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Unexpected Opportunity:

Would you be willing to chance dying to come out of a coma? Would you do the same if it was your son’s life? Mary and Senator Tad Williams pushed their son Justin to go on a date that went horribly wrong. Now, they try to figure out a way to help their son out of a coma. At almost $5,000 a day for ICU expenses, their insurance options are running out. Amber, Nick, and Jacob built a new immersive game system for the future. The only problem is, at $800 a day, no one can afford it. Dr. Dubois wrote a paper about how you might help a person out of a coma, but it was crushed under the might of the medical lobbyists on Capitol Hill. Now, the three groups need each other to save a life, fight the establishment, and help a young man in need. The only challenge is, Justin can die in real life if he dies in the game. Will he wake up from his coma? Will lobbyists crush the principled senator who needs to talk to his son one more time? And can Justin possibly survive inside a fantasy world built in his own mind, where pain is real? It isn’t just the future of humanity at stake, it’s Justin’s life, too.


Salem, Massachusetts is having problems, and high school student Jessica Palmer’s life is about to become strange beyond belief. Those cops frightened to death in the cemetery? Yes, they really were. When a young, good-looking demon-hunting witch Chad Hollingsworth comes into town to help stop the problems, he has to ask Jessica’s mom and grandmother for help. The challenge? Her mom wants nothing to do with her family legacy, and her grandmother’s reputation as a looney old witch who talks to cats … Is it that far from the truth? Now Jessica has to learn enough of the concealed magical world to decide if she wants to be involved. Then again, that world may not allow her the option of choosing. Can she survive her new reality?

He Was Not Prepared:

HE WAS NOT PREPARED. Born from the fertile imagination of bestselling author Michael Anderle Fountain of Youth, or Valley of Death? While eating his supper of microwave popcorn, PhD student-genius Salinger Jacobs is grabbed from his apartment in California, stuck on a C-130 military plane and sent to the Sahara Desert to witness the reality of the ZOO for himself. With the life expectancy of untrained scientists working inside the ZOO measured in hours, he has a lot to learn. Fast. First order of business? How do you shoot a gun, and just HOW MUCH is that plant worth? The government needs the best of the best military and scientific minds working out how to pull the secrets from the ZOO, while keeping the deadly fauna and flora in check. There is one major problem, Salinger doesn’t even have a PhD. If he can stay alive long enough, he might be able to afford something besides packaged microwave popcorn to eat. THAT IS A BIG IF.

Bad Attitude:

If Were tradition forced you to marry at twenty-five, would you do it? Bailey Nordin is feeling the stress of pack obligations arriving too soon in her life. She prefers working on cars to going on a date. A good fight is just a morning’s workout, and Bailey’s sarcastic wit has killed any chance of a love life. Her future isn’t looking bright. Roland is on the run from three powerful witches who want him for…what he can provide. Trying to hide from the witches, he ends up in the middle of a town so small, it’s hard to find it on a map. She’s a Were, He’s a wizard. He could be her ticket out of her problems—if she believed in magic. Massive changes are coming down from the heavens, and Bailey Nordin is the Were in the middle. Will she figure out how to break from tradition?

You Need A Bigger Sword:

Turns out, punching zombie bears is funWho knew? Enter the world of Metamorphosis Online, a fully immersive video game where players compete for spots in the Global Top 10—ranks that actually pay you to play the game. Gracie doesn’t play the game to make money…at first.  Broke, single, and working a crappy job as a blackjack dealer, Gracie’s just blowing off steam and having fun. Can playing a new type of immersive game help her overcome real-life issues, or will it cause more problems? Before she knows it, Gracie has intervened in a generations-long war between the kobolds and the fae and started a ragtag guild, and her weird math abilities make themselves known in a way that most could not have imagined. Can she deal with being pitted against the game developers? For the first time Gracie can remember, she has something worth fighting for.

Magic Street Boogie:

Justice in New Orleans has a new champion and she’s packing magic. Meet Cali, a not so average college student and her crew. A mysterious stranger, a mild-mannered Dwarven bartender and the magical creature who’s adopted her. Cali had life all figured out till three revelations change everything. One. An escaped prisoner shows her the underbelly of her city. Two. She discovers the secret her murdered parents hid about her magic. Three. Two competing gangs target her and her friends. Is her band of magical outsiders enough to keep New Orleans safe? Just how weird can magic get in the old French Quarter? It’s up to Cali to keep the underground tensions from blowing up while she eludes the detective who’s got a suspicious eye on her. For magic, mystery, martial arts, and all the mayhem a canine-sized dragon can bring join the Magic Street Boogie today!


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