Spells and Wishes Book 1: Spells & Wishes & Gun

A lovely day at the fair turns violent for a new hero.


Spells, Wishes, & Gun – 


The festivities at the EverAfter Fair were in full swing. Gleeful laughter and merry songs filled the air. Colorful stalls lined the edges of the fairground, offering enchanted trinkets, potions, and magical baubles. Townsfolk and magical beings alike wandered around, enjoying the pleasant evening.

A tumultuous roar disrupted the merriment. At the edge of the fair, near the entrance to a stone bridge, stood a hulking troll. He loomed over a terrified vendor as he shook him down for coins.

“You want to cross my bridge? You have to pay a toll!” the troll bellowed.

“But this bridge wasn’t yours an hour ago!” the vendor exclaimed, clutching his collection of enchanted wares. The troll smirked, showing off his jagged, yellow teeth. “It’s mine now.”

Charlotte Weaver approached the two, her figure tall and commanding. “This bridge is free for all, and you have no right to demand a toll,” she told the troll, her voice full of authority.

The troll turned and tried to stare her down, then sneered at her. “Who are you to challenge me?”

“I’m Charlotte Weaver, a fairy godmother,” she replied, pointing in the direction of the forest. “Now, leave before you regret it.”

A palpable silence clung to the air, suffocating the once-joyous atmosphere. Charlotte and the troll locked eyes, their fierce gazes stirring up an electrifying tension. Their bodies were poised for battle, and the world around them seemed to fade into an insignificant murmur.

Without the slightest hint of warning, the troll catapulted toward Charlotte. The terrifying mass of muscles and raw power hurtled across the ground like a boulder in a landslide.

With the grace of a swan, Charlotte evaded his assault. She moved like a leaf dancing in the wind, smoothly sidestepping the troll’s thunderous charge. Her wand came alive, crackling with energy as it released a torrent of magic.

A wave of brilliant light filled with oscillating colors lit up the night sky. With the grace of an acrobat, he contorted his body in mid-air, evading the rain of luminescent spells descending toward him. The magical onslaught just missed, the spells shimmering as they swept past his spinning form. His pockmarked skin, a testament to battles fought and won, reflected the neon hues.

This was going to be more of a problem than Charlotte had imagined. Usually, trolls weren’t this intelligent or dangerous.

He landed on all fours, his gnarled hands sinking into the soft earth and his clawed feet kicking up clods of dirt. He went back on the offensive, his dark eyes glinting with delight. “You’ll need to exert more effort, puny fairy,” he jeered, his voice a malevolent growl that rumbled from the depths of his chest.

“Noted,” she retorted sharply, her dark eyes steely and a flicker of defiance igniting her features. In the background, the fairgoers screamed and scattered in all directions. Stalls toppled, and magical goods scattered across the ground. The clash between the fairy godmother and the troll was a spectacle of flying spells, flashing lights, and the raw power of brute strength.

With an explosive final swing of his arm, comparable to the destructive power of a battering ram, the troll assaulted Charlotte. The punch sent seismic waves rippling through the ground.

She wavered precariously, but with a flicker of her wand and a strain in her voice, a shield flashed into existence seconds before the full brunt of the troll’s attack collided with her.

However, her usually impeccable spell cracked under the troll’s unexpected might. The shield fragmented, its protective aura barely managing to cushion the blow, and even with the shield absorbing most of the impact, the residual force knocked Charlotte off balance. She swayed, teetering on the brink of falling as she wrestled with the aftershock of the troll’s brutal attack.

The troll’s face contorted into a gruesome smile, his eyes glistening with sadistic joy. His chest heaved as a triumphant roar tore through his throat, a guttural bellow that reverberated through the fairgrounds and sent shivers down the spines of the onlookers. He then turned tail and fled.

The underbrush in the forest willingly enveloped him in its shadowy embrace.

“Get back here, you coward!” Charlotte called, fire blazing in her voice. She wiped the dirt off her face with a swift swipe of her hand, determination etching lines on her brow. After she regathered her poise, her feet carried her in swift pursuit.

“This isn’t over,” she promised.


It seems like this troll picked the wrong fair to attack. Learn more about Charlotte and this attack on October 31st, when Spells & Wishes & Gun: Spells and Wishes Book 1 is released.