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It’s Monday and that means you’re getting not one but two emails from me today. This is the first of the two and it is jam-packed full of boxed sets and books for you to enjoy. I was going through a listing of our books and checking prices and we decided that we’d give you all a chance to grab these books before some of them go back to normal boxed set prices. We didn’t realize how many were still discounted either, so it’s a win-win, right? Some of our friends also shared some discounted books as well. 

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Awakening e-book cover
The Exceptional Sophia Beaufont Omnibus e-book cover
The Inscrutable Paris Beaufont boxed set e-book cover
Witch of the Federation complete series boxed set
Kurtherian Gambit Boxed Set three cover
The Warrior Omnibus set 2 e-book cover
Reals of power and fury complete series boxed set e-book cover
Marmalade and Magic complete boxed set e-book cover
The Progeny Wars complete boxed set e-book cover
Providence Paranormal College Complete Series Boxed Set e-book cover
Witch of the Federation Boxed Set 2
The Kurtherian Endgame omnibus
Dragon of Shadow and Air complete series boxed set e-book cover
Chronicles of Zoey Grimm complete series boxed set e-book cover
Mantle and Key complete series boxed set
Chronicles of Winland Underwood complete Boxed Set e-book cover
Moonlight detective agency boxed set cover
Hawthorn Academy Complete Boxed Set e-book cover
Chronicles of an Urban Druid Books 1-8 cover
Goth Crow Boxed Set book 1-9 e-book cover
Warmage redux complete boxed set e-book cover
Pain and Agony Complete boxed set
The Aaron Schneider collection e-book cover
Witch Warrior Complete series boxed sed e-book cover
Goth Drow Boxed Set 2 e-book cover
Rise of Terry Victory boxed set e-book cover
Hellcat Released Complete Series Boxed set cover
Rise of the Grandmaster boxed set 1 e-book cover
Para-Military Recruiter Boxed Set one books 1-4 e-book cover
Kurtherian Gambit Boxed set 2 books 1-14 e-book cover
The Warrior Omnibus boxed set 1
One Ugly Marine Boxed Set cover
Victorious Redemption complete series boxed set e-book cover
Diary of a dark monster complete series boxed set e-book cover
Time of the Dragon boxed set 1 e-book cover
Great Lakes Investigations Complete Series Boxed Set e-book cover

New releases coming your way later this week!

I’m downing another cup of coffee. After getting up early this morning to send out the massive email of Cyber Monday deals, I needed something to help me ramp up and get ready for the new release email. Not only do we have new releases this week, but we have a new series launching too. I love it when we have new series launching! It means we get to find new heroes we love!

I have 3 amazing books launching this week. However, this is a first in quite a long time, but none of these release until Wednesday or later. So you have to wait until then to get these!

This Week’s New Releases

The First Witch Mage e-book coverTitle: The First Witch-Mage
Series: The Chronicles of the WitchBorn Book 1
Release Date: 11/19/2023

Those who cross a Blackwood soon learn that they won’t like the results.

Theadora Kathryn Blackwood’s life is just the way she wants it. Thea focuses on what she wants to do, what she wants to study, and the local COVEN hierarchy leaves her the hell alone.

It took years for her to accomplish that much freedom, and now she is about to graduate college, the local coven leader has given her what she wants most.

The opportunity to be freed from the shackles of Coven Politics for the rest of her life.

The catch is that she must join the Arcane Investigations Division as an Arcane Consultant for three years.

If Thea is still employed at the end of the set time, the Coven will absolve her of all ties and responsibility to them.

The downside is that NOLA AID has lost two witches in the last four years. No one expects an untrained witch without the Coven’s support to survive.

Even if she is a Blackwood.

Title: Witch Hunter Extraordinaire
Series: The Undoubtable Rose Beaufont Book 9
Release Date: 11/30/2023

One fight will change the world.

Rose Beaufont knows it must involve her.

The leader of the Shadow Walker coven does too.

Neither woman can run from this fight any longer.

Only one woman can survive it…

The future of magic depends on who wins.

The future of the world depends on what the victor does afterwards.

And even the one who survives might not be whole afterwards.

Everything has come down to this fight between an evil witch and Rose Beaufont.

Mefora Payne will be her greatest adversary yet.

Can Rose defeat her or will witches run the world—meaning destroy it?

