side. The driver was coming toward the back, but Henry was ready for him. He sent out a shockwave and watched with satisfaction as the driver hit the dirt with the same unceremonious thud.

Henry walked over, staring down at the unconscious idiot.

“Tough luck, asshole.” He wiped his face, staring at the blood on his fingers. “If it makes you feel like any less of a failure, you did manage to make me bleed. You can think about that while you’re rotting in jail for the rest of your life. It’s the small victories, right?”

 As he headed back toward the bike, he glanced in the truck’s side mirror to ensure his little run-in hadn’t damaged anything. When he stared at his reflection, he saw everything as it should be. His black leather jacket hugged his broad shoulders. His new matte black helmet was purchased yesterday and already covered with dings and scrapes, not to mention the shattered face shield.

When he looked at the reflection of his face, he saw the false, tortured image. His eyes, nose, and mouth pulled in different directions and blurred. The effect was eerie. For a lot of criminals in the Pacific Northwest, it was something that would give them nightmares for the rest of their miserable lives.

“Still working. One less thing I broke…this time,” Henry muttered.

He kept the techno-magic illusion up as he returned to check on the other thugs. Two of them were out cold from the kicks to the face. The third was crawling along, trying to reach a gun lying in the middle of the road.

Henry took a short run and stepped on the man’s back. “Not so fast, buddy. You’re hurt. You should rest. Get your strength back. No, no, I insist.”

He pushed down, squeezing the guy’s diaphragm against the road. The thug let out a satisfying groan as he kept struggling futilely. Meanwhile, Henry pulled a phone out of his pocket and pushed a red button near the top. Another Lexus add-on that the gnome called a wolf signal.

“I sent an anonymous tip to the local cops that a bunch of morons got themselves into an accident. Don’t worry. They’ll find a nice, cozy room for you to stay in that will be secure from any outsiders. Complete with bars for doors and a bright light that never shuts off. Have fun.”

Shutting the phone off and shoving it into the Faraday pocket Lexus had sewn into his riding jacket, Henry turned on his heel and headed for the Ninja. He whistled as he got on and started the engine, heading up the road. His keen canine hearing picked up a faint sound from the front wheel. “Should hold long enough.” Hard-won experience from too many crashes.

He started over, whistling the song once more.

“Damn, what the hell song is that? Lexus will know.” 

There was a soft chiming in his ear. The inside of the helmet face shield lit up with glitchy emojis as the shattered screen tried its best to display caller information. Henry grunted and pulled off to the side of the road, glancing over his shoulder to make sure he was still alone.

He could already see the police lights flashing in the distance. The Ninja had taken him a full mile beyond the stranded semi. Not nearly far enough.

Henry pulled out another phone and saw the name “Reese” pop up on the caller ID. A shady wizard and former Silver Griffin agent. Must be trouble.

Henry answered the call. “Talk to me.”

“Is that really how you answer a call? I knew you were a cliché, Neumann, but fuck me…”

 “Yeah? Never.”

“Fair enough. Does fuck you work for you?”

“Not at all. Why are you calling me? I’m supposed to be the one contacting you when I need help.” Henry looked over his shoulder again. The lights were still in the distance. There was no way they would be able to catch up to him anyway. Not until they got that truck out of the way. “I’m kind of in the middle of something.”

“Actually, I have it on good authority that you finished your most recent business transaction.” There was a noise in the background, a soft whimpering. 

“Tell me that’s a horror movie playing in the background, Reese.”

“Of course, Neumann.”

Henry started to say something, but Reese barged ahead. “Tell me they were magicals. I can be there in fifteen, maybe ten. I’ll have them in Trevilsom Prison and off your hands before anyone knows anything.”

Henry sighed in annoyance, wiping dried blood off the bridge of his nose. “Sorry, Peanut Butter Cup. No magicals this time. Just your garden-variety drug smugglers.”

“You know, these cartel types are dumb motherfuckers. A few magicals would make this more of a fair fight.”

“Magicals don’t get into the drug trade unless there’s another angle besides money. You know that, Reese.”

“I do indeed. One of these days though, that angle is going to appear. Keep an eye out. You take care, Neumann. And if you think calling me the name of a delicious snack is an insult, think again.”

