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The Dark One’s greatest weapon is descending on Middang3ard. Should it make impact, all will be lost. Everyone will die.


Sorcerer’s Waltz:
Chaos. Chaos everywhere. And Cali’s right in the middle of it.


Warmage: Unrestrained:
An old menace has returned to destroy her town. Will a young mage and her large dragon be enough?


Centuries ago, humanity crawled inside its bunkers and vowed never to come out.


MIddan3ard Complete Boxed Set:
Middle Earth is real and adventurers from present day must portal there to stop the Dark One from conquering all.


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The New Elite


Sorcerer waltz ebook cover

Sorcerer’s Waltz


WarMage 2 ebook cover

Warmage: Unrestrained


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Head hunter ebook cover

Head Hunter


middang3ard boxed set cover

Middang3ard Complete Boxed Set


Last Vampire ebook

The Last Vampire Complete Series Omnibus


Enter to win an Amazon Echo

Have you ever had someone read a book to you? Isn’t it awesome! The Amazon Echo will do just that! So enter today for your chance to win one! Feel free to hang out in your jammies as no one will know, except Alexa! 🙂 https://lmbpn.com/enter-to-win-an-amazon-echo/

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Bulletfoot Snippet #2!

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Bulletfoot snippet #2!


Bulletfoot just launched at a very special price – 99c! So don’t miss out on this sale. 🙂

In case you aren’t sure yet about this book, here’s the 2nd chapter!

Chapter Two

Armstrong7 no longer shouted through the speakers. Jessica13 guessed that he was too engrossed with what was happening above-ground to really pay attention to what was happening below. He still needed the reinforcements who were supposed to be on their way, but he also needed to trust that they knew what to do and would do it without him bellowing at them through the comms.

In fairness, they had been drilled through the procedure innumerable times before. Two dozen chavs were ready for action. Six were already Topside and engaged in the fighting that made the whole bunker shake above them. The rest were getting themselves prepped to join them. They had been drilled through what they needed to do time and time again over the years they had all worked on this level.

But there was drilling and then there was the real thing. You knew when it was a drill. You were calm and collected and gave yourself the benefit of being able to make a couple of mistakes here or there. With that kind of give, you actually didn’t make any. That was what calm got you.

But there was nothing calm about this. With her ears still covered by Mini’s headgear, Jessica13 could hear her heart beating in her chest. The thud-thud of it increased speed as she and the other engineers—playfully labeled bulletfoots—began to head into the bay where their mechs were stored and waiting for them.

It wasn’t a long walk but when the tight hallways around them shuddered every five steps or so, it was difficult to stay focused on the task at hand. No one wanted to wait around for the kind of hell that would rain on them if the shockwaves grew worse.

The hangar bay was a tightened section of the bunker that had a hallway leading out toward an elevator that took the mechs to the top. It was otherwise crammed to the hilt with parts, tools, cranes, and most importantly, the mechs they would use. Despite that, it was one of the areas with the highest ceilings since it had to accommodate anything from the eight-foot-tall Minato Jessica13 liked to use to the fourteen-foot-tall Mark VII Guardians that were used either for bunker defense or construction outside when repairs were needed.

Armstrong7 rolled across the hallway to snap orders and maintain contact with the men on the top and still wore his suit with the intention to head up there once everything was in place. He was the kind of CO who liked to be in the thick of things himself and struggled to remain in check once he remembered people actually looked to him for orders.

“Charlie4, get those guns connected,” he shouted to one of the other engineers, who peeled away from the group she was in to rush over to the Guardians that were still fitted out for repairs. “Mark3, we need those ammo crates stacked and ready to go—get on it!”

Jessica13 could taste the dryness in her mouth and felt the ticking of the blood vessels around her ears as sweat started to trickle down her spine inside her suit. It triggered a distracting itch she wouldn’t be able to reach during the next hour or so.

Red lights continued to flash across the room and made it difficult to focus on what she was supposed to do.

“Bulletfoots, we’re sending supplies upstairs,” Armstrong7 roared and caught their attention as effectively as if he’d used a grappling hook. “Guardians and Cinders will head up and need all the ammo they can get their hands on. You strap as much as your mech can carry, head up, deliver, and head on back to get more, understood? No leaving crates on the ground. You only come back when you’ve delivered it to a mech in need!”

