In today’s episode of Behind The Fiction: The Book Lover’s Podcast, we give you all the details on what is coming your way this week from LMBPN!

First up, our favorite witch’s road trip adventure continues in Europe with the couple on their way to Greece in To Find A Witch. Unfortunately, Lily and Romeo are being followed and a trail of death and destruction lies behind them. Lily’s finding out more about who and what she is and it’s painting a target on her back. Will that knowledge make her stronger or turn powerful forces against her?

Set in the world of Middang3ard, if you enjoy that series, you will enjoy Death of an Author. Your favorite authors appear in this novel. They’re at a writer’s conference trying to discuss the war efforts. The Dark One decides to try and take them out in one fell swoop. Find out who survives the fight!

A new series launches this week with Steel Dragon! Set in Detroit, Kristen Hall thought she was an everyday human until her day went horribly wrong. She finds out she’s a dragon. Now everyone takes an interest in her. Find out how her life changes with the Steel Dragon Series.

Check out The Idlewood Collection this week to get the complete Seven Sisters spin-off series. In this series, Carry Jo puts her skills to the test when she takes on the ghosts of Idlewood. Can Carrie Jo reach across time again and bring peace to Idlewood? The Idlewood Collection contains the entire Idlewood series including The Ghosts of Idlewood, Dreams of Idlewood, The Whispering Saint and The Haunted Child.

If you like vigilante stories with a twist, you’ll enjoy Supernatural Vigilante. it contains the first four books in the series which follows former cop and recently turned vampire,  Valentino Crispo. He’s still crime-fighting but as a supernatural vigilante. Humor and adventure. If you enjoyed Providence Paranormal Academy, you’ll definitely love this series.

Two new series, set in the same world but across the country from each other, is two magical academy stories. Learn about Unveiled Academy in Snakes and Shadows and Paranormal University. You’ll enjoy the adventures of both girls in these urban fantasy adventures

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