QBS Polarus near Argentina

Frank Kurns 02“What I was told,” said Darryl as he slung his overnight bag over his shoulder, “was that Bethany Anne requested Gabrielle, Cheryl Lynn, Patricia, Ecaterina and Barb down into her suite here for a conference and no, and I mean ‘no’ guys are invited.”  He sat down on the couch in the middle area that been recently renovated to hold a fifth door for Akio. Peter’s room was on the Ad Aeternitatem.

“Except Ashur,”  Scott called out of his room as he reached across his bed to grab his phone. He spoke a little louder so everyone could hear him. “She even has two hand-picked female Guardians in front of her suite for protection.”

“What about Peter?”  Eric asked from his room as he packed.

Scott walked out of his room and dropped his bag beside his chair and sat down.

“What about me?”  Peter asked as he breezed into the main area carrying his overnight bag. “I was told by Bethany Anne to grab overnight clothes and to meet you guys here.  Where’s John?” He asked as he sat across from Darryl on the matching couch and put up his feet on the coffee table.

“Did she call?” Darryl asked.

Peter shook his head, “Nope.  Did the mind juju conversation stuff.”

“She’s getting a lot better with that,”  Darryl remarked to Peters nodded agreement.

Eric came out of his room and shut his door, “That room is not for public consumption!”  He walked over and gave Peter a fist bump before kicking his legs off the table, “Mind the furniture, shrimp.”  He grumped before sitting next to Peter and crossing his feet and placing them on top of the table.

“You old Bitch!”  Peter remarked before putting his feet back on the table.  “Where is the esteemed High Bitch?”

“Right here, Sophomore, with our Fish,”  John said as he walked in with Akio holding a sword.  All of the guys raised their eyes in surprise.  John had a night bag, but he was also fully decked out in ‘Queen Bitch’ dress with patches and everything.

“I think I failed to get a memo.”  Darryl quipped.

Akio nodded to the men and sat down next to Darryl, holding his sword.

“No, no memo was put out.”  John agreed, looking down at his five guys. “What I’ve been told, no actually ‘commanded’ by Bethany Anne was that the Bitches needed a night out.  I was told to make sure that this group let out some of our energy and ‘attitude’ and to come back relaxed.  Now, you guys know that Bethany Anne just wants us off this ship so we can’t figure out what she’s doing.  That’s fine, Gabrielle is there, and so is Ashur.  However, she is right.  We need to blow off some steam.”

John looked at all of his guys, “That would normally mean we go to a bar, but I’m not sure how much that would affect us. While I fully intend to end up in a dive, I think there is only one way to get rid of the pent up aggression I’m feeling.”

“Well, considering how you’re decked out,” Eric said, “I think you believe we need to work out our aggression?”

“What I’m thinking,” John said, “Is that the best way to get rid of aggression is to fuck up some people who desperately need to be fucked up.  So, I’ve had Frank help me locate a few places that need help.  Now, we might not make it to all of them but by the end of the night, we will have done some major good and I’ll start feeling a little Karmic balance restored.  If you guys aren’t full up, well, we will just have to schedule it again.”

Peter grinned as he stood up, “Hell yeah!  How are we getting around?”

John pursed his lips, “Well, six of us, six Black Eagles are available to use…”

Scott stood up, “God, I’ve needed to fucking shoot somebody.  You pussies keep getting the action after the Australian incident.”

“Oh, is that what you call running into an ambush?”  Darryl said as he stood up.

“No, I call that being your shield and if you would just appreciate it instead of always trying to turn my self-sacrifice around I’d enjoy it!”  Scott grinned as he punched Darryl as he walked past him.

Darryl rubbed his arm, “Make sure Scott is up front, and he can shield me all the time.”  He rubbed his arm a second time, “That way, I can use my size twelves to kick his ass through the door!”

All the guys chuckled.

Akin stood back for a second and got Eric’s attention, “What are we doing?”

“Well,” Eric told him as the two followed, “I imagine John is taking us by the Armory to find all sorts of personal mayhem devices.  There, we are going to make lewd jokes about how long someone’s ‘gun’ is.  Then, six of the most deadly men on this planet have been commanded by their Queen to go ‘blow off some steam.’  Now, she might have known what John was going to do or she might not.  Either way, John has found a list of some locations of very bad people who probably need to have an attitude adjustment.  We are going to take six of the most deadly planes in the world to these locations and we are going to do very painful things to very bad people and enjoy the shit out of it!”

Akio asked, “Because this is what our Queen wants?”

Eric closed the door as the two followed the rest down the hall, “She wants us to get rid of our general bad attitudes about everything.  About Michael, about stupid politicians, stupid attitudes and horrible people who want shit they had nothing to do with creating.  Friends who are no longer with us and so John decided the best way to help relieve this pent up anger is to do something righteous with it.”

“Something righteous with guns?”  Akin asked.

“Of course!”  Eric responded as he looked over to Akio and grinned.  “Righteousness at the end of a .45…”  He looked down at the sword Akio was holding, “And a sword, of course.“

Eric started humming a recent tune as the guys ahead took a left towards the armory.

“Righteousness at the end of a .45…a .45…”  he was singing as he and Akio followed the others around the corner.

To Be Continued