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Wild Wednesday, August 16th, 2023


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

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The Progeny Wars complete boxed set e-book coverThe Progeny Wars Complete Series Boxed Set:

Miracle child, or something else? Her whole life, Angelica Santos has felt distanced from the rest of humanity by the sixth sense that has dogged her existence. Those she did connect with suffered grisly fates. Angelica has always wondered about the mysterious circumstances of her mother’s death—which happened before Angelica was born. The one person who could answer her questions is her father. Two problems with that. He was the only suspect in her mother’s murder, and he’s been missing since then. Newly independent after being raised by her abuela, Angelica’s life is small but good. She has a job she doesn’t hate and a studio apartment in the Bronx where she grew up. Angelica’s ordinary world is shattered when she walks in on her grandmother being attacked by a hybrid worker of darkness. She is drawn into the world of angels and demons when she is rescued by the Daughters of the Watchers.

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A very British Witch Boxed Set e-book coverA Very British Witch Boxed Set:

When book-worm Scarlett is accused of murder, she has no choice but to take up sleuthing and find a way to clear herself of suspicion.
Vampire Diaries meets Murder She Wrote. Brilliant humor, specially designed for the avid Anglophile.” If you like your protagonists quirky and hilarious, your mysteries confounding, your vampires secretive, and weres dashing, you’re going to love everything in the A Very British Witch series. Set in an actual village near Oxford, in England, UK, this urban fantasy has a touch of paranormal cozy mystery in it. It also contains the occasional British expression. (There is a humorous glossary at the front to help you out with the translations.)

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Worlds away e-book coverWorlds Away:

Two worlds. Two adventures for the ages… Taming a new world isn’t easy. But making a new world? Well, only the bravest would even try… From TERRADOX REBORN: Six years in the making. Six seconds from disaster… At long last, the dream of a functioning research colony on Terradox has become reality. Thousands of men, women and children now call the distant romosphere home, with experts in countless fields recruited from Earth to spearhead the most ambitious research projects ever devised. All eyes fall on the closing stages of a colony-defining isolation test within Terradox’s least hospitable zone — the man-made hellscape of Little Venus, where six astronauts-in-training have survived fifty-one weeks surrounded by an almost impossibly hostile atmosphere. But while the astronauts of tomorrow count down their final few days until freedom, the gravest threat of all might already be on the wrong side of their Isolation Kompound’s impenetrable walls…

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New Orleans Magic e-book coverNew Orleans Magic:

In the Big Easy you get…great food, live-music, and good times.

Will Jenna discover there’s a sinister side to New Orleans? She loves to rock. The stage, the lights, the fans, and her band, The Voodoo Dolls, get her amped up like nothing else in life. Jenna thinks it’s magical, but is she ready to find out how truly right she is? It was only a gimmick. Something they did during the shows. And it might have saved her life. From the dark corners of The Crescent City, something is on the move. It’s ancient and evil. When the sun goes down, a whole other world stirs. They start to hunt for candidates to turn. The tourists don’t think it’s myth, but the locals believe. Can they be stopped?

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Desire in Deadwood e-book coverDesire in Deadwood:

 Aces and eights, the dead man’s hand. That thought shoots through Bolton Rivers’ head just before Wild Bill Hickok falls dead in the Number 10 Saloon. Then a bullet slams into Bolton. In 1876 Dakota Territory, Deadwood is the most devilish and delightful, wildest and wickedest town on the frontier. Tansy Wiley, with a cloudy past, is hiding behind the name Jigger Crown and fears Bolton is tracking her. But when she rescues the handsome stranger from the saloon next door and chaos erupts—there to capture her or not—Bolton wants the sexy adventures. Afraid to run and afraid not to, Tansy decides to escape. A battle of wills ignites between the beloved barkeep and this mystery man in an isolated and violent Black Hills gulch. Longing and lust, tension and mistrust run rampant amidst a serial killer on the loose and a Texas rancher vowing to settle a score. Too bad the deck is stacked against Bolton and Tansy as they fight to survive a town soaked in blood, whiskey, and corruption

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Outlaw Ranger Volume One e-book coverOutlaw Ranger: Volume One:

G.W. Braddock was raised to be a Texas Ranger and never wanted anything else. But then he’s stripped of his badge through no fault of his own and a corrupt system turns the vicious killer Tull Coleman loose on the people of the Lone Star State.

Now, Braddock has to decide if he’s going to follow the law—or carry out the job he was born to do, even if it means becoming an outlaw himself!

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