In today’s episode of Behind The Fiction: The Book Lover’s Podcast, we give you all the details on what is coming your way this week from LMBPN!

Are you excited for the next Scions of Magic book? Bermuda Triangle Blues released today and is available for you to read as soon as you have time to pick it up. It sounds like Cali and Fyre are heading to New Atlantis to find out more about the secrets her parents left behind and put an end to the fights and power struggles in New Orleans. Join her on a trip through the Bermuda Triangle to New Atlantis!
The Hadstrom sisters return in Spellbound Magic on Tuesday. Magic is going haywire in Austin thanks to the Gorafrex being on the loose. The girls need to destroy the remaining energy cores before magic falls completely silent. Can the witches put the pieces of the puzzle together and get the Gorafrex back in its prison before it’s too late?
Marsh is itching to get to the next battle but first must get people to safety in Trading by Stormlight. Marsh and the Protectors have their work cut out for them to get the survivors they rescued to Ariella’s Grotto. Join them on their journey through hostile territory. Trading by Stormlight is due to be out middle of the week.
The spellbound conclusion to The Witch Next Door Series, Homeward Witch, is on pre-order and releases Thursday. Lily, Romeo and Greta have made it back home, but the Black Heron Society is chasing them. Will they ever give up? Probably not and with what Carmichael has planned, it’s time to shut the society down for good. They need allies and they know just who to go to. I hope it’s enough because Carmichael and the Black Heron Society survivors are gunning for them! You won’t want to miss the exciting conclusion to the series!
And if you were waiting for the next Exceptional S. Beaufont book, then your lucky day is Friday! Magitech Rises is also on pre-order and is guaranteed to drop that day. Magitech is seeking to ruin the world. And with only a few dragonriders and dragon eggs existing, hopefully S. Beaufont can find a solution to the problem and save the Dragon Elite!

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