He talked fast and had already focused on something else. A couple of the Guardian mechs were already disengaging from their coupler links and shuddered as the hydraulics kicked in to give the pilots control of the fifteen-ton suits of hardened steel and titanium alloy. Every step they took made the whole floor shake as they moved to the elevator. The bulletfoots wouldn’t join them, of course. The elevator could only take the size and weight of the two guardians that headed up to reinforce those who were already Topside.

Jessica13 connected the headset to the team’s comms as she and the other bulletfoots hurried toward the section that stored the support mechs. Armstrong7 stuck close to them and marched like he was running a drill, but the look on his face was something she didn’t remember seeing before.

Not fear, she decided. No, he was angry—pissed that someone had attacked his home. He would make the bastards pay for this.

She had seen the man annoyed before and had even seen him yell at a couple of new additions to the defense of the bunker a few times too. Seeing him like that made the sick feeling in her stomach disappear as suddenly as it had appeared. There was still a twist of anticipation in her gut, but it was almost like the rage radiating from her CO was contagious and seeped into the rest of them.

Gone were the nerves and the instinctive need to panic, run, and hide in a hole until all the bad things went away. This was their home, damn it, and they would destroy the bastards who thought they could come from the Outside and attack it.

Besides, this was unlikely to be a raiding party. Those didn’t tend to come packing high explosives. This was an occupation force, it seemed, which was why Armstrong7 was ticked.

“Jessica13!” he snapped and dragged her to a halt as she headed toward her Minato. He didn’t say anything and merely pointed her to the nearest mech before he did the same with the other bulletfoots along the line. They were being herded into the mechs closest to them to get in them and out of the bay as quickly as possible.

Then again, it was Armstrong7 who had told her not to enter combat situations in a mech she didn’t fully trust since that was a good way to get yourself screwed right out of an advantage—and get shredded where you didn’t want anything to go wrong.

It was something he taught regularly to almost every pilot he came across, mostly because he himself was partial to the Mark V Argonaut mech. It was the same General Robotics make as the Guardian but an older model, one that had been developed long before AIs had been used for the design and use of combat mechs.

There was a reason why he liked the older model and its lack of an AI, of course, and it mostly revolved around his dislike of AIs interfering with the function of a combat mech. It wasn’t that he didn’t approve, per se, but he did feel that the AI got in the way of quicker reaction times while in the suit and the more powerful functions being harnessed by him and him alone.

He and the others like him talked about AIs being akin to training wheels when you used a suit. They were useful for beginners but got in the way of the more advanced pilots.

Jessica13 wasn’t sure which side of the spectrum she was on. Her Athena genes made her better at working the mechanical part of the suits, which allowed her a better knowledge of the inner workings of the mechs she and others used. Of course, there was a difference between fixing and using, and while the Mini’s AI was mostly useless, it still greased out some of the more difficult functions like aiming the grappling hook and keeping the stabilizers in place while she carried heavier weights on the mag-clamps on her back.

It was for precisely that reason that she wouldn’t take the first mech she could fit into. She intended to use the one she was the most comfortable with.

“Not that one!” she shouted, turned quickly, and jogged farther down the line until she found the one she still had the headgear for. She grinned when a pleased series of whistles came from the AI in the headset.

“Damn it, Jessie, not fucking now!” Armstrong7 shouted over the blaring sirens, but she gestured to her head to pretend she couldn’t hear him and pulled the entrance at the front of the chest open.

The inside of most of the mechs smelled of sweat and grease since there usually weren’t enough resources to clean the insides more than the basics needed to function, and Mini was no different. At eight feet tall, Minis were the runts of the mechs they had in Sanctuary. She was a tighter fit but in the end, that suited Jessica13 fine and she slipped inside, paired the headset with the rest of the suit, and watched the HUD come alive.

The screen lit up on the edges and a tiny little flower appeared on the top right side. It never failed to make her smile. It was like Mini was sending her a message. The AI had no verbal functions as far as she could tell from her work on the coding, so the little details of their interaction while she was in the mech were always a bonus.

