Merry Little Wild Wednesday December 8, 2021

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Have yourself A merry little Wild Wednesday by enjoying these deals!



Terry Henry Walton Chronicles complete Omnibus e-book coverTerry Henry Walton Chronicles Complete Series Omnibus:

This digital box set contains ALL 11 books of the best-selling Terry Henry Walton Chronicles series from Craig Martelle and Michael Anderle.

They say that behind every great man is a great woman…but what if that woman is a Werewolf?  Can Terry Henry Walton help bring humanity back to civilization? He finds that he needs help and starts building his Force de Guerre, a paramilitary group that will secure this new world from those who would take and destroy.  When the enemies of peace appear before the FDG is ready, Terry partners with a werewolf to fight a battle that he must win.

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Where did the Zenomorphs come from? Tigers, wolves, gorillas, and bears. Four planets at each other’s throats. But they have too much in common for it to be a fluke. Just mentioning the possibility that they descended from the same place gets one labeled as a Heretic. When Sankar comes into possession of a religious text that hints at where they came from, he seizes the opportunity and makes it his mission to find the Truth.

But he needs help from all the races. With a stolen warship and a ragtag band, Sankar sets out to answer the question that is illegal to ask. Zenophobia. Where fear of the other races started a religion and perpetuated a war. It’s time for the worlds to embrace the future by learning their past. But the governments aren’t keen on upsetting the status quo and do everything in their power to stop Sankar and his team.

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Everly e-book coverEverly:

The terms of her father's will leave Everly with no choice but to marry before her 21st birthday to ensure the security of her family.

Will she be able to get over her anger towards men in enough time to find someone to marry?

Answering an ad for a mail-order bride, she finds Ben – a man who needs a woman to help him raise his two nieces left in his care. Can they find love while dealing with both a vindictive stepmother who wants to stop her from marrying, and a meddling woman who is determined to take the children from Ben? They will both have to learn to trust, even as the past threatens to ruin everything.

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Miss Claus ebook coverMiss Claus and the Secret Santa:

Santa Claus is an Arctic Wolf Shifter, and the mantle has always passed down to his sons. But this Santa didn't have any boys, he has 4 girls! His eldest daughter is supposed to marry the son of the pack's Beta wolf, Rock. But she has refused. Lizzy wants to marry for love, not pack standing.

Lizzy is pulled to Los Angeles by the Christmas Magic looking for adventure and possibly her future Santa. What she finds instead shocks her and her family. When Lizzie learns of an attempted take-over of Christmas and all things Santa, she and her family jump into action to defend the legacy of Santa Claus! Will she settle for the man Santa tells her to mate with? Or will she trust her heart and Christmas Magic instead?

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Set sail on the high seas with this collection of 21 unforgettable short stories featuring dashing rogues, daring rebels, and wily pirates searching for treasures of all kinds, including a forgotten journal, a heavenly sword, a young girl’s lucky sock, and even the Fountain of Youth.

Some pirates are familiar—complete with parrots, peg legs, and eye patches—but most are unique: a twelve-year-old computer hacker, a heroic rabbit on an unusual quest, a clump of cancer cells, and an alien setting sail among the stars.

X Marks the Spot: An Anthology of Treasure and Theft is about those men and women who live on the fringes of society, who are beholden to no man, no law, and who always have one eye on the horizon.

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The Christmas Bear e-book coverThe Christmas Bear:

Hope is a rare commodity and the spirit of Christmas seems to almost be silenced…
Tom Turner had just returned from the bloodiest battle of the first world war, the battle of the Argonne Forest in France. But what he felt as he stood over the graves of his parents when he returned was even more painful. With his wife and two children by his side, Tom was determined to pick up the pieces of their lives, take over the small ranch that was his childhood home, and make a life for his beloved family that he would never leave again. But as their first Christmas back together neared, fate began to take a hand to thwart the best plans of this man.

Although the community and church family pull together, hope seems to be a rare commodity and the spirit of Christmas seems to almost be silenced. Will it be a Merry Christmas or not?

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Good Books to All Week in Review November 28 – December 4, 2021

Good Books to all week in review banner

Like to old saying goes, peace on Earth and good books to all!


Week in Review November 28- December 4, 2021


New Books For All: Week in Review



Daria Barruck, the newest Executioner, has witnessed the depths to which seemingly “good people” will stoop to stay on top. It’s a simple rule: Do unto others before they do unto you. Daria moved to Atlantica to embrace a life free of political distractions. When Ty entered her life, the First Executioner of Atlantica showed Daria that there were causes worth fighting for and those willing to fight for them. How could she remain jaded and distant in the face of that truth?