Henry looked out over the dark waters of Sinclair Inlet. The only lights he saw now were a few dim ones on the far side. The security lights at Kitsap Marina. “I never mean it as an insult. You’re just so sweet, is all. And you come in a monster two-pack. A wizard and a Kilomea. How is your bigger, uglier half doing, by the way?”

“I thought you were in the middle of something.” Reese laughed. “Red is doing well. Now go. The night isn’t going to police itself.”

Henry hung up without saying another word and raced into the darkness.


It's smooth sailing for Henry tonight, but find out what the magicals have in store for him on May 23, 2022, when Diary of a Dark Moster Book 1: Guardian is released. Head over to Amazon and pre-order it today.


Guardian e-book cover


Join the fight with this week's new releases!

Did you have an enjoyable weekend? For some reason, this last one seemed a lot shorter than the past few – and those seemed shorter than normal too. It's probably a good thing a three-day weekend will be coming at the end of this month even if I have no idea what that means. I've got too many authors to wrangle to take a holiday.

Speaking of authors, a few more have gotten their answers to me for the interview, and we'll be sharing one of those this week.

If we were going to start putting other articles on the website, what type of articles would you like to read, besides author and staff interviews?​​​​

There are 7 amazing books launching this week and one is already out today! Talk about a great way to start the week!

This Week's New Releases

Title: The Magic Mirror
Series: The Evermores Chronicles Book 7
Release Date: 05/16/2022

The Darkness Between Dreams has been captured, the coven is in control of Philgard Technologies, and things should be returning to normal, right?

Just as they think things couldn’t get worse, a new lawsuit comes against Fran and Mana Wave. If they don’t win this one, she could lose the company.

Julia has plans for the Darkness Between Dreams – if she can control it. It’s time to put his magic to good use.

If she can…

But Handar is on the loose and he’s trying to find a way to free the Darkness Between Dreams. If he’s successful, the prophecy will be back on track.

Meanwhile, a split has developed between The Evermores. Can they put aside their differences and decide what to do with The Source?

Title: The Hidden Terror
Series: Opus X: Fleet of One Book 4
Release Date: 05/17/2022

All that thinks can learn. All that feels can suffer.

Jade’s decision to join Cyrus in Empty Space continues to have unexpected ramifications for the team. The government has accepted the AI’s vital to the mission. Will they be so accepting when she admits the changes haven’t stopped?

Kat and Cyrus are desperate to help their friend and are willing to do anything, including turning to help from a woman the government considers a dangerous traitor.

Disrupt command and control, and you’ve all but won the war.

While Jade’s problems are a concern, alien trouble grows on the frontier. A human warship has gone missing, and a Defense Directorate worried about alien sabotage needs the Fleet of One to track it down. What should be a simple search and rescue mission turns into a battle for survival against the most unexpected enemy of all.

Title: For Whom the Bell Tolls
Series: Protected By The Damned Book 8
Release Date: 05/17/2022

The old ways of fighting on Earth are rapidly coming to a close.

NOTE: This updated version includes Pandora Talks Taking Over, a new short story at the end.

Have the backstabbing ways of demons changed the future of hell on Earth?

Or did Katie have something to do with it?

Pandora reveals more than just a little to Katie.

And together both of them have a huge decision to make.

Sometimes, evil does something so raw, even those scared to step up shoulder the responsibility of revenge.

This time, T'Chezz is sending hundreds of demons and the Enlightened to take Katie and Pandora down to Hell, so he can stay up on Earth.

Title: New Rules for War
Series: Dead Evil Mercenary Corps Book 3
Release Date: 05/18/2022

When the enemy is stoking the fires, it is time for the mercs to make a deal with the devil and pray they have a hope of rescuing something from the flames.

What holds a community, a civilization, or a world together?Shared values? Mutual interests? Perhaps something less definable, like an ineffable source of unity?

Or is it blood and terror, and primal drives that force the pack to close in and bare their fangs?

Such questions may be more suited to philosophers, but the DEMC and its mercenaries are the ones who will be doling out the answers.

As the Jindahin Empire crumbles, the mad mercs of Mugh-9 are holding back chaos with a strong arm and steady trigger finger, waiting for things to settle down.

But what if they never settle down? What if the forces feeding off the anarchy like leeches slurping blood intend to suck the Empire dry?

All DEMC can do is plunge their armored hands into the molten furnace of war as they attempt to rescue a few good ones and get out in one piece.

