Avengers Endgame, Trailer Review and Speculation

Part of the journey is the end. So says Tony Stark at the start of the two minute and twenty-five-second long first travel for the upcoming fourth and, if Marvel Studios is to be believed, last Avengers film, which also reveals the long-awaited subtitle: Endgame. With this, we begin to set the stage for whatever that film is and how the actors and characters we love so much will make their exit from the MCU.

The trailer begins with Stark on one of the ships from Titan, out of food and water and soon out of air as well. He records a message into the heavily damaged helmet of his Iron Man suit for his fiancee, Pepper Potts. We then shift to Thanos, having left his armor behind, walking on a world with flowers, with Black Widow voice-over, talking about how Thanos did what he promised, killing one-half of all creatures. Quick cuts to some of the surviving characters, Widow, Captain America, Bruce Banner, Thor, and Nebula. We see Natasha encounter someone in a new, less flashy outfit with a bow, revealed to be the former Hawkeye, Clint Barton, in his Ronin guise. Widow assures Captain that whatever they have planned is going to work, to which he replies: “I know it is, because I don’t know what I’m going to do if it doesn’t. The title card appears, the subtitle forming from rubble backlit in purple. The final moment is Scott Lang outside the front gates of the Avengers HQ asking to be let in as Captain and Widow look on with stunned amazement.

The trailer, while not letting on a whole lot about what will happen in the movie, the trailer is filled with emotion, a desperate need to hope. Captain barely read more…

Star Trek Discovery – Space No Longer The Final Frontier

Note: This article contains spoilers of Star Trek: Discovery Season One

Season one of Star Trek: Discovery gripped us like the science-loving nerds we are and dragged us to places we never knew we wanted to go. Michael Burnham is an intriguing protagonist with a more-than-strange past that plays a major role in how her future is shaped.

Being a human raised in a Vulcan society gifted her with an extensive knowledge base of sciences and of course logic. Michael is also Spock’s half-sister, adding to Michael’s already complicated past.

Knowing that piece of information helps ramp you up for what seems to be. As always, there are also teases as to what the seven signals sent throughout the galaxy could be.

Since chasing the impossible seems to be the Discovery’s thing, what new impossibility could they be exploring? Weren’t the famous words of the original Star Trek “Space, the Final Frontier.”?

Yet it seems that the ability to jump across the universe as we know it wasn’t all this new Spore Drive technology had to offer. Lieutenant Stamets showed us it was possible for a human to navigate the mycelium network.

Think about the reality of that possibility for humanity. Could we jump universes at a whim? It’s far-fetched, read more…

Making the Leap from Podcasts to Television

Podcasts have, in one shape or another, existed on the internet since the early 2000s, and as an avid fan myself, I love the medium. Everything from movie and television studios making podcasts to reach out to their viewers, comedians delivering material to their fans, and authors self-publishing their novels as weekly serialized audiobooks. While the medium has been around for a while, it’s widely believed that the current golden age of podcasting was begun by two wildly popular shows, the absurdist horror fiction radio show Welcome to Night Vale and true crime Serial.

Since then, there has been a boom in podcasting, particularly in the serialized science fiction/horror and true crime genres, many of them also becoming wildly popular. As the saying somewhat goes, a high tide raises all casts. In the circular way these things work, it is now podcasts that are being looked to for a source to adapt for other media. Here are a few massively popular podcasts that are, have been, or will be soon turned into television shows.


This sci-fi thriller was already ahead of the curve when it premiered with a star-studded cast which included Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, and David Schwimmer, whose first season has been wonderfully adapted for television and is currently available for streaming on Prime Video. Starring Julia Roberts, Stephan James, and Bobby Cannavale in those respective roles lending even higher prestige for complex and time jumping story. While the show seems to be a direct adaptation of the first season of the show, the way it is shot and having the visual element adds so much to the story that fixes some of the weaknesses of the show. If you enjoy thrillers and slowly unwinding mysteries, Homecoming would be a great show for you.


Horror writer Aaron Mahnke in his podcast goes deep into stores of dark history, monsters, and killers. Each episode of Lore takes the listener by the hand and accounts history narratively so that the driest of facts are entertaining and the more sanguine details lessened in their macabreness. The television version, whose second season just released for streaming on Prime Video, does this at a slightly longer, using a huge read more…

Cyber Monday Boxed Set Bonanza

It’s Cyber Monday, and it’s also Kurtherian Endgame week (WOOT!), so what better time to have a one-day flash sale on the Kurtherian Gambit series.

You can grab each of the Kurtherian Gambit boxed sets on this Cyber Monday for just $.99 each.

Here’s what’s included in each boxed set:

The Kurtherian Gambit Omnibus 1 (Death Becomes Her – Queen Bitch – Love Lost)

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The Kurtherian Gambit Omnibus 4 (Release The Dogs of War – Sued For Peace – We Have Contact)

The Kurtherian Gambit Omnibus 5 (My Ride is a Bitch – Don’t Cross This Line – Never Submit)

The Kurtherian Gambit Omnibus 6 (Never Surrender – Forever Defend – Might Makes Right)

The Kurtherian Gambit Omnibus 7 (Ahead Full – Capture Death – Life Goes On)

Grab your copies and complete your library today!

Stan Lee: The Reason the American Dream Still Lives

Sadly, our world lost Stan Lee recently. The world will never be the same because he entered it. While we are sad that he is gone, life does go on, and the amazing Marvel Universe has him to thank for all the wonderful characters he gave us. He did leave behind Spiderman and the X-Men.