Now she fights and follows the Executioner’s Way, bringing justice hard and fast upon those who earn her attention. However, Atlantica is not out of secrets by a longshot. Daria knows, as well as she knows the number inked on her arm, that there are those who will do anything to make those secrets theirs.

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Stranded in the demon realm without Limpet to help her get home, she must convince her father that they need to find the other shadow mages and persuade them to help her escape. The problem is, he doesn’t believe Lexi is real… Azatoth is still the head of Kindred and she’s forcing Scott to take Lexi’s place in the organization. The demon is holding their families and friends to ransom to ensure he will comply in finding a way to retrieve Lexi or open the portal. While Lexi is fighting to escape the Darkness in the demon realm, Scott’s battle is watching his back to make sure no knives magically appear in it. What is Millicent’s game?

Can the Order of the Shadow stop Azatoth from building a demon army? And can Scott really see a glimmer of humanity within his demonic boss?

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Light Sworn e-book coverLight Sworn:

An entire world enslaved. Aella has know the dark elf ruling the elven homeworld was free for some time, but she’d held hope that there were others who could fight and stand up to him. Now she knows that isn’t true.

With more than one portal open between the two worlds the elves and their allies are already stretched thin to defend them, but what if opening another could give them a chance to find some allies? Can Aella make a decision that she once thought was no ones to make? Will she risk everything to save everyone? Knowing that she grows stronger each day and everyone around her believes she will prevail isn’t enough on its own. She might be Henera, but can she lead?

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Kristen Hall continues to search for Sebastian Shadowstorm, whose efforts to sow crime and violence in Detroit's streets have not abated in his absence. The young policewoman with the inexplicable dragon powers discovers that she and her loved ones are not invulnerable.

Ostracized by the dragon community, Kristen discovers that Shadowstorm isn't the only one involved in the conspiracy to cover up the truth about her inexplicable parentage. The balance of power in Detroit is tipping… Kristen realizes that she cannot single-handedly protect Detroit from Shadowstorm's machinations. Without her colleagues, Mister Black will have free rein to continue committing atrocities. Can Kristin make a virtue of patience and find strength in her compassion for the people?

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Unfortunately for Z, endlessly dying and repeating his mistakes isn’t covered by the Mental Health Act. What is a man to do when death works…differently? Well, he resets and repeats the chain of events leading to whatever put him down in the first place. It’s a long fall if Z drops over the brink of insanity.

Jumping from Earth to parallel Earth, Z uncovers a threat that just might end all of existence. He might not be able to die, but everyone else can. Seeing life as everyone knows it go down in flames isn’t something that sits well with him. Can’t die and life couldn’t suck more… Welcome to Z’s world.

Using his repeating powers, Z faces off against a deadly force across multiple worlds. Too bad for them, Z’s crazy enough to take them on. Question is: is he sane enough to win?

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New Books Here: Week in Review



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Fa La La La La Fan's Pricing Saturday December 4, 2021

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We are singing at the top of our lungs about how good these deals are!

Fans' Pricing Saturday December 4th, 2021

Note: We requested the price changes from Amazon on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, they don’t change all of the prices at one time. Please double-check the price before clicking “Buy”.
All of these new releases are 99c for one day only!
And they are also available for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
Grab them today before the prices go up!

Light Sworn e-book cover

Light Sworn


Heart of the Shadow

2000 B.C.

2000 B.C.


Jazz Funeral

Academy of Necessary Magic boxed set e-book cover

Academy of Necessary Magic Complete Boxed Set


Aiming Blind


The New Dragon Elite

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Christmas Season Officially Begins Wild Wednesday December 1, 2021

Wild Wednesday Christmas


The Christmas season is officially here, the party starts today with some sweet deals!

Wild Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

Please remember to double-check the price before you one-click.


Academy of Necessary Magic boxed set e-book coverAcademy of Necessary Magic Complete Series Boxed Set:

Do you want to be a Bounty Hunter? Class is now in session at the Academy of Necessary Magic. Founded by Johnny Walker, Leira Berens and James Brownstone, students will learn how to go after magical creatures that need to be subdued while being the best bounty hunters in the country… if they survive the course work.

Amanda Coulier is a young shifter and ward of one of the greatest bounty hunters of all time. But Johnny Walker is better with hound dogs than young girls. Especially the kind who can grow fur and fangs and rip out your throat in the middle of teenage angst. Where to send Amanda for an education that won’t leave anyone in tears… or dead?

