As LMBPN Publishing has grown from a single author (Michael Anderle) publishing a single series (The Kurtherian Gambit) to a publishing company with well over 500 books, the need for cohesive branding for the company has grown as well.

What we quickly realized when looking at the books produced by Michael and the other authors writing in the world of LMBPN is that the authors had set us on a clear path from the very beginning.

From Bethany Anne and Terry Henry Walton, all the way through to James Brownstone and Liv Beafount, LMBPN books feature heroic characters with a  strong sense of justice.

The Characters as Heros branding idea is a natural for LMBPN, and Jeff Brown created the graphic you see above as the first step in using the heroic figures our authors have created in company marketing material.  Bethany Anne is front and center in this first version, but the feature image can easily be changed as we target different markets.

Who is your favorite LMBPN character, and why?  Please let us know in the comments below.