“Good morning to you as well,” Jessica13 said and for a moment, all the fear that had swamped her since the warning lights had started flashing vanished.

The screen suddenly came alive with a text.

203 updates available, it told her. Would you like to reboot and install them?

“No thank you,” she said. “We need to get moving now.”

She could already see the other support mechs starting to decouple and pull away from their harnesses.

Reboot engaging, the screen told her and the screen powered down as the AI engaged with the rest of the suit once more, leaving the updates for a later date.

She hadn’t been bugged for updates before. It might have had something to do with her work on it. Either way, she didn’t know what the updates would do or why Mini asked for them. They would have to wait until after the battle had ended, but it was still an interesting development.

“Come on, Mini, I gave you a vote of confidence. Don’t bone me here,” Jessica13 pleaded as the mechs began their march down the hallway toward the elevator that had returned. The doors peeled open once the AI within confirmed there were no contaminants that could harm the folks still under the mountain.

“Jessie, we aren’t waiting for you or that piece of shit mech,” Armstrong7 seven called through the comms. “If you ain’t here on the first trip up, that’ll be docked from your canteen, you hear me!”

“Loud and clear, boss!” she acknowledged in response and tried not to show any of the frustration she currently felt. Frustration was better than panic at this point, but she really didn’t need that docked from her canteen. She had already spent most of what she had on the manuals with barely enough to keep the lights on in her little room.

“Best to get a move on,” she said aloud into the mic but disconnected from the comm channel. “That is if someone would bother getting off her lazy electronic ass.”

A series of chirps and whistles issued through the headset. It sounded like Mini was moving as fast as she could but was also a little frustrated.

“Sure, I guess it’s a little my fault too,” Jessica13 said. She usually pretended she could understand what Mini chirped at her. “But you understand that I only took you out of the mech to get you some upgrades, right? So that we could work better together. You were there when I picked the manus up so quit your complaining and come on!”

More chirps and whistles followed as Armstrong7 marched past her with his hulking Argonaut and waved at her with the mech’s exaggerated motions.

“I wasn’t toying with you, Jessie. I mean it!” the man shouted as the other bulletfoots began to board the elevator. Another of the support team began to load the steel crates on the magnetic locks on her back as the HUD finished rebooting.

“About rutting time!” she muttered, engaged with the controls, and felt them connect to her movements and disengage from the harness as she pulled herself free. There was an upside to using the smaller mechs and in this case, it was because it took her less time to acclimate to the controls. Moving three tons of mech was much simpler than moving fifteen, after all.

She picked up the pace into a jog while making sure the hydraulics were stable under the weight of the ammo packed on her back. They wouldn’t hold the elevator for her, and Armstrong7 was about to board himself.

Once he was in, the doors began to slide shut. They were slow, though, like the AI working it knew she was a little on the late side, and she managed to slip through as the locks clamped down.

“Running it a little thin there, Jessie,” the CO said. He looked around, conducted a quick headcount, and stored the names and model numbers on the HUD in his mech. “If you run late again, I won’t suggest you make use of another mech. It’ll be an order. Are we at an understanding?”

“Yes, sir,” Jessica13 replied with a nod and bumped her head on the top of her helmet. There was no vertical head movement on the Mini, which meant her shoulders moved up and down and made it look like she shrugged instead. Armstrong7 knew better than to think she was being insubordinate and stepped out in front of the rest of the crew. He would act as the shield for the support mechs that weren’t fully rigged for combat.

His main gun was raised and primed for the fight they could still feel happening. Every explosion on top made the whole elevator shudder and swung it gently, but the mechanism was strong enough to drag them up to the surface.

“Starting to wish those older models had some projectile shields now, huh, boss?” Jacob14 asked, looking up at the massive mech standing next to him.

Armstrong7 tapped the chest of his mech with the main gun attached to his right arm. “This is all the shielding I’ll need. Now stay back, let me clear a path for you, then head out. The folks up top will already have themselves marked off as needing ammo on your HUDs, so choose one and mark it off. If two of you mark off the same Guardian, I will be pissed. If you guys get taken down, switch your selections off so the others know you won’t be able to get to them. I swear to the Seven, if you die and let someone go out without ammo up there, I will personally revive you so that I can shoot you myself. Do you understand?”

