LMBPN is the publishing company for the Kurtherian Gambit, Oriceran, Protected by the Damned and other Universes. In addition to Michael Anderle, we have published in ebook, book, and audio format collaborations with Justin Sloan, Craig Martelle, TS Paul, CM Raymond, and LE Barbant, Paul C. Middleton, Amy Hopkins, Ell Leigh Clarke, PT Hylton, Candy Crum, Martha Carr, Sarah Boyce, A. L. Knorr, Sarah Noffke, and many others.

Further, we have audio only projects with Martha Carr, Kim Faulks, Jami Albright, and A.L. Knorr.


LMBPN Publishing has an ongoing effort to translate The Kurtherian Gambit into German and Spanish. 


If you’re interested in purchasing foreign rights to our books, please email us at international@LMBPN.com, or view our foreign rights catalog and contact information by clicking the link below:

LMBPN Foreign Rights Catalog

For other rights, please visit www.lmbpn.com/rights