A Surprise Inspection in This Snippet of Paranormal Mercenary Corps Book 1

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Paranormal Mercenary Corps Book 1: Call Sign: Cupid

All her dreams are about to come true, one quick test and she is on her way to the Army.


Call Sign: Cupid snippet


“Today’s the big day. Are you ready to start your new life, Chelby?” My foster dad’s enthusiasm reminded me that after I stepped out the front door, my whole life would change. For better or worse.

I was scared shitless.

My foster dad, Retired General Robert Brooks, sipped his coffee and peered over the rim of his mug at me. His piercing gray eyes always made me squirm in my seat as if he was about to write me up for some code violation, and I’d end up in the stockade. Not only that, but he was chasing the Senate seat. I had to be on my best behavior.

“Yes, sir, I guess so.” I stirred my colored marshmallow cereal that wasn’t as jumbled as my nerves. “I’m just nervous.”

I had wanted to join the Army ever since Robert said I could go into Army Intelligence and have access to classified information. I’d become obsessed with the idea. Maybe I could find out who my parents were and why they gave me up. Moving from orphanage to orphanage overseas then ending up in the foster care system hadn’t been like a trip to Disneyland.

Still, I had doubts. What if I didn’t like the answers I got? What if the Army wouldn’t take me?

My foster sister Jamie filed her long nails. “You’ve talked about nothing but joining the Army this whole summer.” She stopped and rolled her eyes. “Now you’re getting cold feet?”

I bit my lower lip. “What if I don’t get accepted?”

“You’re kidding, right?” Jamie flicked her gaze over me. “You’re ideal for the Army. You’re the classic tomboy who never does her hair or her nails or wears a stitch of makeup. No wonder you never had a date in high school.”

“Now, now, Jamie. Not everyone is as beautiful as you are, my dear.” My foster mother Loretta came to the table with a hot pot of coffee and topped off our mugs, starting with Robert.

I cringed at her words. Jamie was beautiful with her long red hair, big green eyes, and slim body. She was the exact opposite of Loretta, who was plump and had light brown curly hair. I had seen pictures of Loretta when she was younger. She still looked the same, maybe a little plumper. Of the three of them, my foster mother had been the nicest to me. I would miss her when I joined the Army.

I glared at Jamie and put my hand on my chest. “I’m the one who found your perfect guy.”

She fluttered her eyes. “Lucky guess. We would have found each other anyway.”

I didn’t argue with her. She would never have gone out with a drummer in a band. She’d always gone after jocks who treated her like crap. Yet I knew they would fit perfect together, and I was right.

I had an uncanny talent for finding everyone’s ideal guy except for mine. In that department, I ran dry.

Robert glanced at the clock. “Shouldn’t you be getting ready, Chelby? You don’t want to be late and give them a reason not to accept you.”

“Robert,” Loretta chastised. “Chelby has over an hour before she needs to be there.”

He put down his newspaper. “The MEPS is forty-five minutes from here. I suggest she get moving.”

Loretta frowned. “Robert, she’s not even finished with her cereal.”

The Military Entrance Processing Station would evaluate my mental and physical status. If I didn’t get past them, I was screwed.

It was pointless arguing with Robert. I wasn’t Jamie, and I had always been treated like a recruit. I put down my spoon. “Yes, sir. I’ll get ready right away.”

He nodded. “That’s more like it.”

I couldn’t eat another bite of my cereal anyway, so I emptied the bowl in the sink and hurried upstairs to grab my backpack. I’d take the bus to downtown Colorado Springs, where the MEPS was located. We lived near the Cheyenne Mountain military base where Robert had been assigned, and he’d retired from there.

Within fifteen minutes, I was at the bus stop. I wore a nice pair of slacks and a crisp white shirt, which differed from my normal T-shirt and jeans. I’d pulled my blonde hair up into a tight bun hidden under my baseball cap. As Jamie had said, I didn’t wear any makeup, not even lip gloss. Soldiers didn’t need makeup to perform their duties.

