In today’s episode of Behind The Fiction: The Book Lover’s Podcast, we give you all the details on what is coming your way this week from LMBPN!

Here’s all the info for books coming out this week: Swords, dragons and giant crabs? Just what are Cali and Fyre getting into in Spell Street Swing? Cali’s taken on the top job in New Atlantis while searching for the pieces of the sword she needs to reach her captured brother. Can Cali keep New Orleans from exploding like a powder keg or will chaos reign both there and in New Atlantis? Continue the adventure today!
Quinn Faust and her crew return this week in Huntress Cadet. They’re searching for a master vampire in hiding. Not an easy task while Quinn fights for control of her abilities after the destruction of her magic amulet. Can they stop an even more sinister plot than the last? Don’t miss out the exciting continuation of the Hunter Clan Saga.
A new series launches this week with WarMage: Unexpected, which is available for pre-order and releases Wednesday. Raven Alby will have to train her new dragon that she just befriended and save the dragon’s life or die trying. Shouldn’t be too difficult right? Wrong. The young mage is starting at Fowler Academy where people are disappearing. Hope Raven has what it takes to become a WarMage. Be sure to check out the link to the snippet below!
And another new series launches at the end of the week with Once Upon a Midnight Drow, part of the Goth Drow series. This is a bigger than normal book, containing three books in one, so be prepared for a lot of reading. You’ll get to meet Cheyenne Summerlin, who dresses as a Goth to hide her drow heritage. She’s going after bad guys, whether or not a black ops government group want her to. Join her on her adventures.

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