Of course, all this was covered in the drills they ran from time to time but it never hurt to be reminded that those depleted-uranium rounds would riddle their recently revived corpses if they didn’t do the job right. Not that any of them really thought Armstrong7 would actually do it, but as of right now, it didn’t really matter.

The elevator came to a halt with a thud and brought all their minds back to the task at hand. Jessica13’s heart suddenly thudded rapidly in her chest again and she squeezed the controls in Mini’s arm to keep her fingers from trembling. She was careful to leave her forefinger off the trigger, though. She really didn’t need to have the damaged elevator added to her canteen deductions for the month.

The doors shuddered gently, and she couldn’t help but notice the stillness that suddenly descended on the group. The explosions were oddly muted by the reinforced panels but were the only sound in the seconds before the doors would open to allow the noise of the firefight outside to intrude.

The quiet before the storm. She’d never really understood the phrase before now. The anticipation was building, and all she could really think about was that her mouth was dry but she still needed to use the restroom for some reason. She’d asked one of the chavs about it before and they said it was due to the adrenaline pumping through her body. Without even knowing it, her body was getting ready for a fight.

It was like having an AI but for her own body, she remembered thinking at the time.

The doors jerked open. A cloud of dust quickly engulfed them and the clamor of battle was no longer muffled.

Jessica13 wanted to run out and suddenly felt hellishly exposed standing there with the doors wide open. Despite the instinct, she remembered her orders and waited for Armstrong7 to move out first.

She peered past him at the cloud that made everything farther away than ten feet disappear in a rush of brown. Her grimace was instinctive because she knew she would inevitably have to clean that dust out of the joints of these mechs when they were done there.

When, not if.

“Okay, clear!” Armstrong7 roared. “Move, move, move!”


So, are you ready to see how Jessica13 and her crew fare? Then get your copy today for only 99c or FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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Bulletfoot Snippet! Brand New Novel

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Bulletfoot New Release Sneak Peek


Friday, March 27th will bring the latest book to the LMBPN list of offered readings in Kindle Unlimited! You won’t want to miss this fantastic and exciting Mech/Military Scifi set in a not too unrealistic future!


Chapter 1

Jessica13 dreamed of adventure outside the bunker. She never knew she’d get her wish—or that it would cost her almost everything about her old life. And she never knew the danger it would bring her.

She was out in the open in the mess hall, her focus on two books she had open on the metal table in front of her. People all around her talked and made considerable noise while they ate, and the room shook every once in a while. She continued to hum, however, and tapped her finger lightly on the table to the beat of the music playing in her headset.

Not many people made music that was fun to hum to these days. Most of the music those around her listened to was the kind with heavy thrashing on improvised electronic instruments and screaming rather than singing.

But occasionally, although not that often, someone got their hands on a ukulele or a guitar or something like that and simply strummed. They didn’t even have to sing for the most part. Something with a catchy tune was all she really needed to get into a rhythm and let her mind flow while she worked out the gears on the new converters they were bringing in. She didn’t know where they had found them, but she really wished they would stop selecting those that were almost exclusively broken.

People didn’t have fun with music anymore. In the Cities-That-Were, they said all people had done all day was listen to and make music for other people to enjoy. They got canteen credits for it and everything. What a way to make a living.

Even as an orphan with no one to speak for her, she had quickly been moved out of the lower work areas and up to the higher levels in the Sanctuary thanks to her Athena genes. She now lived and worked in the lowest of the three upper security levels of the bunker. The third and highest level formed the first line of defense and was manned constantly by Guardians.

“Hey, bulletfoot,” someone said behind her.

There were many bulletfoots seated in the mess with her so she could assume they weren’t talking to her since she was on her downtime.

She could have spent it in her room, which she didn’t have to share with anyone and so wouldn’t be interrupted. The folks who had moved her had pulled some strings to get her a room, but it wasn’t a great one. It had been a water pressure regulator closet that had been rendered redundant when they repurposed all the pipes inside.

