The Story of Witches

The Witches – 1990

Special Witch of the FBIThe spirit and mythos of witches, it’s always been a part of storytelling. From Harry Potter to The School Of Necessary Magic, we will always hold these mythical and−in many ways real−fantastical folks in our hearts. One of my favorite movies as a kid was The Witches by the amazing writer Roald Dahl.

The 1990 movie not only had his story, it had Jim Henson and Anjelica Huston behind it. Well, it is getting a reboot. No one can ever replace Jim Henson or Anjelica Huston, however, some living legends are now on board.

It is rumored that Octavia Spencer will be in it as well as Anne Hathaway. People complained about the ending of the 1990 movie because it didn’t stay true to Dahl’s story. This one is reportedly destined to be different and stay true to the original idea of Dahl.

And guess who is directing it? You guessed it, Robert Zemeckis.

The original story had a boy get turned into a mouse and face a team of witches. The 1990 film version did stay true to that idea, however, it did change the ending. Many didn’t like that. Enter Zemeckis.

He is touted to be a visionary director and is most famous for the movies Romancing the Stone and the Back to the Future Trilogy. He also directed Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Forest Gump.

Guess who will be producing it? If you said Guillermo del Toro, you guessed right. None other than the visionary director behind Pan’s Labyrinth will be helping get this story straight on the screen.

The actual story is about a boy whose parents die in a car crash. He then goes on a vacation and ends up near the ocean where read more…

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It’s Snippet Time #2 for Liv Beaufont Book 2

The Uncooperative Warrior

Snippet #2 for Book 2 in the Unstoppable Liv Beaufont Series

I have heard that not everyone’s heard of this series yet! It’s unimaginable that some people don’t know who Liv Beaufont is, yet!. Well, here’s your chance. Liv is a royal who gave up her claim to her lineage awhile ago. In book 1, The Rebellious Sister, she’s called back by her family to take on a special role as a warrior! If you a haven’t read this urban fantasy series yet, now’s the time to start! It’s so hot, it’s on fire. Literally. Naw, but it is figuratively on fire.

Then, this past Tuesday, I posted the first Chapter of book 2. So, read book 1 first – The Rebellious Sister. Then come back to the blog for snippets from book 2, The Uncooperative Warrior. You won’t be sorry. In fact, you’ll be thanking me. Trust me on this one.

And now, here’s the snippet – Chapter 2 from book 2, The Uncooperative Warrior:

Chapter Two


Liv Beaufont crossed her arms over her chest, looking down at the chaos below her. On the jungle floor, a dozen or more goblins fought over piles of jewelry, electronics, clothes, handbags and other things they’d stolen from the tourists in Bali, Indonesia.

Tracking the little monsters hadn’t been hard since they had yelped and snorted as they’d scurried through the jungle. Liv slapped her arm as a mosquito landed, about to bite her.

The damn bugs had been the problem, she thought bitterly. Oh, and the monkeys who kept following her, making it harder for her to stay unseen.

The goblins weren’t paying attention to her now, too busy biting and kicking and thrashing each other to get the best prizes.

Liv slid the hood onto her head, keeping her eyes low. She could have stopped the thieves a time or two as she watched them steal and disappear through different resorts.

However, these two-foot-tall green creatures weren’t the ones she needed to stop. It was their master who was the problem.

From the largest hut in the camp, a goblin, bigger and uglier than the rest, exited. Trock wore entirely too few clothes and would have benefited from a large mask to cover his pock-marked face. From his long ears, rows of silver rings hung, and on his back was a short sword, its tip still covered in fresh blood. As he progressed closer to the mayhem, the other goblins began to shout more wildly.

Looking down at the feline who stood next to her, Liv pursed her lips. “This would be a perfect chance to throw some fireballs.”

“Next time you’ll have to have the gnomes teach you how to create them,” Plato said, sitting casually on the thatched roof they occupied and looking down at the goblins. “It is gnome magic, after all.”

Liv agreed with a nod. “Yes, that would have been good to know before I pissed off a slew of them and sullied my name with the lot of them. Now they won’t give me a minute to apologize.”

Plato lifted his pink nose in the air. “You don’t need the gnomes.”

“Well, I’d like to know how to make fireballs, so I think I do,” Liv stated. “And we all need each other. We are supposed to be sharing this planet.”

Plato’s green eyes swiveled to the goblin fights. A larger goblin had pulled a stolen laptop away from a smaller one and bonked him on the head with it. The assault cracked the machine, making the first goblin shriek with frustration. “I think the creatures below need a refresher course on how sharing works.”

Liv sighed heavily. “Yes, and also to be taught that stealing is wrong.” She lifted both her hands and the trees began to rustle like a great storm was about to rip through the island. Dirt and leaves flew up from the ground, covering many of the thrashing creatures. Palm trees bent almost double, looking dangerously close to toppling.

