We were delighted to hear that one of our new authors, Raven Belasco, had the amazing experience of donating her books to her local public library. Raven’s name will be included on a plaque of local authors showcased at the library.

If you haven’t started her Blood & Ancient Scrolls series yet, it’s only two books in but already getting rave reviews. We particularly like this one: “Vampire fiction for people who don’t think they like vampire fiction. This series is for people who think they don’t like vampire stories. Balancing old myths with the modern world, the story makes vampire fiction accessible for first time readers while providing something new and exciting for longtime fans of the genre.

What sets this series apart is the author’s ability to write intimate scenes that are titillating without being cringe-worthy as well as clearly detailed action sequences that are clear, direct and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Finally, the author’s deep love of language is apparently throughout the book, with the addition of a handy index at the back to help you through the story. Well worth your time!”

Raven’s also been doing the podcast circuit in promotion for her book. (Or just because she loves to talk about vampires.) Her most recent interview can be heard here: https://www.writersdrinkingcoffee.com/posts/podcast/episode-67-interview-with-raven-belasco/

Book 1, Blood Ex Libris is on sale for 99 cents through Nov. 1! Book 2, Blood Sine Qua Non is FREE through Nov. 1. Dive into the series today!