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Wild Wednesday, February 9, 2022


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

Please remember to double-check the price before you one-click.

DWARF BOUNTY HUNTER BOXED SET BOOKS 1-6Dwarf Bounty Hunter Boxed Set Book 1-6:

Johnny Walker was a good bounty hunter in his day. James Brownstone good. But everybody has a line, including Johnny, and he retreated from the world to lick his wounds. But now the bad guys are back and he’s not going to let another young woman be murdered.

Get the first six books in the bestselling Dwarf Bounty Hunter series to start his adventures today!

Included in this boxed set: Go Dwarf Yourself, Don’t Give A Dwarf, All Dwarf’ed Up, Zero Dwarfs Given, What The Dwarf, Dwarf It All.

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Tops in his Paramedic Academy training…didn’t prepare him for Station U. What was more dangerous, the supernaturals or his boss? Dean needed to learn street medicine fast. He’d trained to help humans, but he wasn’t prepared for injured fairies and monsters. Still, he was smart, willing to learn, and more than anything, incredibly curious to learn about this whole new world he didn’t know existed. Would it get him killed? She’d been at this job a while and was less than enthused to be given a new probie. There was always a lot going on, but Brynne has something on her mind. What happened to her old partner?

In the dark of night…a society few humans know, thrives. And someone wants to bring them down.

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People Raged e-book coverPeople Raged:

A terrorist plotting an attack on Washington DC, staying one step ahead by hiding in plain sight, always there, but never seen.

In the classic government way, a tiger team is built to look into the intelligence surrounding a terror threat. They didn’t count on Rick Banik to break down walls and get the job done, no matter what. He takes it personal. Rick Banik – the right patriot for a new age. A race against time. A fight against bureaucracy. A maze of red tape and dots that don’t want to be connected. How many people must die for the plot to be uncovered? How many will die if it isn’t?

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Angels and Imperfections e-book coverAngels and Imperfections:

JOHN WESLEY TUCKER IS NEITHER AN ORDINARY DETECTIVE NOR AN ORDINARY MAN. Private Investigator John Wesley Tucker is hired to do a routine background check for a wealthy oil man, an aspiring politician. His investigation is complicated by his involvement in other cases and events which may be tied to a person associated with his client.

His partner, Christine, finds herself struggling to come to grips with her own ideals and beliefs. She and John are being followed by members of an unknown agency. When they learn there is a connection between the agency and Christine’s former boss, all the disparate threads are woven together into a tapestry of death. John and those around him will be led into a trap from which few will walk away.

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Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles e-book coverFear and Longing in Los Angeles:

If New York is the city that never sleeps, then L.A. is the city where you have to sleep with one eye open. Michael Andrews learns quickly that it’s not just the cut-throat world of Hollywood you need to fear. There’s something deeper, darker, and far more disturbing lurking just beneath the shadows of the city, waiting for any moment of vulnerability to grab you by the throat.
An extended trip to Los Angeles to be on set for the movie adaptation of his latest novel leads Michael into a twisted and macabre underworld where he becomes entangled with an intriguing, sexy, and mysterious woman. At times she seems just what he needs in order to finally get over the unrequited love of his ex-girlfriend; but at other times, she appears to be the gateway to a Pandora’s box of B-movie nightmares. Can he trust her? Can he trust himself with her?

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Rebel United Federation Marine Corps e-book coverRebel:

Michiko MacCailín is a member of the First Families, more concerned with her privileged lifestyle of ballet, spending time with friends, and planning her wedding than of the injustices suffered by the indentured workers of the all-powerful Propitious Interstellar Fabrication, Inc., the charter holder of the planet. When her activist fiancé is murdered at a protest rally, she blames the company and embarks on a personal mission of vengeance.

Michi has some initial, if minor success, but when the company requests that the Federation send in the Marine Corps to quell the unrest, the stakes immediately get higher. Undeterred, Michi is not going to let the Marines keep her from extracting her revenge.

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The Penetrator e-book coverThe Penetrator Series Boxed Set Books 11-20:

10 full length, action packed novels from the hard boiled pulp series The Penetrator.

Mark Hardin is known to his enemies as The Penetrator. He’s part Cheyenne and he’s never forgotten his past. In quest of his heritage, Mark Hardin has learned Indian skills: to track a man, but not to leave tracks; to speak his native language, in ancient dialects and sign language. His years of army service in Vietnam taught him other things. He’s a sharpshooter with almost any weapon a man can hold; an expert with hand grenades, explosives, booby traps, and line mines; a black belt in karate and aikido. He knows how to kill; he tries to stay alive.
As a child he bounced from orphanages to foster homes. He grew up with foster parents as diverse as Mafia Dons, Irish policemen, and college professors. He’s seen all angles of life. He knows it is too often evil, and it has become his mission to eradicate evil any way he can.

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Empty Graves e-book coverEmpty Graves:

The undead walk. Vicious, relentless, and never tiring. Hungry. And the dead have their stories.

Bram Stoker Award winner Jonathan Maberry is a master of the zombie tale. Empty Graves: Tales of the Living Dead is emotionally charged and disturbing. These stories range across the genres of horror, science fiction, and biological thriller without ever straying from the fascinating humanity at the core.

Together in a single action-packed collection, these 15 gritty tales of the living dead span Maberry’s career, including an exclusive never-before-published short story. Read them now.  If you dare.

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