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The days of winter are upon us. The official date for the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones just GOT released by HBO. Set your phone calendar to the day of April 14, and the official time for the show is 9 pm. We will find out if Daenarys Targaryen gets to sit on the Iron Throne. When we listened to George R. R. Martin talk about meeting the HBO showrunners, discussing their vision, and seeing if it aligned with his, he will always say his goal was to write the best books possible and he understood it was their goal to make the best show possible. Yes, there is a lot of nudity and violence. However that doesn’t stop the epic tale, and it doesn’t detour from the amazing character who is Jon Snow – if that really is his name.

In the latest teaser trailer for the final season, we see Jon Snow walk into a crypt with Sansa and her sister Arya Stark. They walk past their deceased mother/stepmother and listen to her regretful words on how she treated Jon when she still lived. Then they come upon three statues that reflect themselves. Arya looks about the same age and Sansa looks somewhat older. Jon, on the other hand, looks much older. Is this an omen? You will have to watch to find out.

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Remember how HBO teased it would end the Sopranos in a way that doesn’t follow the traditional ending of a mafia tale? It ended with the family together at a dinner table going on with their lives despite the things done by Tony Soprano. They were correct. Mafia movies do not end that way. It ended up very anti-climatic and in many ways boring.

An anti-climatic ending simply doesn’t seem possible for this series. They will go to the mattresses for their blood. Spoiler Alert! It’s pretty obvious at this point that Daenarys Targaryen and Jon Snow are related as well. Watch out though, Cersei sits on the throne and she will unlikely give it up without a fight. Knowing that Cersei is pregnant and the series doesn’t seem to care if a woman is preggo, they’ll kill her off anyway.

What’s really cool about this season is how they are acquiring some really creative directors to sit in the chair and tell them where to go. David Nutter is the visionary behind the latest teaser, and he has directed the season five finale called “Mother’s Mercy.”

The teaser also has the Emmy-award winning musical-score author Ramin Djawadi, who won for the show “The Dragon and the Wolf.”

When I watch a show of Game of Thrones, I spend most of it on the edge of my seat. I still remember what the Mountain did and that it took me months to get over it. I am hoping the Hound gets revenge. However, remember what he did to the butcher’s boy? There are no innocents in this world. Even high-integrity Jon Snow has already died by his own men. In this world you learn to play the game or you die. Although, Daenarys Targaryen is predictable in that we know she can do the impossible. Is that the difference here? Will peace be brought to this world visualized by George R. R. Martin? That would change the culture of this very world. Speculators say they see her already going mad like her father. Only the tincture of time will really tell what will happen. Not even the actors really know how it will all end. It likely won’t be anti-climatic though, and it sure won’t be boring.

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