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THE EXPANDING UNIVERSE 7 E-BOOK COVERThe Expanding Universe Volume 7:

Explore the universe…
“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” Arthur C Clarke penned those words, and they stand true to this day. Do we want to be alone? Leave it to science fiction authors to address that question in equal measure.

Aliens can be peaceful or not. Who will emerge as the superior strain of intelligence? Humanity may be new to the game, but they aren’t new to conflict. Fantastic races vying for dominance. A microcosm of the greater good. Battles fought for higher ideals. Battles fought just to survive.
War doesn’t care about human or alien. The soldiers fight, and they fight hard, as if their lives depend on it. Because they do.

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“Creative, fun and sure to make you smile.”

Another difficult Christmas season is approaching for the O’Brien family.

This year, Maddie O’Brien is hoping for something special to bring joy into the lives of her family. Unexpectedly, one snowy night all her dreams might be answered when a small band of abandoned and hungry donkeys appears at the barn door braying for food.


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The Silver Ship and The Sea e-book coverThe Silver Ship and the Sea:

Six genetically enhanced children are stranded on the colony planet Fremont in a war between genetic purists and those that would tinker with the code. Orphaned, the children have few remnants of their heritage other than an old woman who was abandoned at the end of the war, and a mysterious silver ship that appears to have no doors.

To keep themselves alive, the children must leave the safety of the insular community and brave the beautiful but dangerous wilds of Fremont. Is it an echo of their own natures, or a proving ground of their genetic worth? In this battle of wills and principles, what does the future hold for Fremont’s Children?

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Nothing ever happens in Lincoln, Ohio. Sheriff Tim Burke likes it that way. That’s why he moved to the tranquil town after a panic disorder, triggered by a gruesome unsolved case, forced him to retire from Cleveland’s Homicide Division. These days, the only thing Burke has to worry about is who spray-painted the side of Walt Tanner’s barn. That all changes when someone slips a note under Burke’s door. A note claiming five people will die in Lincoln. At first, Burke and his two deputies dismiss it as a prank by local teenagers, the same troublemakers he singled out for defacing Walt’s barn. Then the first body turns up. Then the second.
Consumed by the murder investigation, Burke uncovers a link to another small Ohio town, where a killer left a similar note, claimed five victims, and vanished without a trace.

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The nanonetwork has been upgraded. I can still access the nanobots… But when I do, it leaves the host unconscious. Transferring their mind into the nanoswarm.

Dr. Archimedes Flat is expanding his nanoverse. Collecting minds to craft a new “utopia” forged from collective memory. He believes it's the next step in human evolution. And if a few people have to die to make it happen, well, in his mind that's nothing more than the survival of the fittest.

If I'm going to stop him, I'll have to fight him in the nanoverse itself. But Flat designed the nanoverse. He's it's architect. The god of his digital world. How can I possibly defeat the maker of the nanoverse from within his own creation? After all, in the nanoverse, Flat makes all the rules.

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Valrin was born of the sea. Raised by his adopted elven aunt on a small fishing island he knows nothing of his past and wonders of his future…. until the unexpected arrival of a mysterious ship changes everything.

Joining a misfit crew running from a dangerous dwarven empire, Valrin learns quickly what it means to be Stormborn. In this epic three book set, you will meet the strangest of the strange. From men forbidden to die to cannibalistic shadow elves and a dwarven necromancer. Embark upon the cold, dark Glacial Seas and unlock the power of an ancient lost race.

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On New Year’s Eve 1905, Genevieve Morgan attends a ball at the elaborate Palace Hotel in San Francisco hosted by Seth Comstock, the newest, most eligible bachelor in town. Desperate to escape the infamous bordello she inherited, Genevieve hopes to charm and marry Comstock. Easier said than done for a nobody fish in a little pond who cannot waltz. As Seth catches her eye, Genevieve prays he has a warm personality to take the chill off his cold smile. Seth warns his twin sister, Selma, to distract Harriett Peak, a local journalist who wrote about the Nob Hill house he claims he’s building, so that he can make Genevieve his teammate for a midnight scavenger hunt. Genevieve is not to suspect this ball is for her benefit. Enter Luke Harper, a riverboat gambler who is staying at the hotel while he unloads a horse ranch he won in a high stakes poker game. One glance at the beautiful siren with lilac cat eyes and Luke goes on his own kind of hunt.

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Cyber Monday Deals from Friends of LMBPN

A Cyber Monday Sale from LMBPN and friends!

