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Wild Wednesday, August 9th, 2023


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

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Time of the Dragon boxed set 1 e-book coverTime of The Dragon Boxed Set One Books 1-3:

What do you do when you know the world is ending? Earth is dying, and humanity is unaware. The last of the dragons have charged themselves with protecting the planet. They’ve enlisted the help of other magical creatures to aid them, but not everyone follows the rules. Some have a code of their own. One of the last dragons born on Earth, Grey isn’t happy with his life. None of the dragons believe that the world can be saved, so why not go out with a bang? Kelsey is living her life oblivious to the magic around her, no different from any other human in the world. A chance encounter changes her whole world. Kelsey sees something more in Grey, but can she adapt to this new world? Does she have what it takes to survive a danger she shouldn’t know exists?

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Heaven will fall e-book coverHeaven Will Fall:

Gravitium, where the stakes are high and the danger is real. In this tale of a city in the clouds, Adjudicator Anselm Horst will do whatever it takes to keep the floating metropolis of Summerland afloat. But when he descends to the perilous surface in search of answers, he finds himself joined by Clare Voyhent, a fiercely capable survivor with a knack for unraveling mysteries. As they navigate the treacherous landscape, facing assassination attempts and encountering all manner of monsters and men, Anselm and Clare must work together to uncover the truth behind the threats to their city. But with enemies lurking around every corner and their own lives on the line, will they be able to make it back in one piece or die trying? Join these two heroes on their quest to protect the floating city in the action-packed world of Gravitium.

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Legacy of the Shadow Blood Complete Series Boxed SetLegacy of The Shadow’s Blood Complete Series Boxed Set:

Sometimes, you just can’t escape your past no matter how hard you try. Lexi is learning that the hard way and it’s not long before old enemies are trying to catch up with her. Then there’s her nemesis…

Lexi is a magic-wielding former assassin who broke away from the shadowy organization that trained her.  Working as a private investigator, her latest case takes her and her partner to Palm Springs, where a shifter is being harassed by a local businessman. But with pack politics and rivalries, this is far more than a property deal gone bad. Far worse, for Lexi, is that her local contact is her long-time nemesis, the gay vampire detective Dick. If the case doesn’t kill her, working with him again might!

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Legacy Academy Year One e-book coverLegacy Academy Year One:

Welcome to Legacy Academy! There are three rules at this supernatural academy: # 1—Date your own kind. Mixing with other races is forbidden. # 2—Never speak or look at The Royals, the powerful princes destined to rule each of their kingdoms. # 3—Avoid the human world. Of course, I’ve already broken all the rules. There’s something different about me. Something that’s not pure. I’m not like the other dragon shifters. Maybe it’s because of my human blood. The Royals have noticed me, and every girl at the Academy hates me. I never knew the paranormal world existed until one day I have a fight with Mom, I come home to find her gone, and poof, I’m a dragon shifter. It would have been nice if Mom would have told me. But then again, secrets rule my family… But now she’s been kidnapped and I have no answers. I have to find her. Some powerful demon is after me, because supposedly I’m a threat to his power. Which is crazy! Has he seen me in class?

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Chet Cunningham's The Pony Soldiers e-book cover

Chet Cunningham’s The Pony Soldiers Series:

 Captain Colt Harding, grief-stricken and hungry for revenge, sets out to destroy White Eagle, the Indian who killed his wife and son. White Eagle roams the land raping, pillaging, and murdering, showing no mercy. Captain Harding takes it upon himself to see that this savage be fed to the scavengers. Only with the help of Pony Soldiers, some of the vilest people in existence, will Captain Harding be able to avenge the deaths of his wife and son and rescue his daughter from a life of servitude.

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The Gideon Thorn complete series e-book coverThe Gideon Thorn Series:

Gideon Thorn: The Complete Weird Western Series

Michael Newton’s GIDEON THORN is a cross between The X-Files and B.N. Rundell’s The Plainsman Western Series. The series is full of classic western action and adventure, as well as paranormal suspense. Now available as a complete set for the first time. Gideon Thorn, survivor at age two of the unknown ‘animal’ attack that massacred his family in Kansas Territory, roams the West in search of answers to his personal tragedy and other unsolved mysteries of seemingly paranormal origin.

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Frozen Fire e-book coverFrozen Fire:

An ice planet. Three species vying for power. Then the humans arrive. Thrust into the middle of combat with enemies from the air, ice, and space, the Metal Legion pulls no punches, hitting back with everything they have. Who comes through unscathed? Surely not Elvira and her crew. Captain Xi Bao faces her greatest challenge during a secret mission. Alone and unafraid, she does the unthinkable. From criminals to heroes, the Armor Corps defends the interests of all Terrans, even if the politicians don’t seem to be fighting the same war. Victory or death! More ammo. More missiles. More beds in the hospital. Metal Legion – climb the ramp and come along for the ride. It’ll be bumpy and hot, but the sound of the 15kg mains is worth it.

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Hellfire e-book coverHellfire:

The Brick. An inhospitable planet in Finjou space. Humans settled there anyway. Now the aliens want them gone. Captain Xi Bao. Your orders are to conduct Operation Red Rock. Evacuate the human colonists from the Brick before the Finjou find them. Collect material evidence of the Jemmin conspiracy buried more than thirty kilometers below the surface. Easy mission. But the colonists don’t want to leave. And the Finjou don’t want the humans boring a hole in their dead planet. And everyone has nukes. Metal Legion gets thrown into the middle of an intergalactic cesspool. Make the humans evacuate. Peacefully. Using the awe-inspiring firepower of the mechs. Make peace with the aliens, even if you have to fight them. The Finjou aren’t amused. Predators who believe in dominance. Weapons free! Target, fire, slew the railgun, and fire again.

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