The bus jerked to the curb, and I climbed aboard. My heart raced as I took a seat near the driver since all the other seats were taken. With each block, my nerves drew tighter. If I didn’t get into the Army, I had no other place to go. I hadn’t applied to colleges like Jamie. Although the Brooks had taken care of me since I was ten, it was always understood that I would move out when I turned eighteen, which was three weeks ago.

Time was up.

The bus stop was about a ten-minute walk from the MEPS, so when I got off the bus, I quickened my step. My destination was a tall, five-story white brick building on Academy Boulevard. I wanted to get there early to make a good impression, and for once, Lady Luck shined on me. I checked into the front desk ten minutes early.

The sergeant behind the desk smiled at me. “Chelby Duncan. We’ll call you when we’re ready.” She gestured at the row of metal chairs. “Please take a seat.”

I nodded. “Thank you.”

I slid into a seat away from the people waiting. Several of the guys didn’t look happy, and it made me wonder if a judge had given them a choice between jail or the Army.

The door opened, and a balding man wearing a long white coat, a light brown shirt, and khaki pants looked at his clipboard. “Chelby Duncan.”

I raised my hand, even though he’d said my name wrong. “That’s me, sir.”

“I’m Sergeant Stevens. Come with me, miss.”

“Um, it’s pronounced Shelby but spelled with a C,” I told him as I followed him through the door.

He cocked his eyebrow. “That makes little sense.”

“Think of it like Cheyenne, Wyoming. That’s spelled with C.”

I was tired of explaining my name to people. Personally, I liked the name. It was one thing my parents gave me that was all mine, and it suggested they were creative people. I simply didn’t understand why they didn’t want me. The state wouldn’t let me see my records even after I turned eighteen. My birth records were sealed as if I were some big military secret.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

“We’re going to start with a physical.” The sergeant opened a door that looked like any doctor’s office. “Someone will be in to take your measurements and draw your blood. Please, have a seat.”

“Thank you.”

I sat on a wooden chair and waited. The room had an eye test chart and the traditional poster of Uncle Sam pointing with the caption The Army Needs You. It reminded me of the Captain America movies. He’d always been my favorite Marvel character. He was so loyal, trustworthy, and upfront. I always wished I would meet a Captain America-type guy, but they didn’t exist.

At least they didn’t in my experience with guys, which was little to zilch.

I didn’t have to wait long. A woman came into the office with a clipboard. “Chelby Duncan?”

I lifted my hand. “Yes.”

She smiled as she lowered the clipboard. “Did I pronounce that correctly?”

“Yes. Most people stumble over my name.”

She gave me a cool look. “I’m not most people.”

I wasn’t sure what to say to that.

“I’m Sally. I’m here to take your vitals and draw your blood.”

I nodded. “Fine.”

“Please, hop up on the scale.”

I’d always been on the short and thin side, and her measurements showed that hadn’t changed.

Sally listened to my heart and took my blood pressure. “Everything sounds normal. Let’s do the eye test. Please stand across the room.” She handed me a plastic eyepatch. “Cover your eye when I ask you to.”

After I nodded and dutifully passed the eye test, she pulled a cart with a machine hooked to headphones away from the wall. “We’re going to do a hearing test now.”

Once again, I passed with ease. Maybe getting into the Army wouldn’t be as hard as I thought.

“Now, I need to draw some blood. Do you have any problems with needles?”

I shook my head. “No, not at all.”


She went to the counter, opened a drawer, and pulled out a syringe and three vials. She popped one vial into the syringe. “We have to take three vials.”

I shrugged. “That’s fine. No problem.”

She gently took my arm and turned it over. I tried to look calm as she put on a tourniquet to make my veins pop. The truth was, I hated needles.

Luckily, it was over in less than two minutes.

“I’ll bring these to our lab for analysis, so wait here.”

I frowned. “You’ll have my results that quick?”

“Yes.” She smiled with reassurance. “This is the first phase before you’re allowed to go any further, but don’t worry. I’m sure everything will be fine.”

