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The Undoubtable Rose Beaufont Book 1: The Mysterious Daughter


Kaitlyn thought she knew who she was. She thought she knew her only mission was to stop the spread of magic


The Mysterious Daughter snippet – 


Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles, California, United States

There are those born with magic and those born without it, and since the dawn of time, its caused a divide. The modern age has changed all that. Mortals can finally have magic, but at a price.

The void between the lust for power and the allure of magic is where a witch is born. There is a place inside every mortal thats empty and meant to stay that way. If they fill that space with darkness, they are compensated with magic. 

Magicians do not understand this emptiness, for they are born full of power and wield magic easily. 

The history books dont tell of the silent battles mortals and magicians waged. For centuries, theyve fought for power—mortals holding the balance over magic and magicians holding the ability to use it. 

A new era has dawned—a darker one. 

Many mortals, bent on having magic once and for all, have burned out their souls to become witches and warlocks, all so they can be powerful. They wish to rule the streets, portal anywhere on the globe, create fire from nothing, and make their every desire come true. It comes at a price and will invariably end with a war. 

Kaitlyn Harknesslong cloak was soaked from the rain and stomping through puddles in the old cemetery that seemed to go on for miles. She didnt allow that to slow her down as she ran through the grass, weaving between gravestones. Kaitlyn believed the figures she was tracking were ahead, although she couldnt see them since they had hidden themselves using magic. 

A threatening scream cut through the chilly night air, making her halt. She threw her back against the walls of a mausoleum, grateful for the protection. Kaitlyn couldnt hunt down people she couldnt see, but all that was about to change. 

In the Hollywood Forever Cemeterys ambient light, Kaitlyn pulled out the only thing that could help her. It was a thick leatherbound book full of handwritten notes. Most wouldnt be able to make out the messy cursive words, but Kaitlyn could because shed written every letter in that book. 

It had taken Kaitlyn Harkness over twenty years to track down every curse and incantation the witches of the Shadow Walker coven used and to discover the counterspells. Nothing had been more important for the woman, though. 

As a Mortal Seven for the House of Fourteen, it had become her lifes mission to hunt down witches and stop them. It hadnt been easy because Kaitlyn didnt have magic as a mortal. Unlike a witch, she wasnt about to burn out her soul for that power. 

No, Kaitlyn had decided long ago that she wouldnt fight fire with fire. Shed do it with knowledge. 

Finally, after years of tracking the witches, she had every spell and ward the Shadow Walker coven used to curse, hide, and elude her. She could stop them and the crimes they committed against mortals and magicians alike. Finally, she could do it without resorting to violence or magic. 

She had outsmarted the witches of the Shadow Walker coven and more importantly, their leader, Mefora Payne. Soon that soulless witch would be locked away, and the war between witches and magicians in Los Angeles would be over. 

A lightning bolt streaked through the night sky, illuminating the gravestones surrounded by palm trees. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery was a strange place for many reasons. 

It wasnt only a place where the dead were cremated and buried. It was also an iconic location, full of history and power. Paramount Pictures movie studios and a venue for festivals and concerts bordered the cemetery. 

Kaitlyn thought it was strange that people wanted to party in one of the oldest cemeteries in Los Angeles among the dead. However, that wasnt what made the Hollywood Forever Cemetery so important. 

It was also one of the anchor locations for the Shadow Walker covens magic. That meant it contributed to the power used to create their wicked spells. Ironically, it was where others could zap them of their magic. Kaitlyn had stumbled across that information during her investigations and chronicled it in her complete history of the witch coven. 

Fondly, Kaitlyn ran her hand down the books cover before drawing a steadying breath. It was time. After tonight, the witches of the Shadow Walker coven would no longer rule the streets of Los Angeles. They wouldnt recruit naïve mortals to burn out their souls and join them. They would all lose their magic forever. 

A witch without magic was nothing. They werent mortals since theyd traded their souls for magical powers. Without that, they were harmless. 

Flipping through the waterproof pages, Kaitlyn found the counterspell she needed. It was simply words, but spoken in the right place at the right time in front of the coven, it ended them. Although Kaitlyn didnt have magic, shed figured out how to stop it. 

Repeating the words in her head, Kaitlyn shut the book, slipping it under one arm. It was almost midnight, the exact time she needed it to be. It was on the night of a coven meeting, meaning they were all there.

Pulling off the pouch given to her by a powerful magician, Kaitlyn opened it and poured its contents into the palm of her hand. Before the powder could get wet, Kaitlyn blew hard, making it fly out in all directions, carried by a magical force. Although the woman didnt have magic, she could use potions and artifacts to create spells and did for only one reason—to stop the Shadow Walker coven. 

All over the cemetery, one by one, women and men appeared. Theyd been there all along but had been invisible to her due to a magical spell.

Shock dawned on the witchesand warlocks gaunt faces as they realized she had countered their magic. She had seen them, and that meant the next step could happen… 

Shrieks of protest echoed all around the cemetery, but Kaitlyn didnt budge. She knew fear was taking over because the Shadow Walker coven was about to lose its magic


It certainly seems like Kaitlyn has what it takes to stop the coven WITHOUT the use of magic. Can it all really be that simple? Find out on March 3rd when The Undoubtable Rose Beaufont: The Mysterious Daughter is released. Until then head over to Amazon and pre-order it today.


The Mysterious Daughter e-book cover