Title: More Monsters, More Mayhem
Series: Big Easy Bounty Hunter Book 5
Release Date: 12/01/2023

Magic is coming more into the public realm.

The dark families intend to control it, and relentlessly pursue dominance over Earth’s magic users.

But their path is littered with personal vendettas, and an unyielding thirst for revenge consumes Winston Blackwell.

Danger looms as formidable adversaries target Matt and Natalia, hell-bent on their destruction.

Will the duo realize the danger before it’s too late?

Natalia’s struggle with her offensive magic intensifies, leaving her increasingly vulnerable and powerless after each use.

When hope seems lost, a mysterious dark elf enters the scene, bearing the promise of a lifeline.

Can they trust this enigmatic ally, or does the drow have ulterior motives?

Two underdogs trying to build the life they are hoping for, what hoops will they have to jump through to achieve their goals?

Deals, Deals, Deals, This Fan Pricing Saturday November 25, 2023

Nothing says Thanksgiving weekend like sales!

Fan Pricing Saturday, November 25th, 2023

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Heroes unite or fall e-book cover

Heroes Unite of Fall

Royal e-book cover


A Desperate nation e-book cover

A Desperate Nation

Reluctant Assassin e-book cover

Reluctant Assassin

The Few The Proud the Deadly e-book cover

The Few, The Proud, The Deadly

License to steal e-book cover

License to Steal

School of Roots and Vines complete series boxed set

The School of Roots and Vines Complete Series Boxed Set

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Dangerous opportunities e-book coverDangerous Opportunities:

Three IT Nerds build the next big “AR” tool. Unfortunately, what they build uncovers the Magical Veil for those using their tool.Natalie, Rich, and Lucas are two days away from being homeless and penniless when they realize their invention gives them the ability to see a world that has been hidden from humans.Do they try to learn more about their discovery, or sell and fix their financial woes?The decision is taken from them when Lucas’ prickly nature lands him in hot water with a rogue mage. There may be advantages to being a cat, but the inability to roll the dice puts Lucas out of commission is more than a curse…

He’s out of the D&D game until he can get back on two feet.

Help from the magical world comes in the form of Alia: an elf with an attitude…and a propensity for petty crime.

The three friends run into Alia while she is working on a way to take down the rogue. In the process, their eyes are opened to the dark reality of childhood myths.

Can Alia learn to trust the humans and free her people? Will the trio find a way to undo Lucas’ curse and solve their real world problems before time runs out?

Get This Book FREE Here



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An Underdog Story Begins in This Snippet of The Chronicles of The Witchborn Book 1

The Chronicles of the WitchBorn Book 1: The First Witch-Mage

Two underdogs trying to build the life they are hoping for, what hoops will they have to jump through to achieve their goals?


The First Witch-Mage – 

“Now that they’ve got it settled whose I be,

I’m going to tell them something they won’t like:

They’ve got it settled wrong, and I can prove it.

Flattered I must be to have two towns fighting

To make a present of me to each other.

They won’t dispose me, either one of them,

To spare them any trouble. Double Trouble’s

Always the witch’s motto anyway.”

—Robert Frost, The Pauper Witch of Grafton

Brandon Cole had expected a call from Claire detailing his first mission for AID since being moved, but he had never expected this. “A witch liaison?” he repeated into the phone. “You’re sure?”

“Yes,” Claire replied, her tone clipped but still patient.

“And they want me to do it.”

A pause.

“Ah,” Brandon added. “I see. The simple tasks for the simple boys. I’m the new guy so I get the shitty job.”

“It’s not like that,” Claire returned a second later. The noise behind her told Brandon she was calling from the New Orleans office of the Arcane Investigation Division. “This command isn’t coming from me,” she added, voice lowered a fraction. “It’s come down from the Head. They want you to visit the local coven leadership and request another liaison.”

Another. Because the first two had gone missing in the past few years thanks to a few highly dangerous missions chasing rogue mages across the states. Going to the coven leadership was always a pain in the ass, but it was worse now. There was no chance in hell they’d give up another witch. Claire, however, seemed to think Brandon, of all people, could do it.

“I feel like Jonah being sent to Nineveh,” Brandon muttered into the phone.

“You’re religious?” came Claire’s light voice.

“No. I’m familiar with the story, is all.”

“Well, don’t get swallowed by a whale on your way. I’m sending directions over to you now.”

Part of Brandon preferred to leap into the Gulf of Mexico rather than go out to the coven leadership.

