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Obsidian Detective Snippet #2

Here is the much anticipated Obsidian Detective Snippet #2. Be sure to come back each Friday through the month of October to get that latest teaser!


Erik grinned as his final metal dart hit the board.

A moment later, there was a satisfying chime. Another bullseye.

He looked around with a smile on his face. “It’s hard being this good, and this handsome.” He watched as the waitress, Janette, walked by and winked at her. “But I’ve been blessed, so who am I to complain?”

She waved the back of her hand twice, telling him to deal that talk to someone else, although she had a smirk on her face. She grabbed two empties and disappeared through the crowd.

Dammit! Model-good looks, and I can’t even tease the waitress and get more than a smirk in return?

That’s it. He shook his head, although he kept a smile plastered on his face. He raised his arms in triumph, but in his mind, the conversation ended with I’m officially old, and I suck.

A roar of approval erupted from the men and women surrounding him. The group of them were clad in loose black pants and white undershirts, and they had dog tags around their necks.

The dog tags were deceptive, nothing more than a thin piece of metal to the naked and ignorant civilian eye, despite being one of the more sophisticated examples of non-volatile nanomatrix storage in the entire United Terran Confederation.

That level of technology was necessary to store the gene sequence of the relevant soldier along with other data while maintaining fidelity even under extreme conditions, such as exposure to pure vacuum.

None of the soldiers concerned themselves with the possibility of their demise. The only enemy action they feared at the moment was death by boredom.

There weren’t a huge number of off-duty soldiers in the room, only twelve out of the fifty making up the UTC Army Expeditionary Force 108th Assault Platoon. Their boisterous voices were more than enough to challenge Erik’s ears in the small, windowless and mostly empty barracks rec room, however.

A lanky dark-skinned man standing next to Erik shook his head. “It’s been four days since your birthday, but I don’t know if I can let this go anymore, Major. Big five-zero or not.”

He chuckled and gestured at Erik’s hair. “Getting a lot of gray up there.” He pursed his lips as Erik raised an eyebrow. “Just saying, maybe it’s time to get some rejuvenation treatments.” He grabbed the darts being handed to him and waved them to catch Erik’s attention. “I know I’m new here, but come on. You think I’m an idiot?”


Obsidian Detective, Book #1 in the Opus X Series.

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