In today’s episode of Behind The Fiction: The Book Lover’s Podcast, we give you all the details on what is coming your way this week from LMBPN!

A misstep, a miscue, a misfortune, and a billion light years later, the superdreadnought is lost. Reynolds and its crew are searching for materials and parts needed to fix the ship in Superdreadnought 6. The Gate drive is trashed and the locals are hostile. The crew needs to get things fixed so they can get out of the area before things get worse.

A new series launches this week with Magic Street Boogie, book one of Scions of Magic. Set in New Orleans and part of the Oriceran Universe, you’ll be taken on a new, exciting adventure with Cali, Zeb and others of Cali’s crew as they discover secrets and take on new bad guys. You won’t want to miss this new urban fantasy adventure, out today!

Another new series launches this week with The Uncommon Rider. Book one of this highly anticipated series is available for pre-order and is already ranked number 1. Woohoo! Sophie Beaufont is the first dragon rider born in over 100 years. She’s also the first female dragon rider ever. A lot of things are about to change and Sophie is leading the charge. Join her on this wonderful new adventure!

Classes continue in the second collection of books with Providence Paranormal College Boxed Set 2. Continue the adventures of the students while they attend school and try to avoid being murdered by a villain who doesn’t want humans at the school with books 6 to 10 in this book.

Josiah Quin Is back in Flesh & Blood, the fourth title in this best selling series that features an irreverent bisexual wizard, evil angels, and double-crossing demons. If you like back-alley magic and noir-style anti-heroes, you’ll love this bloody good mystery.

*we also have quite a few amazing audio books that you are not going to want to miss this week! HINT HINT: Opus X book 1!*

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