The notification from Claire came through on Brandon’s phone a moment later. From where he stood outside on the corner under bright sunlight, he squinted at his screen. “You’re sure this is the place?”

“Of course.” Claire sounded like she was beginning to lose her patience. “It would be best if you went today since we’re tight on time.” Brandon did not know why, and Claire sounded like she was in a hurry to get off the phone. She added one more thing before hanging up. “This is your big break, Brandon. It’s what you’ve been waiting for. Don’t blow it.”

Brandon stared at his phone with the “call ended” message at the top under Claire’s name and number. He blew through his nose and turned, half inclined to walk into the bar at the end of the street instead of going outside the French Quarter to find the coven leadership. Claire had been right about it being his big break, though.

The lead handler position for the witch liaison wouldn’t have been a big deal a few years ago, but it was now. AID wanted to try a new team group, one with witches trained in martial arts. However, they couldn’t have a team with witches if they couldn’t get and keep one to begin with.

“Two,” Brandon murmured as he set off down the street to his car. That was how many witches AID had lost in the past three years. He pocketed his phone and fished his keys out, remembering now that he had parked two blocks away the night before, thanks to the college kids taking up all the spots for a party.

Why AID had put him up in the middle of a college town when he was several years out from graduating, Brandon did not know. He didn’t miss his higher education days, especially the all-night drinking. He’d awoken that morning after not getting much sleep to a message from Claire. It was as perfunctory as anyone could expect from her.

Call me.

At first, Brandon had been excited. It was time. Finally.

However, the moment the words “coven leadership” and “witch liaison” left her mouth, Brandon knew he was in for a bigger challenge than he had anticipated.

He reached his car, a sleek black sedan with no other remarkable qualities other than the fact that it was always sparkling and clean. Thoughts droned through his mind. I’m the youngest guy ever to recruit a witch liaison for AID, so that’s got to count for something.

Usually, witch handlers were men in their fifties with plenty of experience working for AID or the army. A thirty-one-year-old like himself who’d only recently received a second chance in this field was not usually the type. Besides, he thought, I hate the word they use. Handler. It sounded like witches were heinous cats in need of wrangling. That’s what AID described them as, but they were people like the rest of them.

Brandon unlocked his car and slipped inside. Immediately after turning the key in the ignition, he switched on the AC. The late spring weather in southern Louisiana always made him wonder if he should have accepted a job with AID at their New Orleans office when he could have kept pushing for a move to the Pennsylvania sector, his home state. AID’s head told him it was New Orleans or nothing. Get screwed and never go anywhere in his field again.

So here he was, sweating his balls off on a street where the cars parked so closely together it was a miracle he didn’t hit anyone getting out. On my way to ask the coven if they’ll give us another witch, though we’ve already gotten two killed, he added as he snapped his seatbelt into place. He switched on the radio, hoping whatever rock station he had left it on would drown out his thoughts for a time.

As he pulled his car out, Brandon wondered if it was the humidity making him want to get out of his new task. Find a new witch to act as a go-between for the coven and AID and keep her alive. Brandon hadn’t been around the last time a witch liaison went missing.

From what he had heard, it happened because the criminal mage they were chasing at the time tapped too much power and blew the poor girl up. The mage had simply been more powerful than the witch helping them. Though witch liaisons were go-betweens, they were also expected to provide magical assistance in combative operations.  

Brandon sighed and promised himself a drink when the day was done, no matter how much success he had.


Michelle Folsom, Mother of the coven leadership, sank into the chair behind her desk and reached for the cup of tea beside a stack of folders, files, and loose papers. The tea smelled like relaxation, but there would be none for her for several hours. Not with that stack looking at her.

She eyed it with no small amount of distaste and sipped her tea. At least the drink would help ease the headache that had been raging all morning. Despite the bright sun outside, Michelle had drawn the curtains and lit several candles around the room. It relaxed her. The papers were reports and testimonials from the other coven members, various aides, agents, and the like who had gathered around the coven in the past several years to offer their assistance in troubling times.

Michelle Folsom was not afraid of hard work. Quite the opposite. She reveled in it. She enjoyed long hours in her office. However, they needed assistance from anyone outside the coven. The reports and testimonials would have been fine if it wasn’t for who they were about.

