Brittany Hester

For as long as Tennessee native Brittany Hester can remember, she has always been enchanted by three things: nature, magic, and powerful stories. While most kids were playing sports, she preferred to spend her free time exploring nature, with animals, or lost in her own creativity, accompanied by her favorite fictional characters. Hester’s love of storytelling and overactive imagination would often lead her to explore the galaxy as the other Earth Sailor Scout, join the rebel forces in her own Gundam, lend her sword and bow to the fight for middle earth, her my wild magic for the betterment of Tortall, or simply explore the beautiful fantasy landscapes. Her only wish was that there were more characters that looked like her in the books she loved reading.

Determined to blaze a path for diverse, strong, and authentic characters of color to enter the forefront of popular young adult fantasy and science fiction in every medium, Hester put her imagination to work and began writing.
Now, she hopes to inspire the next generation of readers, writers, and creative thinkers by creating a window for experiencers to try and answer life’s questions for themselves, so they can then go and live out those answers and perhaps come up with something more. In every story, Hester aims to remind people that there is light and goodness in the world, that we are never as truly alone as we feel, and that, through the power of narrative, we can find hope, connection, and acceptance.

When not writing, you can find Hester adventuring with her toddler tornados and small pack of four-legged friends, spending way too much time gardening, or being very nerdy with her husband.

Glitter and Kindling
Lace and Flames
Armor and Infernos
Sunrise and Ashes