While she’d been grateful and made it her own, it was still short on space. When she was reading, it was better to come out to the mess. It was cheaper on her canteen account to leave the lights off, for one thing, and with her headset, she didn’t need to worry about the noise. Which didn’t, of course, exclude possible distractions like this one.

“Bulletfoot, I’m talking to you,” said the voice again and a hand come down on her shoulder. It wasn’t rough but it sure as hellfire was an indicator that she was the bulletfoot they wanted.

Jessica13 pulled the headset away from her left ear and continued to listen to the music in the right.

The man who stood behind her was tall and lean with most of his hair shaved as was the norm with the chavs who spent considerable time in their combat mechs. It meant less chance that they would have issues with hair clogging their recyclers—although, as she was well aware, it still found a way.

This one, in particular, was the section’s CO, who went by the name of Armstrong7. He was the man in charge of running the ops out of their level, which was mostly only bunker defense at this point.

“Where’d you get the headgear?” Armstrong7 asked and tapped the headset she wore.

“Oh, I was running some repairs on the Minato’s gear,” she explained and gave him a mostly truthful version of the events. “I’m making sure it’s working before reinstalling.”

“Right.” The man narrowed his eyes. “Make sure you don’t bust the speakers in there. You break it, it’s out of your canteen. I don’t expect you want the lights in your room out for a week again.”

“No, sir,” she said and shook her head. “That’s actually why I’m working out here.”

Armstrong7 still didn’t look like he believed her. “Anyway, I’m sending a team Topside to investigate the seismic activity we’ve had a taste of. Us grunts say it’s probably dog packs tripping the mines, but the smart guys say we might be looking at a little Skyfall. I need a bulletfoot to head on up. Are you in?”

The CO was a tough motherfucker, but he did have a sense of what kept morale up with his people. He knew for a fact that Jessica13 liked to catch a glimpse of the Skyfall, at least when it wasn’t falling on them. And it was really beautiful to watch the streaks of light across the sky, day or night, whenever they decided to fall.

In this case, though, she couldn’t help a shrug. “Sorry. Like I said, I’m working on repairs on Mini. Do you have any other bulletfoots to choose from?”

“I do but thought you’d appreciate the opportunity,” he said.

“What are you doing anyway?” one of the other chavs asked and leaned in closer to try to peer at the manual she was working on.

“I’m trying to find out how to fix the AI in the Minato,” Jessica13 explained and pointed out the manual section that spoke about original AI designs. “Since the Minato AI designs are older versions, I thought some of the older manuals might have a way for me to make it work.”

“You really shouldn’t be so attached to that mech,” another chav with a mustache said, shaking his head. “They’re supposed to be tools, not toys or pets or…I don’t know, something else you might get attached to.”

“Shut up, Jackass,” Armstrong7 rumbled.

It wasn’t really an insult, although it was meant to be. The chav’s name was Jack5 but someone had used a piece of lead to graffiti a mission report, especially the 5 at the end of his name. It became a nickname and it had stuck.

Not all the time, of course, but when they wanted to piss him off. And given that it was his mech she ended up needing to snake because of that damn mustache of his, she liked to piss him off regularly.

“Nah, I’m being serious, here,” Jack5 said and laughed. “We have a whole troop of support mechs she can use, but she always insists on that Minato piece of crap.”

“You couldn’t operate a Minato,” she pointed out.

“Yeah, because it’s a piece of crap,” the man insisted. “Besides, I don’t know why you need all those manuals anyway. I thought the point of having these Athena freaks around is because they are genetically designed to know how to fix and build shit.”

Jessica13 bristled at being called a freak like it was somehow a bad thing that she was better at something than he was.

“Hey, Jackass, remember that time in the not too distant future when you’ll need someone to fix your suit?” Armstrong7 asked and raised a shaved eyebrow. “You know how it’ll probably be an ‘Athena freak’ who fixes it?”

“Yeah, boss,” Jack5 said and made some attempt to look contrite.

The chances were something would burn out in that Cinder 300 of his and he would need someone to fix it. It was never a good idea to antagonize the folks who would repair his suit.