After she closed the door, I drew a deep breath. I studied the photos on the wall, including Uncle Sam Wants You. I pulled out my cell phone and flicked through emails. Nothing important. I thought Sally would be back quickly, but five minutes went by, then ten, then twenty-five.

Was there something wrong? Were they backed up?

I wasn’t a drug user and had a physical before I left high school. Everything had been perfectly fine.

When Sally finally came back into my room, a shadow fell across her face.

I sat taller in the chair. “What’s wrong?”

She glanced over her shoulder and lowered her voice. “You need to get out of here now.”

My eyes widened. “Why? Was there something wrong with my blood test?”

She nodded. “Yes. Unless you want to become a lab rat, you need to leave while you have the chance.”

I flashed a you’re-a-crazy-bitch scowl. “Excuse me? What are you talking about?”

She clasped my wrist hard. “Listen to me. I’m telling you the truth. I can only cover up your blood results for so long. Get out of here before you disappear.”

I tried to twist my arm away. “Hey, let go of me.”

“Don’t you see? I’m trying to help you,” she whispered. “If they even knew I was telling you this…” She released me abruptly. “Go now while you have a chance.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” I grabbed my backpack.

She handed me my results and opened the door. “I’m sorry, but you don’t qualify.”

I took the results and left the room fast. She was incredibly strong for such a little thing. I thought about reporting her, but a nagging thought lurked in the back of my mind. What if she was right?

I hurried down the corridor and through the waiting room, where potential recruits waited their turn to get tested. The receptionists were typing, and no one was looking at me, but I doubted the receptionists were the ones who would seize me. Maybe Sally had been a total whack job. Still, something told me to get out of there.

I quickly moved to the exit door without drawing attention to myself. Sweat beaded on my temples and slicked my palms. Once I opened the glass door, I ran down the steps, passing a couple of guys headed up. I stopped on the pavement to catch my breath.

Cars and trucks zoomed on the busy street, and a pair of chatting women passed me.

I glanced up at the Army recruitment glass doors, expecting to see someone watching me, but no one was there. As I exhaled loudly, I realized I’d been holding my breath.

Sally must have been crazy. I thought I’d tell Robert about her when I got home, but I looked at the paper clutched in my hand and froze. Across the top of the page, in big red letters, was the word FAILED.

 Also, a small box was checked. Not human.


She wanted answers about her past but now she has more questions than she started with. Find out how Chelby navigates her world being turned upside down on December 6th when Paranormal Mercenary Corps Book 1: Call Sign: Cupid is released. Head over to Amazon today and pre-order.

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Title: Keeper
Series: Diary of a Dark Monster Book 6
Release Date: 11/27/2022

Sometimes the enemy of your enemy is your friend – at least temporarily.

Henry Neumann has entered into an uneasy alliance with the ancient Pict, Stryker to take down a common enemy. Kunith must finally die.

Not everyone on the team is happy with this. Nicole wants to find another way. The bounty hunter has seen what happens when you turn your back on an enemy. You find a knife between your shoulder blades.

But the alternative is the destruction of Seattle. They’ll make it work.

A new Pict artifact has been discovered. It could help them lock Kunith away for good.

Can they figure out how it works in time? Will the Pict relic play a role in unlocking the artifact?

Henry’s secret life as a shifter is getting pulled into the light, trying to save his city. Will he make the sacrifice?

Get your copy to find out if Henry Neumann’s life as a billionaire around town will come falling down around him. Or will he build a new one? 

Title: Dogs of War
Series: Pain and Agony Book 8
Release Date: 11/29/2022

What do you do when you find yourself without your right hand?

Pain and Agony have proven time and time again that their dysfunctional duo works.

The perilous partners can handle anything together. But now they’re going solo…

…and they’re about to find out how much they’ve come to rely on each other.

When Agony is spirited to the middle of nowhere, things get dicey for them both.

The dangers are not contained to the glittering city lights. Some old scores can never be forgotten.

Our tenacious twosome did just fine by themselves before they ran into each other, but the world has changed, and they can’t go back to the way things were before they met.