She flipped open the folder on top of the pile. Though she had seen Theadora Blackwood’s face several times in person throughout the years, she still glanced over the photograph paper-clipped inside. Theadora’s keen green eyes seemed to stare out of the picture into Michelle’s. Her untamed black curls reminded Michelle of the girl’s mother. Anyone who looked at a photograph of each woman when they were the same age would have thought they were the same person. Michelle had to do a double-take.

In the picture, the girl looked ready to set something on fire. She’d always had a rebellious streak, as Michelle recalled. That streak had turned into a full-out wave in the last few years. Michelle couldn’t exactly blame her, but she couldn’t consider that now. She turned a few pages over, ignoring the photograph of the twenty-three-year-old standing with hands perched on her hips.

The next page listed several family members of Theadora’s, mainly distant relatives she had probably never met in other parts of the world who didn’t give a rat’s ass about her. Another reason for her rebellion. Even so, the Blackwood family was one of the most famous witch families in the country, and Theadora was one of them, no matter how much she didn’t want to be anymore.

Not only was she from a famous witch family, but she had also shown the potential to become an incredibly powerful witch. Or so said the pages and pages of reports. How members of the coven had garnered this much information, Michelle did not know.

As she perused the material, Michelle’s brows lifted. “Theadora could become a coven mother one day when she’s got a few more decades on her,” she muttered. Provided she whittled that rebellious streak down. That would take work, and right now, Michelle was considering if it was worth it. Even for a Blackwood.

Headstrong, uncooperative, impulsive, and unpredictable were only a few of the words coven members used to describe Theadora in their reports. The testimonials were full of stories detailing how Theadora had offended them personally with all her “headstrong behavior.” As she read these accounts, Michelle could not help but smile. I was once like that, she thought. Formerly described as “headstrong” as if that was something bad. Her eyes lingered on one specific testimonial of an elderly warlock. 

Theadora Blackwood’s obsession with trampling all over the traditions of the covens that both protect her and allow her to wield great power in the magical and the socio-political spheres is unacceptable! I propose her removal from…

Michelle didn’t bother reading the rest. She had a good idea of what everyone thought. It wasn’t only an obsession with “trampling all over the traditions of the covens” that concerned them. It was one thing to spit in the face of an organization that had existed for a long time. It was another to become obsessed with the idea of becoming a witch mage. A magic-wielding woman without a coven. On the loose doing whatever the hell she pleased. Michelle had felt that way once, though for different reasons.

I, for one, did not lose my famous and respected parents to a fire, she thought.

Michelle put aside the first file and reached for another but did not open it. It sat closed on her desk, and she sank deep into thought while holding her teacup, tapping its side with the long, almond-shaped nails she had filed to perfection. Few people who took one glance at her knew how lethal those nails could become.

She thought back to all the events that had occurred since Theadora lost her parents. The investigation into Theadora had not started until a few months ago when, after having missed far too many meetings with her Sabbat, Theadora’s coterie had been questioned. They had confirmed that Theadora had purposefully neglected meeting with them. Strike one.

After this, the Sabbat’s head, a venerable if hidebound witch by the name of Kirsten Fouche, had gone to confront the young woman. At first, Theadora had refused to meet, stating she was “too busy.” Well, she might have been. Being a twenty-three-year-old with friends, university classes, and still grieving her parents and all that. Such things would keep a young woman busy. Plus, there was Theadora’s preference for dance clubs and favorite bars.

When Fouche cornered the young woman and pressed the issue, Theadora had flown into a temper, disrespecting the elder witch “beyond acceptance.” That was what the report said anyhow.

It was then Theadora Blackwood had claimed she would become a mage on her own so she could leave the coven. For-ever! Her words. Michelle could almost hear Theadora screaming those two syllables as she stormed away. Except she had not stormed away. If she had, she would have avoided the magical punishment Fouche retaliated with. Theadora had gotten the best of the elder witch and sent her packing. A testament to her power, Michelle knew, but also the reason for the stack of folders on her desk.

The coven Mother closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead, willing the headache to recede. In addition to the reports she had to get through, she also had to meet with Fouche and the other Sabbat head who had called for Theadora to be censured and undergo the Fleecing, a painful ritual that stripped a witch of their magic and connection to the coven.

If only Theadora had lost that little magical fighting match with Fouche, Michelle could have publicly reprimanded Fouche for inflicting a punishment on a lower coven member without seeking approval from higher-ups. Theadora hadn’t only defied the coven with her goal to become a mage. She had trounced on a senior coven member. Punishment was warranted, but perhaps she could find a way to save the young witch from the Fleecing. Let the girl leave without inflicting the painful ritual.