No one would outright accuse any of the bulletfoots of being so wasteful as to let a member of their bunker—which only had one thousand, five hundred and forty-eight people to begin with—die. The resources required to bring another child into the Sanctuary were daunting enough, not to mention having a suit ruined because of it.

“With that said, though,” Armstrong7 continued as he leaned over the mess hall table to peer at the manual she was reading, “that bundle does look a little cobby. You sure it’ll be useful?”

She nodded. “It’s one of the older manuals from the Shimura-Sendai manus before they shut down production. It doesn’t cover anything on the Minato itself, only the basics of their AI coding. If I can get a bead on how they code them, that should be enough for me to fix Mini.”

The CO shrugged his shoulders again. “Never let it be said that A7 doesn’t approve of fixing and improving the mechs in my yard. With that said, though, you’re not supposed to get too attached to those mechs. It breaks, you move on and we scrap it for parts. Understood?”

“Of course,” Jessica13 replied. “I’m only hoping I can make it functional, is all.”

“Well, keep working on that but on your own time, ya hear me Jessie?” he said firmly.

Jessie was her nickname since the ‘i’ and ‘e’ looked like the 13 at the end of her name. She didn’t particularly like it but having her name spelled out every time she was in a conversation with someone became laborious sometimes.

Armstrong7, for his part, wanted people to call him A7, but that would never catch on. No one liked to be chummy enough with the CO to give him pet names.

Not to his face, anyway.

“Okay, move out,” he said and waved at another bulletfoot to head over to join the team that would go Topside. “We’ll make this quick and easy. Check the mines and…”

Jessica13 pulled her headset on quickly and glanced at the food she had ignored. The aluminum platter held a chunk of a cooling protein patty and dark green stew, which was better food than what they had in the lower levels these days. When she peered at her water, she noted that gentle ripples had formed around the rim.

Seismic activity wasn’t unheard of in this part of the world. There was always the worry that a real earthquake would split the Sanctuary open and expose them to the bio-weapons and radiation they had to deal with Outside.

But with all the reinforcing they were doing, she doubted that even a direct Skyfall on the mountain they were buried under would be able to crack the outer shell.

It wasn’t impossible and it was a fear they had to deal with on a daily basis, but compared to the fears the people Outside had to deal with, Sanctuary was a…well, sanctuary. It was safer than almost anywhere else in the world.

Still, she couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to live Outside. There were enough people out there that they didn’t die faster than they could reproduce. Maybe with no reproduction regulations, they simply had more kids?

While she didn’t know, she had always wondered. She was a curious one. Everyone said that, and they always attributed it to her Athena genes.

She would have to imagine what it was like as well until she encountered a couple of people who could tell her more about what it was like out there. The peddlers always did have the best stories—and the best music.

Maybe they made music in the Cities-That-Were. They were into some crazy shit out there if the peddlers were to be believed. That would be something to see. People singing in the cities that were likely to have some of the Skyfall on them any day didn’t seem overly nuts, comparatively speaking.

Maybe they had somewhere to hide?

Jessica13 placed a piece of paper over her cup of water almost before she realized what she was doing. It was an instinctive action since you didn’t want to have to drink water with dust in it, but she hadn’t really noticed that the ground was shaking far worse now.

The ripples in her cup became more and more intense, she realized and leaned in closer to investigate.

Another shudder followed. This time, it caught the attention of everyone present.

Jessica13 had already begun to push to her feet. Seismic activity wasn’t doing this. That could only mean one thing.

She was already halfway out of her seat when the lights flickered out, immediately replaced by flashing red that brought the whole mess hall to attention.

“Shit!” Armstrong7’s voice bellowed through the speakers in the room. “Attention. The Sanctuary is under attack! Repeat, under attack!”

Well, that wasn’t something anyone ever wanted to hear. She had been involved in attacks before but they had never amounted to much. Mostly, it was only scavengers and nothing the chavs who manned the mechs up top couldn’t handle.

It had been a while since she’d heard that kind of alarm in Armstrong7’s voice. In fact, she didn’t think she’d ever heard it at all. Hearing the guy who was usually calm now under a great deal of stress triggered an unsettling feeling.