Title: Of Scale and Teeth
Series: Steel Dragon Book 15
Release Date: 05/19/2022

Dragons have ruled the world for millennia, but the technomages are rising.

Note: This book was previously published as part of the megabook Steel Dragon 5.

Kristen Hall and her people haven’t fought so hard and so long to stop this war only to allow it to happen anyway. She will stop this threat the same as she has the others — no matter the cost.

Even if it means going toe to toe with the dragon she’s most afraid of, the dragon who almost killed her in a dark cavern.

Title: The Considerate Terror
Series: The Unconventional Agent Beaufont Book 4
Release Date: 05/20/2022

Love was once ruled by several demigods…

They were meant to protect it.

But something went very wrong.

Competing desires and loss turned the gods into monsters.

Scorned by their own hearts, the gods went mad.

They were banished from this world—in order to protect it.

But someone has brought them back.

And they aren’t fighting for love anymore.

They want to destroy it.

Can Paris Beaufont send these gods of love back to where they belong?

Or will they grow so powerful that they finish what they started, ending the planet that they once vowed to protect?

Title: The Anarchist-Mage of Ziammotienth
Series: Myth of The Dragon Book 4
Release Date: 05/21/2022

Kaylin has been stuck in Waypoint for too long.

She’s been busy fighting and leading the resistance, and she’s set to run her own crew, but that's not much good if she's still stuck in this city.

She was made for more than this.

Every day, Kaylin feels the urge growing, like an itch in the back of her mind.

And the Mountain… The Mountain is calling to her.

So what's a girl to do but carve her way out of this bloody mess?

There’s no better way to get where she needs to be than to win the fight. But against an entrenched enemy, winning the freedom to scratch her itch is going to take guts, cunning, and no small amount of recklessness.

Good thing Kaylin has an abundance of all three.

Last year, LMBPN Publishing welcomed a new collaborator, Theophilus Monroe, to the family. Like many of our authors, Theophilus had been writing for five years and publishing for the last two and continues to publish both independently and with LMBPN and says he's spent most of his adulthood writing in some fashion.

Recently, he sat down with us to answer some interview questions!​

Get to Know Theophilus Monroe

Last year, LMBPN Publishing welcomed a new collaborator, Theophilus Monroe, to the family. Like many of our authors, Theophilus had been writing for five years and publishing for the last two and continues to publish both independently and with LMBPN and says he's spent most of his adulthood writing in some fashion.

The first series he wrote for LMBPN, The Elven Prophecy, is in some sense a fantasized re-telling of his experience as a minister for seven years before discovering he could be a full time author. His current series, Chronicles of Zoey Grimm, is an action-packed urban fantasy featuring a strong female lead, Zoey. She's the daughter of the Grim Reaper and when she discovers she can’t reap and inherit her father’s mantle she goes to earth. Come to find out, she might have abilities she never knew. When she finds out her true gift, she’s set on a path that might make her the world’s best hope for thwarting a scheme by a host of supernatural baddies (and even a few gods!). 

When Theo's not writing, he's probably spending time with one of his three sons, working out, or spending time with his wife.

We hope you enjoy getting to know him in this interview!


Are you a full-time author? If so, what did you do before you became a full-time author? If not, what do you do for a living in addition to writing?
I am a full-time author! Before I was a full-time author, I did a lot of ghostwriting for other authors and also some freelance writing. Before that, I was a minister for about seven years. I discovered quickly, though, that my introverted personality wasn’t well-suited to public ministry. When I discovered fiction and dedicated myself to perfecting the craft, I found a new passion that satisfies my creative urges.

Are you a pantser, plotter, or plantser? Have you changed over time or have you always been that? And how does it work for you?
I’d say I’m a plantser, though more of a pantser than a plotter. I try to plot my stories. The problem? I find it difficult to really know how a character will respond to certain challenges until I get to know the character. I only get to know my characters by writing (I can’t really know a character through a character sheet any more than I can know someone by reading about them in a history book) So, generally, I plot a rough outline then I start writing. Usually around the 20% mark, though, the original outline is trash and I find a better, more exciting, story than planned. For the most part, though, I write to certain “plot points” or “beats” that follow a defined story structure. I “pants” my way from beat to beat with a conclusion of each story in mind from the start.