The end of the year is fast approaching and that means it’s sale season! Several of our authors and friends of LMBPN discounted books for today so we decided to have our own Cyber Monday sale! Woohoo!

If you're wondering about the new release email, don't worry too much. It will be coming at the same time it always does, a couple of hours after you get this one! Just means your favorite ranger is working extra to tell you about all the great books today. Don't worry, I love every minute of it!

All of these books are 99c each, or FREE, and all are also FREE in Kindle Unlimited:

You can read more about the individual books below.

If you enjoy any of these after reading them, consider leaving a review for the authors. It really does help them and means a lot!

The Operator e-book coverThe Operator (FREE for a limited time)

A hitman with a conscience…

Ian Bragg is paid to kill people. Only bad people and not many, but for a great deal of money. Case the target. Make the hit. Move on until he meets the woman with sparkling green eyes who changes everything. Is his newest target deserving of death? Who is Ian to decide if the politician needs to die? He is the one who has to live with the consequences, that’s who.

The contract deadline nears. Too many unknowns, too much to lose. Pull the trigger or not? Ian makes his own rules to get himself out of a quandary where it’s more than just his life on the line. For the greater good, join Ian Bragg.

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People Raged 

A terrorist plotting an attack on Washington DC, staying one step ahead by hiding in plain sight, always there, but never seen.

In the classic government way, a tiger team is built to look into the intelligence surrounding a terror threat. They didn't count on Rick Banik to break down walls and get the job done, no matter what. He takes it personal. Rick Banik – the right patriot for a new age. A race against time. A fight against bureaucracy. A maze of red tape and dots that don't want to be connected. How many people must die for the plot to be uncovered? How many will die if it isn't?

People Raged will give you hope that such people exist where you can't see them, doing things that need to be done to protect us all. Rick Banik is your next best intelligence professional.


Ian Bragg Omnibus

Written by an author with over twenty years in both the US Marine Corps and intelligence communities. 799 pages of action adventure in one volume.

When good men have to do bad things… …a hitman with a conscience.

Problems arise and too often, those problems are scumbags, oxygen thieves, and people who don’t deserve to share the same planet with decent folk. Ian Bragg provides solutions, resolving problems for those who can afford to pay his price.

When Ian meets the woman with sparkling green eyes, everything changes.

Balancing a personal life with a career that can’t ever be public creates challenges that can't be spoken aloud. Ian meets his new world head on, determined to have it all. The world has other ideas and a different plan for the man called Ian Bragg.

Read the first three books today!



Sam was badass even before she learned how to harness her alien powers.

All Sam ever wanted was to kill aliens and defend Earth. When she's taken up to space to join a ROK Marine and a couple of badass aliens with the mission of going to the darkest corners of the galaxy to kill bad guys, she's right at home.

She is a member of the SHADOW CORPS: A group comprised of deadly warriors who focus on galactic safety.

These are the universe's heroes. The ones nobody ever hears about, because they operate in the shadows. But when she starts her training and learns what these aliens are truly capable of, she finds she might have bitten off more than she can chew.

Samantha had better master her alien powers soon, or be forced to watch her world, and many others, burn.

Grab this deal!



After days of rain and storms, Maddie O’Brien is restless to venture out into the forest. Little did she know that while walking with her beloved grandfather, they would come upon a nest of eleven turkey eggs protected by their dying mother. Maddie and Otis can’t save the brave wild turkey hen, but they are determined to come out and raise her feisty poults.

Times are hard for the O’Brien family and as Thanksgiving looms ever nearer, it seems certain that Maddie’s beloved turkeys are destined for the roaster and the holiday dinner table. How can Maddie O’Brien save her turkeys and still help her family pay its bills. That is the challenge…and you’ll discover how love, bravery and the spirit of Maddie’s wild turkeys prove to be a blessing for the O’Brien family and their entire Northern Arizona town.

You will also learn something about the noble wild turkey that Benjamin Franklin once believed courageous enough to replace the bald eagle as America’s greatest symbol of freedom.

Grab this deal!



How far would you go to save the city you love?

A mad scientist fighting the laws of man and nature. A demon-monster of mythical proportions. A corporate conspiracy that goes back more than a century.

The Steel City is in desperate need of a hero.

Willa Weil has a secret—she comes from a long line of magicians trained to unlock the power hidden within poetry. This skill requires discipline, and the Guild demands obedience. Willa has long kept her power to herself, but when a molten metal creature threatens to consume her friends, she can no longer remain on the sidelines.

