In today’s episode of Behind The Fiction: The Book Lover’s Podcast, we give you all the details on what is coming your way this week from LMBPN!

The game is over. Real life is getting up close and personal. Kaiden and his friends. To pass his final year, Kaiden needs to not only pass the test but stay alive too. Join him an his friends in the battle in Invasion. It’s out today, so go get your copy!

The challenges faced by the Moonlight Detective Agency continue with Under Pressure. I can’t wait to see what Remy and Taylor get up to in this edition. Things are definitely heating up.

Cali, Fyre and Zeb return for more magical adventures in New Orleans in Mystical Alley Groove. Cali and Fyre are in the crosshairs of two different sets of enemies. The city’s magical council is precious little help, leaving her to handle things on her own, as usual. Join Cali as she handles these challenges as well as a secret she learns about her past.

If you enjoy litRPG, check out Rise of the Grandmaster. I don’t know a whole lot about this one but the cover looks like it will be a lot of fun.
Get started on another great urban fantasy adventure by E.A. Copen. Get all four books in The Judah Black Novels Omnibus. Monsters live among us, and it’s her job to make sure they obey the law. Special Agent Judah Black has been reassigned to the place careers go to die: The Paint Rock Supernatural Reservation. No agent on the reservation has lasted six months before they quit or disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Judah’s first case, which may make or break her career: solve the murder of a werewolf.

And the one we’ve all been waiting for, which is on pre-order, book 2 of Opus X, Shattered Truth, releases on Friday! Join Erik and Jia as their adventures continue and they continue their investigation of a murder cover-up that could bring down the Federation. Pre-order your copy at your favorite retailer today to get it delivered to your device on Friday!
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