It was easy to tell that the other people in the mess hall could feel it too. A stampede had begun to head toward the door but she was the first to reach it and slipped through.

There wasn’t any panic, she noted, not in anyone’s faces. Alarm, sure, but this was what they lived in the upper levels for. Protecting the rest of the bunker was their responsibility.

Jessica13 sprinted down the tight, concrete hallways until she reached her room and heaved the heavy metal door open with a sense of urgency.

It was a tight space but she had made it hers with a couple of small decorations here and there, items she had been able to pick up and get cleared by the AI running containment at the doors.

But she wasn’t there for any of that. She looked around the room and scanned the area quickly before she found the pieces she was looking for. The coding chips—used for the AIs that ran most of the mech suits they used—had been tossed onto her bed when she had elected to listen to music while reading.

It had seemed like a good idea at the time.

She snatched them up, left, and shut the door to her room smoothly behind her as the flashing red lights continued to suffuse the hallways with a sense of impending danger. This was made so much worse by the narrow spaces shaking while sheets of dust filtered from the ceiling with each strike.

The fight up top had grown more intense. She could tell.

“All teams to your stations!” Armstrong yelled over the speakers. “Damn it, get that crate up to the mechs now! Repeat, all teams to your stations!”

The CO had a habit of shouting orders to three different people at the same time, and this time was no different. While he called for everyone to get to their mechs, he shouted at those who were already in position to do their jobs.

Most of the folks up there would have no difficulty interpreting the relevant commands. They knew the man, but his mannerisms did take some getting used to.

Jessica13 fell in with a group of other bulletfoots headed toward the hangar to get involved in the defenses and snapped the chips into her headset along the way.

That done, she rebooted the headset and a few seconds later, a series of upbeat chirps could be heard through the speakers.

“Morning, Mini,” she whispered, mostly to herself. “Ready for some fun?”


What do you think? Interested to find out what happens next? Then look for Bulletfoot on Friday!

Bulletfoot eBook Cover



Wild Wednesday Deals March 25 2020

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Wild Wednesday Deals For March 25, 2020


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.


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The Last Vampire Complete Series Omnibus


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Krimson Empire


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Dying World


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Fight or Flight


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BTF053: Brandon Ellis Discusses Veil Rising

In today’s episode of Behind The Fiction: The Book Lover’s Podcast, we chat with Brandon Ellis about Veil Rising. Brandon is a talented writer and a man with a VERY interesting Iife story! You do not want to miss this episode.

In this episode, Steve and Brandon chat about  why he is currently living in Bali, the main characters of his new book, a bit about the plot line, and a little bit about Brandon’s crazy athletic abilities!

This episode is available as a podcast available through your favorite podcast app and through LMBPN’s YouTube channel.  If you’d like to subscribe through your favorite podcast apps you can search on Behind The Fiction.


Brandon Ellis’ Website

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Week in Review March 16 – 20

Week in Review Banner

This week’s new releases from LMBPN


Did you see all of the books we launched this week? Check out the list here: Week in Review


Terry Henry Walton Complete Boxed Set:

They say that behind every great man is a great woman…but what if that woman is a Werewolf?


Veil Rising:

Abducted along with thousands of others. Transported to a world of slavery for alien masters. Mind-wiped, so every hellish day in the mines feels like just another job shift.


Head Hunter:

Taylor McFadden is in a military hospital recovering, and Niki is on the warpath, with Jennie visiting him in the hospital. Will Taylor live through an operation in which a helicopter dropped on him only to die when Niki gets hold of him?


Enemy of My Enemy:

A battle. A spaceship crashes on an alien planet. Its combat troops deploy. The aliens run for their lives. Until they can run no more. Then they fight back.


With all of these fantastic stories to immerse yourself in, what’s not to love?


See what you missed and enjoy the thrilling stories woven masterfully by our authors at LMBPN today! Week In Review




Fan’s Pricing Saturday March 21 2020

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Veil Rising


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Enemy of My Enemy


THW ebook cover

Terry Henry Walton Chronicles Complete Series Omnibus


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