History professor Elijah Branton moved to Pittsburgh for the job of a lifetime, researching the family history of one of the nation’s wealthiest and most attractive CEOs. But not everything is as it seems in the Steel City. The historian soon unearths a deadly conspiracy that threatens to unravel his world. Can they save their city, or will they lose themselves in the process?

Grab this deal!

SCARED SHIFTLESS E-BOOK COVERScared Shiftless (FREE for a limited time!)

A stiletto heel through a vampire’s heart…

Who ever said you had to sacrifice fabulous for functional? Eventually I’d find her, the one who stole my abilities. Now I was stuck like this… in a human body… a male body…

I was scared shiftless.

I'm out for more than vengeance. I want my life back.

But even if I catch her, even if I kill the vampire who ruined my life… can I even take my shapeshifting abilities back? Or, am I destined to stay like this forever?

Grab this deal!



What do you get when you combine boredom, creativity and teenage years with a healthy dose of winning contests with poetry?

A collection of poems nicely wrapped into a book.

A collection of 30 poems falling into the categories of Life and Love, Everything in Between, and Death and Destruction, four essays from writing exercises and a short story fill the pages of this book.

If you're looking for inspiration, motivation or perhaps something to help you cope with the loss of a loved one, this book is for you.

Grab this deal!

Rousing Week in Review November 21 – 27

Rousing week in review banner

New books to stir the imagination!

Week in Review November 21 – 27, 2021

Stirring New Books Here: Week in Review



Team Princess needs to secure their final and most important ally, the King of the Mountain Elves. His monster-hunting champion is ready to lead them to the Mountain Elf enclave, but only if they’re willing to take a big detour first.

No one ever imagined a group of elves on safari. A trip through Africa, complete with threats both magical and human, sends Team Princess through a continent of challenges and surprises none of them could anticipate. The finish line is close, but will Zaena be able to cross it?

A shocking revelation reveals completing their mission will require a sacrifice too great to bear. Still, Zaena is bound and determined to save all elves, no matter the cost.

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a righteous killing e-book coverA Righteous Killing:

The wild lands of the northeast have a desperate need for a hero. Cassandra has somehow become that person. Now that she’s established herself, trouble is erupting out of every dark crevice in the land. From waylaying monsters to undead infestations, trouble is fierce and needs many swords to drive it out. But when the demigod tyrant Cassandra defied sends assassins as payback, will it prove too much for the Princess and her two barbarian followers?

And what is now stirring in the depths of the fortress where she makes her home? Tighten your saddles and keep your sword loose in your scabbard as you join Cassandra in the fierce and fantastic world of Skharr DeathEater, where a woman’s fiery soul can thwart even the gods and change the course of history.

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Morgana Enraged e-book coverMorgana Enraged:

The future has amazing technology. Our alien allies have magic—and so does Stephanie Morgana. Together, we are building a training system to teach the best of humanity to go to the stars.

BURT is holding back, and Stephanie knows it. A diplomatic visit to Melligorn takes precedence, and Stephanie gets an up-close and personal lesson in how the Federation works. Stinging from her introduction to the harsh reality of humanity’s place in the hierarchy, Stephanie continues to train while plotting her way to improve things for Earth. Where there’s a Witch, there’s a way. Stephanie’s determination has…interesting outcomes for Earth, and the Melligorn situation heats up when Stephanie and her team return. Will Stephanie gain the control over her magic that she needs to overcome the Dreth?

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Diana Sheen’s worst fear has come to pass. The government agency chasing her has taken one of her people prisoner. Now all her team’s secrets are at risk, and all their lives are on the line. Will the captive give up the location of their new base? The outcast team’s plans to take on the hidden darkness within the government? Or their new mission against the Rhazdon-artifact cult?

One thing is certain. Diana can’t let a friend remain in enemy hands for long, or it’s all over. Including the creation of the magical network that is Rath the troll’s current obsession. Diana has to find the world’s hidden weapons of magic and soon to even the odds. Will it be enough to save their comrade? Only one way to find out.

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Among ghosts and breathers there is a saying… “There is always something going down in New Orleans.” For Johnny and Vic, the divide between life and death is thin. Now it's almost nonexistent for everyone.

What began as a quick case for a handsome reward has spiraled into a massive fray involving multiple parties in the realms of life and death. After almost ending the threat, one was returning more powerful than ever.

They can all feel it. The end is near and the Axeman cometh. But on the upside, they have a demigod and basically every resident, living or dead, ready to take him on.