What does an average day look like for you?
I usually get up early and write a thousand words or so before helping my wife get the kiddos off to school. Then, it’s back to my man-shed (I built the thing myself) where I do most of my writing. I usually write most of the day. I take the afternoon/evening off to spend with the family. Once everyone is in bed, I write another chapter before hitting the sack.

Every author has their own unique method when it comes to writing. What is your routine when you sit down to write?
I don’t write on a computer. I use a distraction-free device to help me focus. I write in a building separate from the house where I’m free of distractions. Usually, I put on some kind of instrumental music to keep me in the “flow.”

What in your life helped to create your stylized vision for your character/world and how have things in your current life helped to further that stylized world/character?
I think everything I’ve experienced in life (and the things I continue to experience on a daily basis) impact my stories. With several years studying for a Ph.D. in theology, I like to bring the myths of various religions into my books. I’m also a dad… so expect the occasional “dad joke” in most of my books.

What would you say is the hardest part of the writing process for you, and how do you overcome it when creating a novel?
Maintaining focus is always a challenge. I do what I can to eliminate distractions. Still, I have a wandering mind. Since I’m usually working on more than one book at a time, though, if I run into a wall and struggle to figure out what should come next I often shift gears to another book. I’ll return to the first book when I hit another wall and usually by allowing my mind to wander in a different “creative space” for a while I find that I’m able to press forward.

Why do you write?
It’s fun!  I’m much better with written words than spoken words. My characters are, in some sense, my best therapists. They embody struggles, passions, and face situations that are sometimes analogous to those I face in life. Writing gives me an outlet and a “lens” through which I try to make sense of my own life!

If you could have known one thing before you started writing that you know now, what would that be?
Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. I don’t have to be Hemingway or Faulkner. The words don’t matter as much as the story. The prose can be polished later. The most important thing is telling the story and working on the details/prose later!

Who has been the most inspirational person for you when it comes to writing? Why?
This is going to sound like major brown-nosing, here, but Michael Anderle has to be on the top of my list. He’s already done what I’m trying to do. His success inspires me to press forward with faith that my books will find their audience if I’m writing a story that I love and enjoy.

What advice would you give writers struggling with their own vision and worlds, characters, and subjects on how to best go forth with their writing, instead of allowing the negativity of their own minds to keep them from doing something?
Read something else—not just other fiction or books in your genre. Read myths, history, the news, etc., with your story in view. There’s often something you can draw from that can infuse life into your story.

Have you ever pushed yourself to the point of burnout and how did you recover from it?
I don’t think I’ve ever hit true burnout. However, I’ve had phases where my productivity declined because I couldn’t get in the groove or because I’d put too much pressure on myself with deadlines. I find getting away, spending some time in nature, or exercising, can bring me back to the keyboard rejuvenated.

What tip would you give to a creative writing class?
Don’t be too critical of yourself and don’t care too much about what other people think. If you’re enjoying your story as you’re writing it there will be others who enjoy it, tool.

What genres do you enjoy reading? Who is your favorite author(s) in those genres?
I read most anything in the “fantasy” genre. While my books are mostly “urban fantasy” I read a lot of epic/high/progression fantasy. I’ve always been a big Anne Rice fan. I read most of Brandon Sanderson’s books. Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files was my first urban fantasy “binge” and I’d say my books combine his style with Anne Rice’s darker supernatural flavor. I also enjoy classics, like J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, etc.  

Now for some fun questions.

What is your favorite cocktail?
Water with lemon.

What is a food you’ve never tried, but want to?
I’m not sure, but I enjoy trying different cultural/ethnic foods. Anything outside my normal experience I’m game to try.

What are your hobbies?
I’m a bit of an amateur bodybuilder, though in my forties now I’m not as focused on building “size” as I used to be. I’m not really looking to emulate Arnold so much anymore as I am trying to be the healthiest/fittest version of myself.

If you could sit down and visit with any person, past or present, who would it be and why?
Jesus of Nazareth. I’d be fascinated to experience his real-world personality and insight.

If you could sit down and visit with any AUTHOR, past or present, who would it be and why?
J.R.R. Tolkien. I’d say he’s the father of modern fantasy. I’d love to learn more about his process, worldbuilding, and plotting!

What would be your perfect vacation?
I’d love to explore the ruins of Ancient Greece of the Pyramids in Egypt.