Michelle sighed, more than willing to admit Fouche was well past her prime and too arrogant for her own good. If I don’t do something soon, the coven will descend into utter chaos, she thought.

It wasn’t only the inner turmoil between the witch hierarchies that would become a problem. It would be prime time for AID to use the coven’s weakness and depose the current coven Mother, replacing her with another who would work better with them. Plucked from the loudest and most obnoxious members of the hedge witch community, Michelle thought with no small amount of distaste.

It had all started a few decades ago when enough catastrophic instances of magic across the country led the United States government to step in. AID became the organization in charge of tracking down and controlling people who crossed the line with their magic. That line had blurred in the years since. They had left the covens all over the country alone for the most part. They could only displace a coven Mother if they suspected her of criminal activity and could prove it.

Michelle didn’t want the headache of an investigation. If they investigated one coven, AID offices across the country would be spurred to look into their local covens as well. The number of organized witch groups would go down. They didn’t need that. They didn’t need more magic users going rogue, whether because they wanted to or because circumstances forced it to happen.

She snapped the file she’d opened shut and put it back on the desk. Reading another report wouldn’t help. None of them would tell her what the right next move was. Before Michelle could consider the matter any longer, a knock came at her office door, reminding her of an informal meeting she had today with one of her favorite agents.

“Come in,” she called, standing. She gathered the materials on Theadora to one side of her desk as the door swung open on silent hinges. In slunk a wiry-looking man who was at least a head taller than her. Michelle herself was tall for a woman. Despite his height, the man’s perpetual slouch made him look smaller. Probably for the best, Michelle always thought, because the man acted as a spy and doer of subtler deeds for the coven Mother.

“Good afternoon, Arthur.”



Something tells me that Theadora is about to be recruited to the AID. Find out on November 29th when The Chronicles of the WitchBorn Book 1: The First Witch-Mage is released.

The First Witch Mage e-book cover


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Mantle of a God e-book coverMantle of A God:

Terra Olson is an archeologist in the making.

When she gets an opportunity to work with one of her idols at a dig that may contain artifacts linked with Norse mythology, she jumps at the offer. What more could she ask for?

Probably to not be betrayed by that very same idol.

She’d expected the job to be a killer…just not in the buried-alive-and-left-to-die-alone way. How could she have seen that coming?

But she is not alone.

She finds one of the treasures of the goddess Freya and learns that she is no myth. The artifacts they were searching for become her salvation, and the start of her new life.

Through her findings, Terra learns about the connection between Asgard and Earth…and gets caught up in a battle that could change history.

Her onetime mentor thought she was a nobody, easily left for dead with no one who would care. Now Terra has become the chosen of Freya and she wields both her majesty and her wrath in the fight for the future of magic.

Can Terra survive by ascending to become more than human? Or will she get caught in the crossfire between those who wish to protect the hidden realm and those who wish to expose magic for malicious purposes?

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Beans, Greens, Potatoes, and Books: Giveaway Day 3

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Beans, Greens, Potatoes, and Books: 5 Day Book Giveaway

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The Mysterious Daughter e-book coverThe Mysterious Daughter:

Rose Harkness is not just mortal. She’s half magician. And she’s in a lot of trouble. By the way, she’s not a Harkness, either. Her entire life, she’s been guarded, shielded, protected.

She’s also been lied to…

When a magical dragon emerges, Rose learns the truth.

Now, Rose must leave the safety of her only home—and embrace her birthright. Can she do it?

The House of Fourteen is relying on her.

The Mortal Seven need her.

Her real family, the Beaufonts. Well, they can’t wait to meet her.

Rose doesn’t know much about the world, but what little she knows will be turned upside down.

Mortals are destroying themselves using magic from the black market. The world has been overrun. The House of Fourteen can no longer govern magic as they’ve done for centuries.

They need a new type of warrior.

They need a witch hunter.

Can Rose embrace both her family and her magic to stop mortals before they destroy themselves?

The future depends on it.

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Extra Helping of Deals This Wild Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Go ahead and grab an extra book or two!


Wild Wednesday, November 22, 2023


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

Please remember to double-check the price before you one-click.



