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Wild Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

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Witch of the Federation Boxed Set 2Witch of the Federation Boxed Set Two Books 9-12:

The Telorans have arrived, and people in the Federation are going to die. Vishlog is working to understand the Morgana group, and just what he has “volunteered” to be part of. Hopefully, he won’t die before he learns. The Witch of the Federation has matured, and she has learned how to be a bit more aggressive. She chooses to use this new strength…to go on a date. Will Todd be able to handle the new Stephanie, or will even the Toddster succumb to fear when and if the Morgana reveals herself? Stephanie and her team need a break, but the Federal Navy comes to Elizabeth, hat in hand, to ask for a favor. Unfortunately, it requires the team to go active earlier than they should. Will they accept? Will Stephanie’s team be able to defend the Federation? She is a MORGANA. There are no other alternatives, no matter the risk to her and her team.

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CHRONICLES OF THE UNWANTED PRINCESS E-BOOK COVERChronicles of an Unwanted Princess Boxed Set:

She may be a pretty schoolgirl, but she’s more dangerous than anyone can imagine. Mia Jennings isn’t a normal girl. She knows there’s something different about her because she keeps seeing things. That would be fine but she just wants to be normal. But what is normal? Trying to learn more about her powers, she fights in a tournament. Some believe she’s an easy target, a nobody, someone who will just lay down and die. They couldn’t be more mistaken. Now, Mia’s on a journey to learn about her powers. She’s not keen on the idea, but her attitude might just help her survive the challenges thrown her way. Factor in a fae bounty hunter and a cute boy supporting her, she might just have enough friends at her side to learn how to use her natural gifts and discover the truth about who she is. They wanted a fight? Mia’s gonna give them one. But can she fight hard and last long enough to learn what she needs to?

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Huntress Initiate saga series coverThe Huntress Clan Saga:
Book 1 Free, Books 2 – 6 .99¢

From Book 1: How did they expect her to play the game if she didn’t even understand the rules? Abandoned as an infant, Quinn Faust is about to discover she’s not just a normal human being. Bounced from foster home to foster home, she came to rely on her street smarts, martial arts skills, and the tiny silver amulet that was the only link to her lost family. Hired by a video game company to test new Virtual Reality gear to train soldiers, Quinn quickly learns there’s more to the game than they told her. Now strange happenings reveal a world hidden in the shadows, the existence of supernatural creatures, magic and mystical powers. Does Quinn have what it takes to claim the birthright of long-lost Hunter clans?​

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The exceptional Sophia Beaumont boxed set e-book books 1-12 coverThe Exceptional Sophia Beaufont Boxed Omnibus Books 1-12:

The Elite, a guild comprised exclusively of dragon riders, is dead according to most. No one has seen a rider in decades. The problems they used to fight overwhelm the world. Dragons are thought to be near extinction. However, the Elite aren’t dead… It’s just that a bunch of crusty, old men who do nothing that benefits the world at large are easy to mistake as useless corpses. Sophia Beaufont is about to change all of that.  When the dragon egg that magnetized to her hatches, it sets Sophia on a new course. She’s expected to train. To defend. To fight. Sophia is ready to conquer evil, as the dragon riders should have been doing for centuries.  However, the Elite have been turning a blind eye, allowing the world to be overrun by criminals. That’s all about to change.  S. Beaufont isn’t a girl who will be told to sit down and relax when a war is brewing that only a dragon rider can extinguish.

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Incendio flame born e-book coverIncendio: Flame Born:

Watch out Montreal. You’re in for a fiery ride. I knew three things about my life before adoption: I was a baby rescued from a blazing house fire, I was found in the arms of a dead man, and no one ever came to claim me. No one. Not ever. Now, as a Montreal detective, I’m dedicated to hunting truths for a living. Unheard voices. Cold cases. Unsolved mysteries. Unearthing secrets hidden in the shadows is my jam. Until the fae veil falls… When the world learns magic is real, everything changes. Montreal begins seething with prana energy, dormant genes activate, and seemingly normal humans experience magical awakenings. I have an awakening. Suddenly, everything I’ve obsessed over about my violent beginnings sucker-punches me in the gut. And what’s worse—the murderous factions who hunted me so long ago are back on my scent. Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

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Vampire Morning e-book coverVampire Morning:

What do you call a vampire by day, a human by night? Confused? That makes two of us! Sunlight is a little problematic for me. Will I be able to handle it? By night I am a normal girl. I like computers, ice cream, and guys. When the sun rises, I’m stronger. I also get an insatiable craving for you-know-what. The weird sisters stole Dracula’s power. As masters of the Scholomance, they are recruiting new vampires. A recipe for disaster? Whatever they are planning, it can’t be good. There’s only one way to deal with vampires, especially those meddling in the dark arts. Can I bring them to light before they unleash their nightmare on the world?  We shall see.

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Topgun Requiem e-book coverTOPGUN: Requiem:

 Mia Verick grew up on a remote homestead far from anything people would dare call civilization. Her upbringing was…unusual. Mia had daily firearms practice, tactical exercises, and pilot training. She never cared about her strange life, only about living up to the expectations of her father. His mysterious job often takes him away on secret missions, leaving her to self-training until the day she can surpass him. Now she will never get the chance. Her father has died under classified circumstances. No one will tell her the truth, leaving her with only one option. Can she ferret out the truth about her father’s death by herself? Her audacious plan takes her far from home to the world’s largest city. Betrayals push her to an even more surprising place. The most elite fighter training school in the KCAP is the only place she can earn the influence she needs to learn the truth about her father. Before that, she’ll need to survive a true nest of vipers: a private military academy.

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Valkyrie e-book coverValkyrie:

What would happen if Odin decided to get involved in Midgard again? Our world is tearing itself apart. The evil among us are ripping apart the very seams of today’s society, using terrorism and blackmail to create chaos. Valerie Kearie, mead lover and history major, joins the mercenary company Viking, Inc. as a prospective business analyst. Her first mission is supposed to be a cakewalk. Tracking down a digital terrorist known as CLEOPATRA, Valerie and her partner Jacob Pinkerton need to figure out the identity of the elusive mastermind and stop the attacks before they are killed for their efforts. Moving from one dangerous case to another, Valerie can’t understand why she is loving the running and gunning aspect of her new job way more than any sane person should. Then there is the obscure historical knowledge that she shouldn’t know…and yet. Valerie isn’t a wallflower, but she is having difficulties coming to grips with the new abilities and odd thoughts that emerge as she is drawn deeper into her new reality. 

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Grizzly Killer e-book coverGrizzly Killer Boxed Set:


Lane R Warenski brings readers books 1-5 of the action-packed, best-selling Grizzly Killer mountain series in one convenient collection.

Zach Connors was one of the best mountain men, known to the Indians as Grizzly Killer. He was both feared and respected throughout the Rocky’s. He went to the mountains in search of adventure. What he got was a struggle to survive. In a land with no law, Zach must fight renegade white men, hostile Indians, and the wilderness itself to survive. And when he forges a home in which to raise his family, it will take more than the might of his guns and the strength of his will to keep them safe.

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John Sand is a recently retired British secret agent who is drawn back into the spy game when a famous novelist is kidnapped.
Using his skills and experience to track down his friend and stop the kidnappers before they can carry out their plans, Sand is pulled back into the world full of secret intelligence—and the most dangerous missions of his life. The enemies are deadlier. The stakes higher. The threats more complex. The John Sand series is fast-paced and action-packed—the culmination of a thrilling set of novels that are sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. This collection contains the following complete and unabridged titles: Come Spy with Me; Live Fast, Spy Hard; To Live and Spy in Berlin; and Murderlized.

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