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Wild Wednesday, September 28th, 2022


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

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Warmage redux complete boxed set e-book coverWarMage Redux Complete Series Boxed Set:

Raven is graduating from Fowler Academy with her fierce red dragon, Leander by her side. She is taking on the responsibilities of a WarMage – just like her late mother – and has joined the kingdom’s army corps and their fleet of dragons. Time to get ready for whatever the world throws at Raven and her homeland, the kingdom of Lomberdoon. Something is affecting the dragons, wild and tame. A few have turned up crazed, spitting fire and ice, right before they die. Did the creepy crawly monsters that once plagued the kingdom leave one last poisonous gift behind? Can the corps’ veterinarian, Dr. Welby find out what’s causing it and create a cure before it’s too late? And Raven’s grandfather, Connor, has gone missing. Can her frenemy, Bella and her private company track him down for Raven – in exchange for a favor, of course.

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Kurtherian Gambit boxed set books 1-7 e-book coverThe Kurtherian Gambit Boxed Set Books 1-7:

What you thought you knew about Vampires and Werewolves is wrong…so very, very, wrong.

From Death Becomes Her: A thousand years of effort to keep the UnknownWorld hidden is unraveling and the Patriarch is tired. He needs to find someone to take over. He finds Bethany Anne. Unknown, untested and untried she sets out to accomplish the impossible while forging a new future. One that no one knew was in danger. And she does it with an attitude that will make you stand up and cheer!

They say a dress can make a woman, but in this case, the dress is Death, andDeath Becomes Her very well indeed.

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Trail Mix e-book coverTrail Mix:

T. Duren Jones loves hiking wilderness trails. He gets out as often as he can, and enjoys taking friends and family on his explorations. Most of those who have joined his adventures still talk to him. He has hiked hundreds of trails in the American West, has summited all of the 54 Colorado 14,000 ft. peaks (now on his second round with his granddaughter), and has trekked the nearly 500 miles of the Colorado Trail’s 28 segments from Denver to Durango. Once he’s done with one checklist, he’s on to the next—this guy is nuts! This book is a follow-up to Tales from the Trails, this time with new stories presented in bite-sized pieces. Snack on a few at a time, but you might not want to put it down and end up eating, er, reading, the whole package in one sitting. As with his previous book, Trail Mix is part adventure, part travelogue, part motivational encouragement, part cautionary tale, and part stand-up comedy (at least the author thinks so).

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Critical Stakes e-book coverCritical Stakes:

Martial Law, sabotaged water supplies, and assassins. Oh my.

The threat of Martial Law looms heavy on Drewdonia, and the Zero Point device, turned weapon, is still missing.

AWOL, Jack is wanted for questioning back on T3. Ally is still at risk from being remotely deactivated. Meanwhile, Jack and his team track the conspiracy to levels they could only have imagined.

As they wrangle with the mysteries of increased violence on Drewdonia the unlikely team find themselves hard up against the clock to find the unstable device.

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Darkworld e-book coverDarkworld: The Farr of Ashathar:

Kataklysm arrives every three thousand years. It’s always different, but whatever form it takes, the result is the same—it brings humanity to the brink of extinction.
The last Kataklysm… happened three thousand years ago. To save the world from Kataklysm, Tannen seeks an ancient path, once cultivated by the ancestors, long since abandoned and forgotten. To find the path, Tannen must venture into hostile lands. Did the path save a remnant of life during the last Kataklysm? Or was there something else about the path they pursued that left them warped, exiled, and nearly forgotten? Tannen must venture into Tensia. A place occupied by a barbaric superhuman race. Tannen isn’t a warrior. He’s an archaeologist. His companion, Valoria, is an astrologist.  This could be the last Kataklaym, the end of humanity forever. Can Tannen and Valoria survive in hostile territory, or will their deaths seal the fate of the world?

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Ten Days e-book coverTen Days:

Early summer, Portland, Maine… Eleven months after young policewoman Dee Rommel’s mysterious and life-altering on-the-job injury. Her medical leave is nearly up, and the Police Department and her ex-training officer, newly-single Detective Donato, expect her to reinstate. But her decision is postponed when she’s challenged to step in for her godfather – private investigator Gordy Greer – to investigate the disappearance of a brilliant high-tech heiress, Lucy Claren, who has announced hasty wedding plans that could derail her father’s empire. Life is further complicated when Dee’s good friend, Karla, is physically assaulted by a sadist that Dee had helped put behind bars. Newly released, he decides to turn his sights on justice-driven Dee, making it his personal mission to ensure her failure – and demise. Dee dangerously navigates through the two worlds of crime – determined to survive them both… in just ten days.