Liv might not have the ability to create fire, but she could harness elements that already existed—in this case, wind. When the camp below was in complete chaos, goblins diving and covering their misshapen faces to escape the debris and others holding onto large plants to anchor themselves to the ground, Liv sprang off the roof of the hut. read more…

Goodbye Means Nothing at all in the Game of Thrones World

Image Courtesy of HBO

In the alternate universe that is the world of Game of Thrones, there are very compelling characters who sometimes come back from the dead.

Winter is here, and the winter of Game of Thrones will air on HBO beginning April 14. The final season of the epic saga will quite possibly connect all the various threads that nerds like me have been speculating about.

Rumor has it that everyone’s favorite man to hate will return. In a recent Time article, they wrote about the return of Petry Baelish and that his death was, in fact, orchestrated. He is a possible genius and anyone who has watched Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes knows that masterminds always have a comeback and epic rises from death concealed under their sleeve.

I love to hate him even more than I love to hate Cersei. I really don’t think anyone knows how it will all end. I will say that I do think all the different characters will finally come together. In fact, in order for the survival of the world, they do need to come together. The Night King is just across the wall and he now has a zombie dragon.

I think the question is how do they come together, not if. They must in order to salvage some of the wreckage that is the world of Game of Thrones. In many ways, it is a very dark and unjust world. It is still their world and one in which they all reside. I don’t think anyone there wants the Night King read more…

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Siempre Bruja – Always A Witch Review

(Image Courtesy of Netflix)

Dropped on the first day of Black History Month, Netflix’s most recent show about witches leaves me confused. While originally marketed under its original title in Spanish, Siempe Bruja, but listed under its English translation, Always a Witch centers around the adventures of Carmen, an Afro-Latina witch from the late 1600s who time travels into the present day. What the ad campaign did not bother to mention is that this adventure is driven by Carmen’s desire to save the life of her love, who also happens to be the son of her master.

While the show, in and of itself, is enjoyable as it conjures feelings of other witch based TV dramas like Charmed, this premise and the timing of its release leaves me wondering about it’s intent. We see scenes of Carmen being sold, her as a child using her powers to heal the wounds from lashings, and her being burned at the stake by the Inquisition, but when she arrives in the future, she never comments on how black people, or women for that matter, can walk in modern-day Colombia with an ease that she herself would have never known.

When she arrives, she finds the house where she resides and convinces the woman who now owns it, a distant relative of the original owners, which is to say her owners and convinces her to let her live there in return for household chores, allowing her to stay in the room, we find out not that much later, was the room where she slept as a slave. It’s only mentioned in passing in Carmen’s inner monologue, so we never have the time for the horror of that to sink in.

Right before the burning at the stake, Cristobal proclaims that if the Church wants to burn Carmen at the stake, they should burn him too, and apparently believing that Carmen has tempted him with magic, his father shoots him. Carmen speaks with another magic user, an old wizard imprisoned in the cell next to hers, go to the future to complete a task for him, and he will bring her back to before Cristobal was killed so that they may live out their lives together. Not only read more…

It’s Snippet Time for Liv Beaufont, book 2!

The Uncooperative Warrior

Book 2 in the Unstoppable Liv Beaufont Series


I won’t say much, I think the title says it all! Plus, I know you are much more interested in the Snippet than what I have to say. LOL So, without further ado:

Snippet #1 from The Uncooperative Warrior

Chapter One


The sound of monks chanting in the distance reminded Adler where he was. It shouldn’t have been hard to remember, given the stone walls and ever-present musty smell in the hall, but he still felt disoriented each time he visited this location. Those were the wards, he reminded himself. The protections that had been placed on the monastery centuries before to guard that which it held.

Beside him the old monk hurried, the keys in his fingers clattering as he staggered forward, a lantern in his other hand. In the distance, a dripping sound made a pleasant drumming that accompanied the chanting.

“I don’t remember the last time I saw you,” the monk named Niall said, squinting into the dark.

“You wouldn’t,” Adler replied, careful to keep the bundle under his robes safe and unseen. The old monk’s memory had been wiped so many times that he was close to dementia. Still, in the recesses of the old man’s mind, he remembered Adler well enough to let him into the monastery each time. Niall alone knew the path they took through the catacombs under the ancient monastery. When he was close to passing, his knowledge would be passed onto another monk, as it had for centuries.

Adler had never liked entrusting something so important to a mortal, yet that was the safest way. The information wasn’t even safe in his mind, he believed. Some things were so important that the measures it took to protect them were worth these risks. He rested his hand on the canister under his robe. Stored magic was one of those things. In the wrong hands, it could be earth-shattering. What Adler feared most was that the magic he held now would open doors that had been shut long ago. It was better for everyone this way.

