In today’s episode of Behind The Fiction: The Book Lover’s Podcast, we are launching the first of what will be a weekly interview with the voice, editor, and producer of our podcast detailing what is to come in the week ahead. This show will be released every Monday morning so that you know what is coming your way for the remainder of the week!

It also just so happens that her name is Alexa… funny and culturally relevant, right?!?

If you enjoy space operas and legal dramas, then you’re in for a treat this week with the next book in Judge, Jury and Executioner, The Art of Smuggling. Rivka and her team go on an expedition across the galaxy in an effort to root out an art smuggling ring. Only problem is, the smuggling ring is a step ahead of them. Good thing the novel releases today so you can find out how they track them down!

The adventures of Team Savage continues this week with Vengeance or Death. Find out how the team handles this week’s adventures in the Zoo. Book three in the series is also out today! Get caught up with the Zoo adventures!

Lazarus Kerrigan returns this week in Lost Soul. The Necromancer continues to have his hands full and not everything is going according to plan. Good thing he’s good at improvising. Find out how he handles the challenges coming his way this week!

Vickie doesn’t like it, but she’s putting a stop to using her powers. The world is a different place for the teenage vampire when she can’t use her powers to solve minor or major problems. But with the Agency closing in on her, she realizes it’s smarter to retreat and live another day in America than be captured by the Agency. Find out how Vickie handles not using her powers in The Girl Retreats.

Another Zoo adventure releases this week with Thor! Sounds like we get to learn more about Thor as he wanders with his pack. Will he try to get back to Charles? Or will the Zoo continue to keep them apart while Thor leads the pack? Find out with this week’s release.

And if you like paranormal horror, check out the Gomers Blooded Paranormal Double Pack! I don’t know much more about it than the cover, which looks pretty frightening to me, but if you like zombies and horror, be sure to check this one out.

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