Yes, Stan Lee was a national treasure. Yes, Professor Xavier knew how to move objects with his mind, he also knew how to get into a person’s heart and change it to be good. Hence Magneto’s helmet. Magneto wears a helmet to protect him from the massive power of Professor Xavier. He does this because a person who can go inside your head and change your quest to incur harm is more an enemy than someone who can fight you with the same weapon. Professor Xavier wields this power while being wheelchair bound. Not even paralysis can stop his powerful mind. Thus, not even death can end the epically powerful world of Stan Lee.

Lee gave us the new American Dream. The American Dream really is a spirit and not an object. He created characters who personified the battle of good and evil that rages in all of us. I always wanted to meet Stan Lee. I never did, but I still have him to thank for me being here.

I went into writing instead of the medical field because I couldn’t handle the vomiting. I have no issue with the other read more…

Temple of Satan Sues Sabrina over use of Baphomet statue

Since it’s release on October 26th, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has been yet another massively popular addition to Netflix’s already powerful coven of shows. However, it would appear that the Temple of Satan is not a fan, having filed a $150 million dollar lawsuit against the streaming service and Warner Bros., claiming in the United States District Court in Manhattan, New York City, that they had copied several unique features of the Temple’s depiction of the occult deity in the statue featured in the show.

In Sabrina, the statue resides in the main area of the Academy of Unseen Arts, a magical school read more…

EC020: Holi’s Savior, a Tale From The Kurtherian Universe – Part Two

This week we bring you the conclusion of Holi’s Savior, by N.D. Roberts, the first story in the first volume of Fans Write For the Fans, Tales From The Kurtherian Universe.

Fans Write For the Fans Facebook links:  Kurtherian Universe, and Oriceran Universe.

Here is the blurb for Renegade from Tales From The Kurtherian Universe, Book One.

Holi’s Savior, by ND Roberts

On the alien world Castellegia, brave young Holi fights for the survival of her ragged band of orphans. Who will save them from the green-eyed mutants who stalk the night? Justice calls upon Castellegia at the moment all is lost for Holi.

A story of strength, determination, and the softer side of everybody’s favorite benevolent dictator.

Each of the Fan’s Write books can be purchased at Amazon.

Book One

Book Two

Book Three


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A Simple Way To Prepare A Table Top Game

Game nights are great fun. Seeing your friends get together to quest and take down evil and play through your story of your own making can be a great way to escape real life, and we all know how badly that’s needed. That being said, all Game/Dungeon Masters or Storytellers know that running a game is not just fun, but is work as well. It is upon you, chiefly, to ensure the fun and entertainment of the group, and that can be a heavy burden to bear, even before you consider having to remember and adjudicate the rules. I know it sounds daunting. It scared me before I got started, but worry not! Here are some tips to remember to make your game day prep easier.

How to proceed

The fabled Prussian Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke the Elder said it best: “no plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force” which is to say, whatever you plan, assume your players are going to figure out a way to do something you didn’t prepare for. Here are three ways to try to handle this situation:

  • Overwrite: You could write out every possible outcome you can think of for the situations you put the players in.
  • All roads lead to Rome: make it so it ultimately doesn’t matter what your players choose, the result will be the same.
  • Underwrite: Have only a bare outline of what will happen and improvise the rest.

When I began DM’ing, I did the former, spending hours writing every permutation of the events of the session, which is not advisable, believe read more…

Star Trek Discovery: A Science-Fiction Review

Star Trek is any science-fiction junkie’s go to for feeling the beauty of our natural universe. Not only did Gene Roddenberry aim to bring a spark of intelligence to the final frontier, he sought to bring creativity.

The newest attempt at a classic has been brought to us by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman, and what an attempt they’ve made. Thankfully they both had experiences working on various Star Trek projects like Voyager and the J.J. Abrams movies.

Their experience really shows in how they approach this new series.

Does The Story Hold True To The Star Trek Standard?

 Yes, and no. It’s pretty complicated so strap in.

 We follow Michael Burnham, a science specialist turned mutineer as she becomes dragged into the affairs of the USS Discovery’s Captain Gabriel Lorca.

When you begin this intellectual and emotional roller coaster ride you hardly know what to expect. Humans and Klingons at war? Sounds like a recipe for a more action-packed Star Trek than previous read more…

EC019: Holi’s Savior, a Tale From The Kurtherian Universe – Part One

This week we bring you Part One of Holi’s Savior, by N.D. Roberts. As you’ll hear during the open, we intended to have Nat on as our guest host this week, but the lengthy trip from the UK to Arizona put her a little under the weather.  If all goes well, she’ll be with us next week.

Rhapsody For The Tempest

During the introduction, I mentioned that Rhapsody for the Tempest, book three in The Braintrust series was just released as an audiobook.  You can grab your copy here if you don’t already have it in your audible queue.



Fans Write For the Fans Facebook links:  Kurtherian Universe, and Oriceran Universe.

Here is the blurb for Renegade from Tales From The Kurtherian Universe, Book One.

Holi’s Savior, by ND Roberts

On the alien world Castellegia, brave young Holi fights for the survival of her ragged band of orphans. Who will save them from the green-eyed mutants who stalk the night? Justice calls upon Castellegia at the moment all is lost for Holi.

A story of strength, determination, and the softer side of everybody’s favorite benevolent dictator.

Each of the Fan’s Write books can be purchased at Amazon. read more…