This week we bring you Part One of Holi’s Savior, by N.D. Roberts. As you’ll hear during the open, we intended to have Nat on as our guest host this week, but the lengthy trip from the UK to Arizona put her a little under the weather.  If all goes well, she’ll be with us next week.

Rhapsody For The Tempest

During the introduction, I mentioned that Rhapsody for the Tempest, book three in The Braintrust series was just released as an audiobook.  You can grab your copy here if you don’t already have it in your audible queue.



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Here is the blurb for Renegade from Tales From The Kurtherian Universe, Book One.

Holi’s Savior, by ND Roberts

On the alien world Castellegia, brave young Holi fights for the survival of her ragged band of orphans. Who will save them from the green-eyed mutants who stalk the night? Justice calls upon Castellegia at the moment all is lost for Holi.

A story of strength, determination, and the softer side of everybody’s favorite benevolent dictator.

Each of the Fan’s Write books can be purchased at Amazon.

Book One

Book Two

Book Three


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