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The dragonriders have been given a second chance. But that only draws more attention to them. Many powerful people want a dragon egg. And they will kill for them. The Gullington has never been more unsafe.

Harboring dragon eggs is dangerous business. Sophia Beaufont feels the pressure to protect and also defend like never before. Being a mama to eggs isn’t easy. And yet, S. Beaufont would have it no other way.

Will the dragon eggs survive the greed seeking to steal them for selfish gains?

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2000 B.C.2000 B.C.:

Alone and lost at sea, how much longer can Narama survive? The shipwreck she clings to can barely keep her afloat. When it breaks apart, will she meet her end in the freezing waters of the Arctic Ocean? Is she doomed to a bleak and lonely death or will a distant island bring hope and rescue?

Will a prehistoric civilization that has existed apart from the world for many generations welcome her or finish what the shipwreck began? When she is rescued by a young boy from a clan of mammoth hunters, can the Huntress of Men accept that she might be stranded there forever? What will she do when she learns that the ancient clan’s survival depends entirely on a species about to go extinct? Can Narama fulfill an ancient prophecy? Or will she die along with the island's entire population? How will the last mammoth hunt on earth decide the future for them all?

Read Today

Exciting New Books Here: Week in Review


What's sweeter than pie? A $50 Visa gift card!

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Thanksgiving Day Parade of Books: Giveaway Day 6

The Red Countess Thanksgiving Parade day 6


Valentina Winters Book 1: The Red Countess


ATLANTICA—the forgotten isle, the glittering gem in the cesspool of humanity's future. Anything you do inside your own home is allowed. 

It is a dog-eat-dog world of millionaires and billionaires. The rest of society beneath them live in ignorance.

Those at the top have money, tools, people, assassins and murderers.

One such assassin was a rumor, a myth, a ghost in the night.

The Red Countess, the lady Valentina Winters.

A player amongst the elite has something Valentina wants, and she is willing to do most anything to get it. Including his jobs.

Theft of secrets, acquisition of passwords, perhaps a death or two if need be.

That's power others in the hierarchy fear, and where there is fear, there are opportunities.

When you play with an assassin, you had better be sure you don't get bit.

Do those who desire Atlantica's secrets really care?

It's all fun and games until the bodies start dropping.

And that is fun so long as the bodies aren't theirs.


This Book is Free November 23 – 27


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Deals, Deals, Deals, Fan's Pricing Saturday November 27, 2021

Deals, Deals, Deals fan's pricing Saturday

The sweet spot between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Fan's Pricing Saturday!

 Saturday November 27, 2021

Note: We requested the price changes from Amazon on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, they don’t change all of the prices at one time. Please double-check the price before clicking “Buy”.
All of these new releases are 99c for one day only!
And they are also available for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
Grab them today before the prices go up!

Scales of Justice e-book cover

Scales of Justice

Morgana Enraged e-book cover

Morgana Enraged

a righteous killing e-book cover

A Righteous Killing


The Mysterious Plato

clawing for victory e-book cover

Clawing for Victory


Rogue Rescue

Forgotten God's Omnibus e-book cover

Forgotten Gods Omnibus Books 1-8


Inner City Jungle

Metamorphosis Online complete series e-book cover

Metamorphosis Online

in the shadow of Ziammotienth e-book cover

In the Shadow of Ziammotienth


Unbearable Choices

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Thanksgiving Day Parade of Books: Giveaway Day 5

Familiar Strangers Thanksgiving Day 5

Hawthorn Academy Book 1: Familiar Strangers


We all start as strangers. Why does that make me so nervous?

Note: Familiar Strangers was originally published as a part of the megabook, Hawthorn Academy: Year One.

I can't imagine life without Mom, Dad, Bubbe or my friends in Salem. And that's what I'll be living at Hawthorn Academy, the campus between worlds. But Hawthorn Academy's the place to be if I want to join the family business as a veterinarian for magic critters.

It's magi only at my new school, so I'm going without my besties. The only person I'll know there is my snarky big brother. At least I've already bonded with a familiar. But my dragonet means I'm destined for above average power levels.

The last thing I want to do is scare people off. You only get one chance at first impressions, after all.

But will I make friends or enemies?

“I spent more than a couple of late nights reading through these stories to find out what was going to happen to my new friends!” – Michael Anderle, Best-Selling Author of The Kurtherian Gambit

This series is for fans of Harry Potter, Jaymin Eve, and all academy books.

This Book is Free November 23 – 27


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