They’ll need more than their usual shoot first, ask questions later tactics to get through this in one piece, and reunite.

Can the pugnacious pair survive a frantic search and a breakneck investigation that will test them to the edge of their will and sanity?

Title: Witch With A Challenge
Series: Witch Warrior Book 7
Release Date: 11/30/2022

Can US Deputy Marshal Cait Keane and her Dragon partner, Aza survive the “new normal” in Boston and Ireland?

A shadowy presence in this world is controlling the shifters, supporting them as they carry out attacks on the innocent citizens of Westport and the witches that protect them.

On Oriceran, something unseen has an agenda with Aza’s family and an unwilling blood donation.

The fragile balance between the Roses and Dragons has been destroyed by a pair of Syndicate assassins determined to make Boston the prize.

Cait and Aza are right in the middle of all of it.

It will take everyone along with help from the Federal Agents of Magic and one of Aza’s favorite friends, Rath the Troll to clean up these streets. 

But wait, there’s more. Cait must decide if she can become a thief while avoiding her mother’s efforts to marry her off to a powerful magical to strengthen the coven.

A new and powerful enemy is becoming visible in the distance, overshadowing everything. Does Cait see it in time?

The US Marshal with something extra wouldn’t have it any other way. 

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue, join Cait Keane on her new adventure!

Title: Shield of the Pack
Series: Great Lakes Investigations Book 6
Release Date: 12/1/2022

Surrounded by enemies and no good choices.

Maggie has been on the run from her old pack, so she’s stunned when they show up to ask for her help. She knows they wouldn’t ask her for anything unless they had no other choice.

She has no idea just how bad their situation is.

The Bitterfur pack has been targeted by a complex and powerful spell that is draining the power from the shifters. 

It shouldn’t be possible, but the proof is right there for Maggie to see. If she does nothing, it’s the end for the pack.

Maggie swallows her pride and agrees to put past hurts aside for the moment and do what she can to save the people who did her wrong.

Just as the Bitterfurs had to turn to their enemy, now Maggie has to turn to hers.

Will Cyrilla take pity on the pack? Or will she turn Maggie away?

Title: Game of Serfs
Series: Game of Serfs Book 1
Release Date: 12/2/2022

It was supposed to be a fun break while school was out for the semester.

A chance meeting between Benjamin Draig and Martin “Marty” Ambrose suggests the potential for a great friendship. Both were with different groups of friends just outside of Moab both on their way to hike through the mountains.

But then things went horribly wrong.

It’s all Benjamin and Marty can do to stay alive when the earth opens beneath their feet and they’re swallowed by the mountain.

As a fire-spewing monster emerges and spreads its wings to blot out the sky, Benjamin and Marty learn that the comfortable illusion of world they knew is gone.

Everything has changed. Depending on the other for every second of their survival, they reach what looks like safety…

…then their entire world comes undone.

The world beneath the mountain is impossibly huge, but the sheer size isn't the only thing that beggars belief.

As the titanic monster takes to the sky, leaving behind the lair that has lain buried for millennia, the two men know what they have to do.

They've got to brave the dangers the dragon's lair and hope there's something to defeat the monster razing the country in fire and flames.

Otherwise this new world is going to be a place where becoming a dragon’s dinner is the better option.

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Life for Amelia Jones is dull, she's spent all her years writing about the adventures other people have, and then she meets the Holmes brothers. Can she persuade the most intelligent person in the world to trust her? And if she does, can she survive the danger that surrounds them?


Title: Space Station Astral Venture: Complete Trilogy

Waking up in a hostile environment… not the usual start to the day.

Not knowing who you are? Priceless.

A group of strangers awake with their lungs full of stasis goo. What they don’t immediately realize is that they’re going to have to work fast if they’re going to survive a concatenation of organic and mechanical beasts, traps and deadly encounters.

It’s going to take all their collective wit, guile and any innate abilities they can uncover because survival is far from guaranteed.

More than that, they’re going to have to work together.


