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Wild Wednesday, November 2, 2022


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

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The Evermores Chronicles boxed set e-book coverThe Evermores Chronicles Complete Series Boxed Set:

Say the right words in just the right way, and step through a mirror into Mana Valley. A pocket dimension hidden on Oriceran. Something dark is stirring under Mana Valley and what it wants could transform the world in terrible ways.
Fran Jackson is a clever witch with big dreams of being a magi-tech entrepreneur and the know how to make things happen. She is also an Oriceran magical with the mind for business and the enemies to prove it. But a dark past buried in her family’s legacy may get in the way. Magical monsters have begun crossing through the mirrors and attacking Fran’s employees. Nothing and no one are what they seem. An old prophecy thought to be a myth has surfaced. Can Fran and her friends find out what it means in time to stop what’s happening on Earth and Oriceran?

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Last Man Standing e-book coverLast Man Standing:

I wasn’t supposed to survive. The station has been hit. Everyone around me is dead. I have 11 hours of life support left and no way of contacting Earth. I’m alone. I’m stranded. I’m desperate. But I’m alive.

The more of the station I explore, the surer I get that this was no accident. Someone did this, and I don’t think they’re finished yet.
Making it home feels like an impossible task, but I’m not just fighting for my own life. I have to protect my family — whatever it takes. And as long as I’m breathing, this isn’t over. Because whoever did this almost pulled it off… but they made one big mistake:

They left the wrong man standing…

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Heinous Crimes of Sara Slick boxed set e-book coverThe Heinous Crimes of Sara Slick Boxed Set:

From Book One Escape the Deep:

My name is Sara Slick, and I was an average teenager. I worked hard. Followed the rules. Took care of my family. But normal dissolved the night that the hidden world of The Far showed up to accuse my dad of heinous crimes against the magical community. To protect the ones I loved, I took the blame and the sentence of ten lifetimes in The Deep. No human had ever been sent to this paranormal prison. They didn’t think I’d last the night. They couldn’t have been more wrong. I survived by becoming the kind of human the magical world feared. Now, a decade later, I need to escape from hell before the home I sacrificed everything for meets its end at the hands of a maniacal, master wizard and his army of fanatics. What’s one army against the heinous Sara Slick?

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Roseland Boxed set e-book coverRoseland Boxed Set: Volumes 1-3:

When Ginger Mitchell finds out her mother committed suicide, she packs up her life as a Vegas “dancer” (hey, somebody’s gotta do it) and drives her cherry-red SUV straight home to Portland. Without a disapproving mom to rebel against, what was the point?

When she arrives back in her hometown, she finds a lot more going on than fancy food trucks and put-a-bird-on-it hipsters. Murders are being passed off as suicides.  College-aged women keep going missing.  And then there’s the troubling spate of mobsters who keep inviting her out to eat. With a pile of cash saved from her last job and no one around to tell her not to, Ginger decides to become a private investigator, to find out exactly what’s gone wrong in the City of Roses. First up: Her mother’s “suicide.”

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Floribeth Salinas O’Shea Dalisay is an Off-Planet Worker, employed as an exploration pilot by the giant corporation, Hamdani Brothers. Sent on a routine mission to analyze one of the millions of systems in the galaxy, she stumbles across something that could threaten humanity’s very existence. She barely escapes with her life, but in the process, has to shut down her scout’s AI.

As with all OPWs, she has few rights, and instead of being lauded as a hero, the corporation thinks she is lying. Her managers believe she found something valuable and shut down her AI in an attempt to hide that fact, hoping she can sell that information to the highest bidder. Grounded, and with a huge debt now over her head, Beth has to convince the powers that be that a very real danger to humanity is lying in wait out there in deep space.

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Crystals e-book coverCrystals:

War with the aliens has broken out, and they seem to have all the advantages. Engineers and scientists are scrambling to develop weapons to stand up to the threat, but when all is said and done, it is the Navy fighter pilots who have to take the fight to the enemy.

Petty Officer Third Class Floribeth Salinas O’Shea Dalisay, one of the new enlisted fighter pilots, is on the front lines with VFX-99, the “Stingers.” Sent out as guinea pigs, they collect needed data on the enemy weapons systems by being targets. But even guinea pigs have teeth, and if she can survive, Beth is determined to use hers.

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I’ve been carrying a torch for a wolf defender, but he’s never looked my way. Why would he? I am a dragon and the daughter of an accused traitor.

When we get news of mystery and intrigue in the corrupt Timber Kingdom of the wolves, he wants to go there to avenge the death of his fated mate. I’m sure this is the key to proving my dad’s innocence.

If I can convince him to band together we both might get what we want, including a chance at love. But neither of us know who to trust when demons and wolves have joined forces to bring the dark Unseelie to our realm.

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Prodigals e-book coverProdigals:

If they’re coming for us, who’s coming for them? The galaxy is vast, and not everything is what it seems. The invasion we always feared is here. Which begs the question: what do the invaders fear? If not us, then what…or who And what happens to the would-be peacemakers when they find themselves in the middle of something else? Something dangerous, something highly advanced, and … something familiar? If humanity is wise, we will prepare for everything we can imagine.

But we cannot prepare for what we cannot imagine. It might be benign, it might be malign, or it might be a sign.

You just have to know where to look.

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Willow Falls e-book coverWillow Falls:

Welcome to Willow Falls. The town young Matthew Bannister ran away from fifteen years before. Now famed U.S. Deputy Marshal Matt Bannister is coming home to reconcile with his family. He prayed he wouldn’t see his ex-best friend Tom Smith nor the only girl he ever loved, Tom’s wife, Elizabeth. However, old feuds unsettled never die and spark a powder keg of action when the desperate Moskin Gang kidnap Elizabeth and leave a murderous trail behind them. In anguish, Tom, the Willow Falls sheriff, turns to his despised old-friend to help get the woman they both love back alive, if they can. Sometimes God’s greatest blessing is unanswered prayer.

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When Honor Dies e-book coverWhen Honor Dies:

It was from his best friend Johny Sangremano that Mike Kelly first hears the word mafia. It’s a secret crime organization, Johnny tells Mike, and the Sangremanos are one of the most powerful families. But he swears that he will never be a part of it, just as Mike vows never to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a policeman.

Instead, the two friends set out on their way across the country in a beat-up old biplane, seeking out a living as they go. But youthful dreams die bitter deaths, and before long they are back in New York where they learn there is only one way to escape the Mafia…

Two men bound by twisted loyalties…to the mob, to the law and to each other.

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