Who is your favorite band?
Hard to say!  My musical tastes tend to shift with the season.

All-time favorite movie you will sit down and watch anytime it comes on?

Favorite TV series?
Stargate SG-1

Marvel or DC?
DC – I grew up wearing Superman pajamas.

Star Wars or Star Trek?
If Stargate isn’t an option, I’ll have to go with Star Wars.  It’s a little more philosophical, magical, etc., than Star Trek. Though, the intersection with history and archaeology really drives me to the Stargate universe above the other two.

Who shot first: Han or Greedo?
No clue. I had to google it, so I won’t put myself out there on a question that I’m sure the sci-fi readers here are more familiar with than I am.

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Fan Pricing Saturday, May 14, 2022

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Battle of Dragons e-book cover

The Battle of Dragons

Shifting Truths e-book cover

Shifting Truths

Dauntless e-book cover


The Final Solution e-book cover

The Final Solution

Natural twenty e-book cover

Natural Twenty

The Empress Spy Complete Boxed Set e-book cover

The Empress' Spy Complete Series Boxed Set

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Magnificent Wild Wednesday May 11, 2022

Spring Wild Wednesday

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Wild Wednesday, May 11, 2022


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

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The Empress Spy Complete Boxed Set e-book coverThe Empress' Spy Complete Series Boxed Set:

What if you were given an offer you shouldn’t refuse? Seraphina Waters craves the opportunity to protect Bethany Anne’s growing Etheric Empire. Thrown a lifeline when she needs it most, she’s given a chance to prove herself. If she can. Pulled into alien politics, and a life beyond her imagination, Phina might just have a chance to have the one thing she’s always wanted. Now, she just needs to pull it off without getting killed.

Included in this boxed set:

Diplomatic Recruit, Diplomatic Crisis, Diplomatic Resurgence, Diplomatic Agent

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Cain and The Cauldron e-book coverCain and the Cauldron:

Someone stole the Cauldron of Rebirth from Eden. With it comes the power to resurrect anyone from the past.

We thought we defeated these villains for good. Can we possibly stop them all now that they're back and working together?

I have a patient who may be able to help. If I ask, her, I'll have to cross a line I swore I never would.

What good is it for a man to gain the whole world if he forfeits his soul? That principle makes sense. But I'm not trying to gain the world. I'm trying to save it. The cost may still be my soul. But I don't think I have any other choice.

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Neodymium Exodus e-book coverNeodymium Exodus:

Lem’s a mace-wielding teen space-ninja in a universe of sentient insectoids, purple jungles, and insane electromagnetic fields. She solves most problems by hitting harder, and never plays by her enemy's rules—until Jared Diebol captures her.

Diebol is the rising leader of an army uniting the galaxy by force. He believes that the violent energy being Njande has “contaminated” Lem and her friends from another dimension to conquer the matter-based universe. Diebol’s army usually kills contaminated people—but he vows to cure Lem.When Diebol kidnaps Lem’s family, he forces her to choose between the matter beings she loves and the energy person she adores. If Lem rejects Diebol’s cure, her family dies—but if Lem cuts out Njande’s energy, she opens our universe to a much darker thermodynamic attack.

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Thin Moon and Cold Mist e-book coverThin Moon and Cold Mist:

In May 1864, Robin Walkingstick Heatherton, a beautiful young woman of half-Cherokee descent, has again disguised herself as a Union soldier and infiltrated the Union Army in order to spy for the Confederacy. Union Army Major Thomas Corley, obsessed with Robin ever since her espionage activities caused the death of his brother, has offered $1000 in gold for information leading to her capture; he also has vowed to track her down and kill her himself. When her Confederate soldier husband is executed by firing squad at Corley’s command, Robin flees Virginia with their five-year-old son, Jeremy, for the West. En route, she wins a mining claim in the Colorado Territory, only to find out that it has already been settled by the bushy-bearded Garrison Parker, a Union Army hero. Eventually, the two fall in love, but Garrison must make a fateful decision: whether to reveal Robin’s possible involvement in one of the most shocking events in American history…