This boxed set contains all 3 books in the trilogy: Arena, Clones, & Corp

If you liked Maze Runner, Aliens, The Hunger Games, Lost or Firefly, you’re going to love this psychological sci-fi mystery.

Title: Matt Bannister: Books 1-9


Fifteen years ago, the young Matthew Bannister ran away from the town of Willow Falls. Now famed U.S. Deputy Marshal Matt Bannister is coming home to reconcile with his family. He quickly realizes that old feuds unsettled never die and he must come face to face with his painful past.

Matt is a fighter, a killer and a tough man who isn’t afraid to stand his ground against anyone. Across the Oregon mountains he encounters religious prosecution, murder, kidnapping and lies – but he also experiences love, family, justice and the power of prayer.

“The story is about redemption, lies made right, secrets uncovered, families coming together and faith in God renewed.”

Matt Bannister: Books 1-9 includes – Willow Falls, Sweethome, Bella's Dance Hall, The Wolves of Windsor Ridge, The Eckman Exception, Prairieville, Return to Willow Falls, Ballenger and Blood Vengeance.

Title: The Repairman: The Complete Series


Got a problem? Mike Reardon, the repairman, can fix it. As a Marine, Mike Reardon, was taught to search and destroy, now he has to do what he knows best.

The repairman and his crew travel the world with the goal of solving the biggest and toughest problems. They always have their work cut out for them, but the most important goal is staying alive!

“The action and adventure rivals the best of Tom Clancy.” – Award-winning author, Robert Vaughan

The Repairman: The Complete Series includes – The Repairman; The Bakken; G5, Gee Whiz; Who’s on Top?; Target Shy & Sexy; Judge, Jury, Desert Fury; No Good Deed; Overflow; The K Factor; The Blue Pearl.

Title: China Bohannon: The Complete Series


China Bohannon fled a bad situation and decided to start her life over as a strong, independent woman in the wild and woolly town of Spokane, Washington. China takes on the role of bookkeeper at Doyle & Howe detective agency with her uncle, Montgomery Howe, and his handsome partner, Gratton Doyle.

Spunky and determined, China is always one step ahead and cannot help getting involved – with the help of her trusty dog Nimble, of course.

“Crigger has created an enchanting heroine in China, with just the right amount of courage and vulnerability.” – V.J. Rose

China Bohannon: The Complete Series includes – One Foot on the Edge, Two Feet Below, Three Seconds to Thunder, Four Furlongs, Five Days Five Dead and Six Dancing Damsels.

Title: Calculated

Set in Shanghai and Seattle, Calculated is a gritty, modern day blend of the Count of Monte Cristo and Mission Impossible.

She has many names – Octavia, Double 8, Phoenix, Josephine. She’s a math prodigy, a calculating genius and everyone wants her.

In seventeen-year-old Jo River’s complicated world of numbers, there’s no such thing as coincidence. When she is betrayed by someone she loves, kidnapped by the world’s most wanted smuggler, and forced to use her talent to shore up a criminal empire, Jo deems her gift a curse—until she meets Red.

Fellow captive and unlikely sage, Red teaches Jo to harness her true potential, so she can do more than just escape. Before he dies, Red reveals a secret about her enemies and makes her vow to right his wrongs. But Jo has a vow of her own.

With help from Chan, a bitter billionaire, and Kai, his off-limits son, Jo rises into a new role, ready to take down those who ruined her life. Until a mathematical error comes back to haunt her with a threat much more dangerous than the criminals on the loose.

To beat the odds, Jo must decide who she really is and if risking everything is worth it.

After all, history is not made—it’s calculated.

With themes of revenge and forgiveness, loss and identity, brainpower versus brutality, and the triumph of right over might, it will resonate with readers everywhere.

Title: Voodoo and Vampires

When one of the world's most gifted witches becomes a vampire, you'd be wise to heed this advice: Don't f*** with her. 

I’m supposed to seduce and assassinate the vampire king…

He’s defied the new vampire council.

