Obsidian Detective Call to action


For the first time ever, we are giving you an AUDIO sample of an upcoming book! Woot Woot! 


I literally got chills when I listened to Greg Tremblay narrate this audio snippet of Obsidian Detective the other day! I wanted to share it right away, This is soooo exciting! I already pre-ordered my audio copy. Don’t be surprised if you end up wanting to as well. 😉

Here’s the set-up:

Two Rebels whose Worlds Collide on a Planetary Level.

On the fringes of human space, a murder will light a fuse and send two different people colliding together.

She lives on Earth, where peace among the population is a given. He is on the fringe of society where authority is how much firepower you wield.

She is from the powerful, the elite. He is with the military. 

Both want the truth – but is revealing the truth good for society?

This science-fiction novel features two rebels – one elite and one military – as they search for an ancient truth on a moon in a far-off system that could get them killed.

(Click the orange play button in the top left corner of the image below)


What do you think?

How do you like this snippet?

I think Dreamscape has a fantastic way of sharing their snippets.

This narrator sounds very familiar. Somehow, I feel like he’s read quite a few books to me over the past year. LOL Do you recognize his voice?

The Audio version is up for pre-order now. Go to Amazon and pre-order your copy of Obsidian Detective today! When it goes live, it will show up in your audiobook library like magic. 🙂