School of Roots and Vines complete series boxed setThe School of Roots and Vines Complete Series Boxed Set:

Something strange has awakened in her… A power unlike any other. More than just her Elemental power runs through her veins. One that consists of mystery and danger. Sophie Briggs is a freshman at the renowned School of Roots and Vines. Buried deep in the roots of an ancient oak on the school property lies a power that could change everything if it falls into the wrong hands. This power is closely guarded by an elite few. Unknown to most. With great power comes those seeking to conquer it. Sophia finds herself in the middle of a power struggle, fighting to protect everything she knows and struggling to awaken her special magic in time to save them all.

She may be their only chance.

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The Blessing Giver e-book coverThe Blessing Giver:

heir magic is divided. Protected with a purpose. Some see light… Some see only darkness… In order to uphold a delicate balance of power, the two bloodlines shall never mix. Paladin never thought much of being a Balancer. It was what he was born to be; it was his destiny. But, when he finally accepts his consecration and awakens his power, he discovers destiny has other plans… Rayelle has taken longer than most Blessing Givers to reach her consecration and receive her sight. She’s dedicated her entire life to the Prophecy and Order. There is no other way, only the way of the Goddess. But when Paladin is banished from his enclave, Rayelle sees a vision she can’t purge from her mind. Mixed blood. Forbidden. Fate has thrown Paladin and Rayelle together for a reason, but the more questions Rayelle asks, the further she falls from the truth she’s been taught. If the Order is right about him…her heart is dangerously wrong.

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Gateway to the Universe e-book coverGateway to The Universe: In Bad Company:

They say that behind every great man is a great woman…but what if that woman is a Werewolf?

What happens when Terry and Char meet Bethany Anne? They get to do the Empress’ bidding, but not on Earth. With the infamous Valerie of New York, to space they go, to become the Direct Action Branch of Nathan Lowell’s Bad Company.

Before they reach Nathan on the other side of the galaxy, they find that space is a dangerous place, even for the wary, especially for the unprepared. Are you ready to join them on their epic journey?

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The Bad Company Series Omnibus e-book coverThe Bad Company Complete Series Omnibus:

Humanity’s greatest export—Justice. Space is a dangerous place, even for the wary, especially for the unprepared. The aliens have no idea. Here comes the Bad Company.

The Bad Company, book 1 –  Colonel Terry Henry Walton takes his warriors into battle, for a price, in this first installment of The Bad Company. He believes in the moral high ground and is happy getting paid for his role in securing it. Set in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe, Terry, Char, and their people—humans, Werewolves, Weretigers, and Vampires—form the core of the Bad Company’s Direct Action Branch, a private conflict solution enterprise. Join them as they fight their way across Tissikinnon Four where none of the warring parties were what they expected

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Bloody Brilliance e-book coverBloody Brilliance:

I’m done being the good girl… So much sacrifice. One betrayal too many. This bloodsucker has had enough. And with this strange dragon-shifter as my lover and partner, who is going to stop me? My old team has tried. They don’t stand a chance. I don’t want to be a queen, anymore. I want to be a goddess. Who’s going to stop me? You? Give me your best shot.

But there’s one thing that I can’t quite shake. Why does this dragon have so much control over me? Why can’t I resist him?

Do I even want to resist him?

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Behind Enemy Lines e-book coverBehind Enemy Lines:

Four men, brought together by chance, trapped well behind enemy lines.  Surrender and ride out the war in safety, or fight the enemy until their last breath. They choose to fight. Jasper van Ruiker is an elderly algae farmer, drafted into the local militia to defend his village from the invading Tenners. Lieutenant Castor “Mountie” Klocek is a Navy pilot, shot down during an air-to-ground mission. Lance Corporal Javier Julio Gregory Portillo and Sergeant Gary Go are Marine combat engineers, the only survivors of a deep-recon mission to destroy a bridge. All four are thrust together by chance, and they must learn to work together if they are going to survive, Jasper to search for his wife and grandchildren who fled their destroyed village, and the three servicemen to reach Federation forces far to the north. Surrounded by enemy troops, they have to decide what “duty” means. Do they attempt to avoid the enemy and exfiltrate to friendly territory to live and fight another day, or do they aggressively prosecute the war despite overwhelming odds?
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On Tarak, blood dictates all. The universe is vast and tamed, managed by a galactic-wide government called the Syndicate. Planet Tarak is an exception. Located on the rim of civilization, its people are independent and as fierce as its roving planetary storm held back by their high-tech biodome. Through their hardened militaristic and scientific advancements, Tarakians have become the most formidable society in the universe, governed by a king with an unmatched bloodline. Tarakian King Relaa will do anything to maintain his power and keep his planet safe from threats both internal and external while staying out of the Syndicate’s affairs. A galactic civil war is brewing and even the isolated Tarakians will have to join. Ehreo is a high-ranking Citadel agent on Tarak investigating a terrorist scheme that reaches right to the top of Tarakian society. What he discovers puts him in the crosshairs of a centuries-old prophecy . . . one that no one knows has already been set in motion by King Relaa, which may be the key to everything or could spell disaster for all.