The Voodoo Queen has evoked Erzulie, the Loa of Love, to render him susceptible to my allure

Once I’ve enthralled the king my orders are to stake him and cast a spell to harness the power that lingers in his blood.

But there’s one problem…

He has enthralled me instead.


I'm Hailey Bradbury: Hedge Witch and Vampire. 

My sire was staked moments after I was turned.

As a youngling, the Voodoo Queen adopted me. She taught me her art.

I've been working with the new Mistress of the Vampire Council. 

She trained me in the ways of vampirism, the path of the night. 

Witchcraft + Voodoo + Vampirism = what I call bloodwitchery. 

Most witches won't mess with the power latent in blood. 

It's dark. It's dangerous. But if you can master it…

You can harness the power of life itself.

Title: Primal Link

Missions to alien planets have resulted in interactions with strange beings in the past, but never on this level.

When Marine Corporal Goshawk becomes part of the search team tasked with locating some missing SEALs, he expected action and plenty of it. After all, they had to send in Marines to rescue SEALs.

What he didn’t expect was that the mission would completely transform him, body and spirit. As new threats from strange beings continually challenge the team and their mission rapidly spirals out of control, odd allies emerge in unexpected places. It’s no joyride for Corporal Goshawk and his small fire team, though, because those allies—the very thing that could help them—are driving a wedge between his team and his commanding officer, along with the rest of the Marines.

Will the Corporal and his team find the SEALs and complete the mission? Can they overcome the strange beings that threaten to take over? Or will they go down in flames? 

PRIMAL LINK blends the excitement of Starship Troopers and the mystery and exploration of Horizon Zero Dawn to create a space adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Witch With a Badge e-book coverWitch With a Badge:

Deputy US Marshal Cait Keane is a Witch with a Badge – and a Dragon for a partner.

The Boston office tour will have to wait – her first day on the job in her new appointment is canceled to pursue a federal fugitive, a magical with a penchant for fire.

She’ll need her gun and her wand to take him down. What will her team think of having a magical on board?

When a federal judge is killed, she discovers she’s in the middle of a territorial battle between criminal organizations. The killer is a magical, or working with one, which makes Cait the perfect Marshal to take them down.

Add in a threat to her coven and life has become a lot more challenging for Cait Keane.

The US Marshal with something extra wouldn’t have it any other way.

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue join Cait Keane on her new adventure!

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Shop ‘Till You Drop Fan Pricing Saturday, November 26, 2022

Shop Till You Drop fan Pricing Banner

It doesn't have to be black Friday to get great deals!

Fan Pricing Saturday, November 26, 2022

Note: We requested the price changes from Amazon on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, they don’t change all of the prices at one time. Please double-check the price before clicking “Buy”.
All of these new releases are 99c for one day only!
And they are also available for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!
Grab them today before the prices go up!

Sisters of eternal bliss e-book cover

Sisters of Eternal Bliss

Steel negotiations e-book cover

Steel Negotiations

Six if by Honor e-book cover

Six if By Honor

Sophie Briggs and the lightning weapon e-book cover

Sophie Briggs and The Lightning Weapons

Things best forgotten e-book cover

Things Best Forgotten

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Feast on Deals: Thanksgiving Book Giveaway Day 5

Game On FREE banner

Rise of the Grandmaster Book One: Game On

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Game on e-book coverGame On:

Some people just knew how to go out in style.

Note: This book was previously published as part of the megabook Rise of the Grandmaster.

Tim had never been one of those guys.

Tim was always a planner.

The plan was to get into college, graduate, and find a well-paying job.

That plan was coming together nicely until he saw a presentation to get paid to play The Etheric Coast.

At his graduation ceremony.

After watching the company's employee recruitment video, Big Richie’s words had a whole new meaning.

He could spend his life going from a cubicle at work to a one-bedroom apartment and back again…

Or he could take a leap of faith by entering a virtual world of unlimited possibilities.

And get paid.

Now he just has to figure out how to get the job of his dreams, help his parents financially, and catch the attention of the girl of his dreams.

It was time for him to catch his wave.