Bats dove from the arched ceiling as the two men strode through the next tunnel. A larger dark form streaked after the bats, startling Niall.

“What was that?” he asked, halting and holding up the lantern.

Adler urged him forward. “It was nothing. Only a shadow.” read more…

Fan Pricing Saturday February 9, 2019

Fan Pricing Saturday

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Nightmares From Hell

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New Character, Major X, Coming Soon

New Character, Major X, Coming Soon

When Stan Lee created X-men, he envisioned a race of freak humans who hid their special powers in order to participate in human kind. Mutants were scorned and feared by regular humans who didn’t understand them. With this, Lee created an entire universe that surrounded a single trope or idea. This made humanity the protagonist and fear the villain and what it can do to people. Fear really can make us do terrible things to each other.

This dangerous dance between friend and foe is not uncommon throughout literature. Know that Disney Inc. does own both Marvel and Star Wars now. A simple mouse began it all. This mouse grew to such great heights that it now owns an entire universe of make believe based on human fear.

The storm rolls on and the world moves forward, but little does change the fight between good and evil. Luckily for most of us, the majority of hate incurs now in comic books, stories, and on play fields. However, hate always sits at the gates waiting for a chance to enter.

In arrives unlikely heroes. Now, in the comic book world heroes do in fact wear capes. That’s why legendary comic book writer and creator Rob Liefeld has brought in a new character to love. That’s right, the same person who brought us Deadpool and Cable has a new character in town. “To me, the X-Men have always thrived on big ideas, crazy ideas. Major X introduces a new character who is certain to mix up everything in the X-world.” Liefeld said in a recent interview.

read more…

Fyre Festival Documentaries – Review

Photo: Netflix and Hulu

If you were in the vicinity of a television, newspaper, or the internet in 2017, you’ve heard of the monumental train wreck that was the Fyre Festival. Little over a year later, a pair of documentaries have dropped, Fyre Fraud on Hulu and Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened on Netflix, about the founder Billy McFarland, his history of shady businesses, and the horror show of the festival.

Fyre Fraud went into production first and primarily looks at Fyre Festival almost as the apotheosis of the social media obsessed, millennial culture. Our need to follow influencers to figure out our own identities, entwined with our FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out), made the victims of these perfect marks for McFarland’s predation. Fraud was also the only of the two to get McFarland himself, though I hesitate to call his part of the movie an interview, as the film starts praising him but quickly turns against him in a way that causes him to just shut down.

Produced by Vice and the social media marketing that worked for the festival, Jerry Media, Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened was a lot smoother in production and focus. It didn’t have any messages outside of the events of the festival itself, positing that it was not only the attendees of the festival itself but the employees and contractors of the company as well. Not odd at all, as some of the people that the film wants to absolve were behind it.

Hulu’s film dropped four days before Netflix’s, and while Greatest Party is the better movie, Fyre Fraud is the better documentary. It focuses on the facts in the case against Billy McFarland, his history as a con man, and how he grifted his way to keep the lie afloat, though is bogged down by it’s ruminations of millennial culture and how, to various degrees, the people who went were at fault for what happened to them – a strange twist of victim blaming that somewhat soured the film for me.

The spin of Netflix’s take on the events were well hidden if viewers never went to Hulu to see their film. The facts are nearly the same in each, and a lot of the same footage from influencers and festival goers, and even some of the people around the edges of the story, but Greatest Party has more access to the people, other than Billy himself, behind the festival. Apart of the Netflix’s film’s conclusion is that all of these people telling the story were so critical and competent that, if not for them, Billy would have failed in the early planning days of the event and it would have not happened at all. Again, a strange twist for a film that spends most of its time trying to say that it wasn’t their fault.

All in all, both movies are interesting and a worthwhile viewing. However, Netflix’s is the one that will be remembered for time to come, both as a source of many memes that pushed the awareness of the festival to more than anyone would otherwise and because of the focus it paid to the only people no comedy can be made from – the people of the Bahamas that were left in the lurch that never got paid for what work for the company they did.

If you are at all interested in one of the biggest pop culture failures of the decade, either or both of these films are each a worthy ninety minutes of viewing. If you can only watch one and care more about the facts in the case, I would recommend Fyre Fraud on Hulu. However, if you want more of a behind the scenes look at the festival, Frye: The Greatest Party That Never Happened is the one for you.

David Castro is a Puerto Rican writer from New York City. He has worked on the upcoming Undead supplement for Chill Third Edition and is working on launching a Patreon. You can find him on Twitter (@theinkedknight), on Tumblr (thedevilsyouknew), on Facebook (, and at