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In touristy Peachtree Heights, Georgia, a string of presumably accidental deaths of area physicians rouses the suspicions of Police Chief Blake Cutter. But the former big-city cop’s attempts to warn Dr. Roy Ryan are viewed by his estranged wife as an attempt to muddy the waters of a custody battle over the couple’s young son, Richie. Too late to do anything more, a small, incredibly powerful creature emerges from the night to brave the walls of the doctor’s compound, terrorizing the family and any and all police guarding them. The menace is suddenly real, and those physicians’ deaths are anything but accidental. And when young Richie’s archeologist uncle gives the boy a grisly birthday present—an actual Aztec mummy!—the child begins to think the long-dead corpse is his friend, one who is still-breathing …

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Another beautiful week is here. Spring is quickly heading toward summer and I know a lot of folks are planning to get out and travel this year now that it's a bit easier to. Do you have any big travel plans? Children or grandchildren graduating from high school or college?

No matter what your plans are, we hope you enjoy them and get to spend time with family and friends this year. And we also hope you get to read some books.​​

Speaking of books, check out the four spectacular books releasing this week:

This Week's New Releases

Title: Natural Twenty
Series: Tomb of Malevolent Evil Book 3
Release Date: 05/09/2022

Cast into their tabletop RPG game, our heroes have finally found the Tomb of Malevolent Evil!

They know where it is; but knowing, as they say, is only half the battle. Now they must delve into the dungeon depths, struggle to learn its secrets, and ideally end the evil of the place so they can get the heck out of the game and back home again.

But the Tomb has more secrets than anyone could have guessed, and the monsters living within will kill to preserve them.

It’s a race against time, with Terry, Jewel, Mandy, and Morgan rushing to solve the riddle of the dungeon and end its threat before it can fully awaken and pour evil out across the land.

Don’t miss the stunning conclusion to the epic LitRPG trilogy!

Title: The Final Solution
Series: Witch of the Federation Book 16
Release Date: 05/10/2022

The future has amazing technology. Our alien allies have magic—and human Witches are training alongside Meligorn mages.

Please Note: This book was previously published as part of the megabook Witch of the Federation VI.

On Earth, Stephanie's plans to help rebuild are slowly taking shape.

Will her team be able to figure out a plan to reduce the toxic radiation zones, or will they die of radiation sickness or magical destruction and sink the future of the planet?

Regardless of the victories, some in power are willing to make deals to try and cut Stephanie and her team out of the future.

Will Stephanie's team be able to defend the Federation if a part of it hates her?

She is a MORGANA. There are no other alternatives, no matter the risk to her and her team.

Title: Shifting Truths
Series: Great Lakes Investigations Book 3
Release Date: 05/11/2022

Maggie’s life isn’t simple anymore, but it’s better than the lonely landscape it used to be.

It’s high time Maggie got a break after tracking down a bunch of kidnapped children, then solving the mystery involving a sorceress and a vampire who were both using her to get back at one another.

It almost makes her miss the cheating spouse cases. Almost.

But everyone’s life is complicated, right? It’s not just her.

She’s now working with the vampire who just so happens to be her boyfriend’s estranged father. No, her boyfriend does not know she’s working with his dad.

While that argument waiting to happen brews, there are other things to worry about. A terrified kid comes to Maggie’s office and tells her his family might be the ones supplying a new drug in town—a drug that affects magicals and a-magicals alike.

Before she knows it, Maggie is drawn into a world where the stakes are higher than can imagine, and the perpetrators are more than willing to kill a lone PI who is sticking her nose into their business.

Can Maggie survive taking on her biggest case to date? More, can she come out of the family drama with her relationship intact?

Title: Non-Peaceful Negotiations
Series: One U.G.L.Y. Marine Book 2
Release Date: 05/13/2022

The intergalactic barbarian has started establishing himself in this new future.

But with a growing reputation comes the need to accomplish more complex feats.

The Komran are happy to oblige, though they may not know it.

They have taken a valuable Vale-sanctioned mine, trapping all the residents within and forcing them to work night and day. Curiously, the hostage-takers are not searching for the ore within.

Fearful that a large scale assault could end in nothing more than a pyrrhic victory, Joe and his new teammates are sent in the deal with the situation in the hopes that they can take care of the menace without a massive casualty report.

Can Joe and his team find out what exactly the Komran are looking for on this backwater planet?

Dauntless promo banner

The best Marauder around, Dante Shale is famous across the galaxy. He is most comfortable on the wild surface of the Earth. He must endure the big city bustle to get the giant paycheck waiting for him.