Tim sure hoped it didn't kill him first.

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Feast on Deals: Thanksgiving Book Giveaway Day 4

The Unforgiven FREE Banner

Skharr Death Eater Book 1: The Unforgiven

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The Unforgiven e-book coverThe Unforgiven:

“In every person there is a bit of barbarian waiting to be unleashed. A moment when one must decide what one is willing to accept. Death, defeat, or allow one’s carnal rage to take control and consequences be damned.” –  Skharr DeathEater

A lone DeathEater has forsaken his clan. 

Leaving behind his previous life, Skharr starts building a future next to a dangerous forest in an unknown land.

He tells himself it is better than taking gold for questionable reasons.

A lone old man travelling with a donkey offers him a choice: Continue this farm life, or trade him Skharr’s just finished home and tilled land for a map.

A map that Skharr can use to live large for years… If he survives.

The old peddler watches him. 

Realizing the intelligence, the polished actions of the huge man is but an act. A carefully orchestrated semblance of civility, and shudders.

Of all the Barbarian hordes, the rumor was to never, ever upset a DeathEater.

And he had come here to unleash this particular DeathEater back into the world.

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Feast on Deals: Thanksgiving Book Giveaway Day 3

Mayhem in Montreal FREE banner

Case Files of an Urban Druid Book 1: Mayhem in Montreal

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Mayhem in Montreal e-book coverMayhem in Montreal:

Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass.

Welcome to the whacked and weird world of Fiona mac Cumhaill. If you’re new to Team Trouble, welcome. If you’re back for more—awesomesauce.

In the past two years, I leveled up as a kick-ass urban druid and became the leader of the Fianna Warriors my ancestor Fionn mac Cumhaill needed me to be.

The thing is—four months ago everything changed.

The veil between realms came down.

With dormant genes waking, the dominant races jockeying for their place in the hierarchy, and the world around us pulsing out of control with power, my position as the Fae Liaison of Toronto has gotten off to a chaotic start.

Is anyone really surprised?

In her second series, Case Files of an Urban Druid, Fiona brings you more druid adventure, family shenanigans, and mythical tales of magic and mystery.

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Thanksgiving Eve and Wild Wednesday November 23, 2022

wild Wednesday banner

We have some great deals cooking today!


Wild Wednesday, November 23, 2022


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

Please remember to double-check the price before you one-click.



One if By Land e-book coverOne if by Land:

Winland Underwood has been running and hiding most of her life. Today is the day she will stop and stand her ground.

The half Light Elf and half Witch has led a band of magical refugees to the Ozarks where they can finally put down roots.

But what darkness hides underneath the scenic mountain views? Will the legacy of the Fixer help her out?

An ancient mystery starts to unravel threatening their new town, and Winland must find it in herself to stay and fight it out.

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A space adventure boxed setA Space Adventure Boxed Set Books 1-3:

The year on the human home world calendar is 2220. I'm on a League of Civilizations star ship. Currently trying to physically, and emotionally, recover from a crash where I lost my partner. All would be going fine except we also have to survive an encounter with the deadliest lifeform in the universe. A lifeform we were starting to think was just legend. No big deal. If it were just about the lives on board that would be one thing. But it’s not. What we do next will impact everyone, in all the League civilizations. That’s hundreds of billions of sentients. They could all be wiped out. I’m running out of options. And time. Oh yeah, and as if dealing with trying to save everyone in the universe wasn’t enough, I also have to contend with a crush on the ship’s first officer who also happens to be… yes, you guessed it, a synthetic life form. Fuck my life. Surviving either of these things intact is going to be a challenge.

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Gates of Eden e-book coverGates of Eden Complete Trilogy Boxed Set:

From Book 1:  Elijah Wadsworth lost his parents and twin sister in what he thought was little more than a tragic accident. Five years later, when Elijah begins manifesting strange abilities—which he neither understands nor can control—he discovers his family has been at the center of a cosmic battle for centuries… and his family's death was likely no accident at all. A mysterious “girl in black” with dark, magical abilities pursues him, hoping to lure him to her cause. After coming into possession of a mystical stone, which transports Elijah into his deceased father’s ancient memories, Elijah and his closest friends must discover the source of his power together lest his newfound abilities drain his very soul, and open up our world to the blight of Samhuinn. When a girl he loves, however, is threatened he must make a choice to either save her by joining the sorceress, the “girl in black,” or save the world.