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Darklanding Omni coverDarklanding Omnibus Books 1-3:

Darklanding is the wild, wild west of known space.

Sheriff Thaddeus Fry will never completely leave the battlefields of Centauri Prime.

His assignment as the Sheriff of Darklanding, could be a do-nothing job, or it could get him killed.

Book 01 – Faced with a dangerous collapse that could kill hundreds of workers, the new sheriff leaps into action and gets the story of Darklanding started.

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Battleship Leviathan e-book coverBattleship: Leviathan: (FREE)

A derelict warship, ancient but still alive. A small team of humans fighting for all humanity. Built for a time when the races were just finding their way to the stars, finding that they could dominate others. The galactic conquests created the arms race and the ancients, the Progenitors had to protect their own. They built a ship to drive the others away. It worked. And it didn’t. The Progenitors abandoned the galaxy to the newcomers, leaving relics behind as monuments to their failure. Humanity spread to the stars and ran headlong into the established races. A new war begins, and no one conducts war better than humanity except for the Blaze Collective. The two go head-to-head while humanity frantically searches for something to give them an advantage. Ancient technology. The derelicts scattered across the galaxy. Gutted and useless. Except for one, hidden in plain sight, close to Earth. Major Declan Payne takes his team aboard to find that the ship is no derelict, and it needs him as much as humanity needs it.

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Leviathan's war e-book coverLeviathan’s War:

One ship stood against many in a war that has lasted a thousand years…

The Blaze are getting their direction and technology from those who had driven the Progenitors from the galaxy. The Vestrall. Leviathan takes his select humans to the frontlines in Earth’s war with the Blaze Collective to collect intelligence on where to find the Vestrall. The Blaze aren’t forthcoming. They go farther, a thousand light-years behind enemy lines to a planet that used to be important. It’s no longer the home of the Vestrall but of a biomechanical race that is little more than drones. Payne is convinced that their information will lead Leviathan to the heart of the Vestrall for a final battle for primacy. But they won’t give their knowledge easily. Their gods have commanded them to fight. Because they carry a secret the Vestrall don’t want Leviathan to know.

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Leviathan's Last Battle e-book coverLeviathan’s Last Battle:

The Vestrall fight back, but Leviathan stands in their way. And Major Payne opens a new front in the war. His goal is nothing less than turning the Vestrall’s allies against them to bring peace to the galaxy. The Vestrall exist, and they have secrets. The war will continue because it suits them. Humanity must confront the real enemy. They must win or the war will continue for another thousand years. There’s only one ship that can do what needs to be done. Leviathan goes on the offensive, traveling deep into Vestrall space to find them and eliminate their ability to make war. An attack the likes of which the galaxy has never seen. One last battle to determine humanity’s fate.

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The Demon Uprising e-book coverThe Demon Uprising:

Jacob “Jake” Taft is enjoying his time as a rancher after serving in the US Army as a covert ops Major. But strange happenings on his ranch and around the world have him questioning the story on TV. That is—until an Angel shows up and gives Jake the ability to see demons. All around the world, chaos is ensuing—one event in particular being the abduction of The President of the United States’ daughter, Ann Campbell. And when the FBI are called in to investigate, they are charged with bringing her back at all costs. As people in various parts of the country continue fighting the demon known as Ghazi, they are all unknowingly led to the same place—where the demon’s ultimate goal of supremacy and mass murder is discovered. But can FBI agents who don’t believe in God, believe that Demons really do exist? Will Jake and his team be able to save the US and, eventually, the world from a demon who’s been planning his takeover for nearly 3,000 years?

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Chet Cunninghams outlaw series e-book coverChet Cunningham’s The Outlaws Series:

They were too young to die, too tough to care. The six outlaws met in a Texas jail, three set to hang, three on the way to prison.

Willy Boy, the gang leader, engineered their escape and they began a bloody trail of revenge. Each had a price on his head, and every bounty hunter worth his salt was after their hides–dead or alive.

Ride along on each and every one of their unforgettable adventures in the complete and unabridged edition of the series, just as Chet Cunningham intended.

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The God Market e-book coverThe God Market:

The Gods are real and incorporated. ‘Pay to pray’ is a profitable global industry.

Loki has been disgraced and trapped in divinity’s answer to crap customer service for three hundred years. The PR machine makes him out to be the bad guy. Him. But that’s what happens when you lose a war. All he has to do to regain his godly powers is avoid the seers, outwit the executives, and win a rematch against public perception. Easy. Too bad he’s not the only one playing at espionage.

When his chief executive is a narcissistic authoritarian and the combined might of the divine powers is ignoring humanity’s problems, he’s bound to aggravate some people — gods and mortals alike.

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