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Desire in Deadwood e-book coverDesire in Deadwood:

Aces and eights, the dead man’s hand. That thought shoots through Bolton Rivers’ head just before Wild Bill Hickok falls dead in the Number 10 Saloon. Then a bullet slams into Bolton. In 1876 Dakota Territory, Deadwood is the most devilish and delightful, wildest and wickedest town on the frontier. Tansy Wiley, with a cloudy past, is hiding behind the name Jigger Crown and fears Bolton is tracking her. But when she rescues the handsome stranger from the saloon next door and chaos erupts—there to capture her or not—Bolton wants the sexy adventures. Afraid to run and afraid not to, Tansy decides to escape. A battle of wills ignites between the beloved barkeep and this mystery man in an isolated and violent Black Hills gulch. Longing and lust, tension and mistrust run rampant amidst a serial killer on the loose and a Texas rancher vowing to settle a score.

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Gunslinger complete series e-book coverGunslinger: The Complete Series:

Fourteen-year-old Connor Mack dreams of a life full of adventure—while he’s stuck plowing, doing chores, and being worked to death on a half barren family spread in East Texas. He plans to one day flee the beatings delivered by his hulking older brothers and lazy pa. But he knows when he does, he has to take his twin sister, Abby, with him. Connor gets his chance when River Hicks, a man wanted for the murder of a policeman in Fort Worth, rides into town with a pack of bounty hunters on his trail. As the gun smoke clears, and Connor has killed men for the first time in his life, he knows this is his and Abby’s time to escape their life of abuse. Knowing the law will soon be on their heels, they follow Hicks—an outlaw driven by his own demons and deep secrets, which somehow involve the Mack twins. Conner has a lot of learning and growing up to do…and he has to stay alive to do it.

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Wings of shadow e-book coverWings of Shadow:

Always be yourself, unless you can be a dragon.

Speaking as one, it’s not that simple.

My sisters and I grew up oppressed by a bloodthirsty tyrant in another realm. Now we’ve got a trickier challenge, one I’m more worried about.

Starting boarding school.

I’m unprepared but not surprised; I’ve always been strange. The only adult who disagrees is Uncle Cosmo. He says life’s like art; everything’s valid and it’s all about perspective.

Nobody my age shares mine. My sisters see school like a forest. I see its flaws like trees. Pointing them out is risky.

If I stand out too much someone’s bound to cut me down. But is fitting in even possible when I hatched this way?

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The Blessing Giver e-book coverThe Blessing Giver:

On the day of their birth, everyone receives two blessings and a curse…

A remarkable Blessing Giver and daughter of the esteemed Ambassador, Rayelle is fated to devote her life to the Goddess’ realm.

Her world is tipped on its head when an enigmatic intruder from an opposing enclave disrupts her sacred consecration in the Temple of Glass.

Paladin’s mixed blood spells a death sentence under the Goddess’ unyielding laws, but Rayelle finds herself bound by a secret that will change the course of her life and shape her every decision.

She cannot escape the haunting vision of her future intertwined with his.

As the wheels of fate turn relentlessly, Rayelle finds herself torn between the pull of her heart and the Order’s unyielding command.

Question expectations, and she’ll be cast out of her enclave. Ignore her vision, and she’ll risk offending the Goddess. Act against the Order, and she’ll fulfill the prophesy that leads to magic unraveling.

Will Rayelle find a way to reconcile the inevitable collision between love and duty? Or will a destiny etched in the stars themselves lead to a bitter end?

Thrilling and heart-wrenching, The Blessing Giver is a tale of forbidden love and sacrifice. Fans of epic fantasy will keep turning pages long into the night as romance and magic collide, and destinies are etched in the stars themselves.


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