April showers bring May flowers. It also brings time to read more books since it tends to rain more so those flowers can bloom.

This month, we have four new series coming your way. If you’re looking for a mix of science fiction, urban fantasy and a little bit of urban cozy mystery, then this will be a great month for you. Of course, one of these series you saw in the March preview. It got pushed back to April to accommodate editing and a few other things going on behind the scenes.

Most of the new series release the last week of the month, but one comes out on the 15th. Learn more about what comes out when below!

A new sci-fi series full of action and mayhem comes your way April 15…


The thought settling the new world was going to be easy, but as the settlers of Vale discover, it’s anything but. When they are put into a situation that puts all of their lives at stake, are they desperate enough to resort to the kind of tough and strong that is bold, bad, and brazen enough to turn their society and the enemy on their heads?

Meet Joe Ugly. He’s the Marine they need for the job.

Will the galaxy be ready to face him?

Preorder your copy of Wake Him Up to find out!

A new urban fantasy series by new to LMBPN authors awaits you…


Brought to you by Lawrence M. Schoen and Brian Thorne, Demon Codex launches with Soul Bottles on April 26.

Sometimes, things that are broken apart and hidden from the world are best left that way. Unfortunately, someone has been gathering up the scattered pieces of an ancient tome of magic. That tome unleashes the power to summon daemons.

Trust me when I say that isn’t a good thing.

It’s worse when Professor Derrick Watson’s students are being set up and innocent people are dying.

He’d rather continue his research, but his students need to be saved.

Will Watson succeed?

No link for this one yet, but as soon as it’s on preorder I’ll update the article with a link!

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You saw this series last month, but it was delayed….


This series is the third in a promised trio of new ZOO series set in the far, far future. That series would be Interstellar Security and Extraction Services with book 1, Never Too Expensive, releasing on April 28, 2022.

Whether you need security, protection for legal travel, avoid an uprising or anything else in the distant future, Interstellar Security and Extraction Services can provide the services you need – for a price. Independently owned and operated, the transportation branch can handle any interstellar relocation. With an understanding Captain who values discretion and expediency, all your worries will disappear.

Discover their services and the adventures they encounter while on the job in April by preordering your copy!


If you like urban fantasy with a side of mystery…


We like to call this an urban cozy. It’s got urban fantasy and cozy mystery mashed up. It features a teenage witch solving mysteries in her home town. A little bit like Nancy Drew, but with magic.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot more about the series than that, but I’m sure the upcoming book sales pitch and snippet will be a great way to tease all of you into picking it up!

No link for this one yet, but as soon as it’s on preorder I’ll update the article with a link!



We hope you enjoy this sneak peek of the new series coming your way, along with all the other new releases, in April! We’ll be back later in April to tell you about the new series arriving in May! There are some exciting new series coming your way later this year!