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Star Challengers e-book coverStar Challengers: Asteroid Crisis:

It’s just supposed to be an educational field trip to the Challenger Learning Center, but JJ Wren and her friends find themselves transported into the future, to a time when the human race is besieged by deadly alien invaders. The evil Kylarn have shifted the orbits of three asteroids, sending them on a collision course with Earth!

Using skills learned from the mysterious Commander Zota, JJ and her fellow Star Challengers embark on a mission to deflect the deadly asteroids before it’s too late. But the alien invaders aren’t the only enemy: the Star Challengers have to worry about human traitors, too. . . .

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Judge,jury,executioner 1-4 e-book coverJudge, Jury, and Executioner Boxed Set Books 1-4:

Rivka Anoa has a gift and a galactic mandate. 

She's a lawyer accused of a murder she did commit. She stands ready to accept her fate, even though her victim was a murderer. A second chance appears. Become more than a lawyer. Be one who judges and punishes the guilty.

You Have Been Judged, Book 1: Could she look herself in the mirror after meting out justice? She's about to find out. Rivka heads to space to be the Judge, Jury, & Executioner. Criminals have nowhere to go.

You Have Been Judged…

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Dragon Seed e-book coverDragon Seed:

What would you give to be a dragon rider? Before being conscripted to fight in the Total War, Private Hector Park had a shattered family, a collection of old videogames, and a promising career as a motorcycle stuntman. Now, he is dying from a virus threatening humankind with extinction. He has three days to live. When Hector’s brother contacts him after years of hostile silence, Hector goes to try and make peace. But his brother has an offer even more unbelievable than reconciliation: the chance to cheat death by joining him in Archemi, a full-immersion fantasy VR-RPG videogame. Determined to forge a life worth living, Hector undergoes the experimental upload process and chooses the difficult path of the Dragon Knight. To achieve his dream, he must prove himself worthy of imprinting a dragon, a being with whom he will share a telepathic bond more intimate than any human relationship. But at what cost?

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To be reunited with his lost love, Rohan seeks out help to open a portal to the afterlife.

When he's betrayed and nearly killed, he finds he now has mysterious powers. Good thing, too, since his betrayer seeks to destroy the world by melding it with the afterlife.

Rohan won't give up on his love, but in the process must use his new powers to fight evil and save us all. One thing's for sure: Not even Death can stop true love.


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Death Bound e-book coverDeath Bound:

He thought he left the spirit world behind him. He was dead wrong.

Rohan defeated the evil Frank Altemus, but now it's his ghost he has to worry about. To make matters worse, Altemus obtains a stone tablet with the magic needed to settle the score.

Rohan's only hope is a woman named Nora, a reluctant necromancer who wants nothing to do with the journey. Rohan and Nora will have to work together to stop Altemus from using the tablet to rewrite the rules of the afterlife. If they don't, Altemus will turn the world of the living into the world of the dead.

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Arizona Territory box set e-book coverArizona Territory Box Set:


Arizona Territory is a classic western series complete with action, suspense, and mountain men from author John Legg.

Follow Jack Guthrie and his wife on their long-delayed journey to California in book 1, Guns of Arizona.


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The Scott Stiletto Thriller e-book coverThe Scott Stiletto Thriller Series Volume One:

Brian Drake's Scott Stiletto is the shadowy hero the world doesn't know it needs…
A veteran CIA operator with a skill set to put Bond to shame, Scott Stiletto is on the forefront of the fight against tyranny, oppression, and all the other unseen enemies of the United States. His mission is a simple one: protect the integrity and freedom of the country at all costs. And sometimes those costs are high, and sacrifices must be made…

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