Alpha Class – Engineering

Alpha Class – Engineering

Wide Open Spaces. Ancient Ruins. Pissed Off Governments. Five Adventurous Students.

What could possibly go wrong?

Tag along as we follow Alpha Class when they study with Jeo, the lead of the Engineering team, and learn about engineering by reviewing important marvels across the earth.

Without getting permission.

If they thought the moon was dangerous, wait till they return to Earth.

***A Kurtherian Gambit Adventure for Younger Readers.... Or those who are young at heart.***

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TS Paul

with Michael Anderle

Now a USA Today Bestselling author, TS Paul is an innovator. He likes to say he's made up of 20% grape kool-aid, 10% fried chicken, and 70% creativity. He's the guy that throws out the rules and publishes what he wants when he wants to. With three series under his belt already he's gearing up for the next busiest year of his life. 2020 will introduce more than three brand new series of books to the world. Dipping into Post-Apoc and High fantasy, Mr Paul will be the man to watch.

Currently TS Paul is finishing up the Federal Witch series with Death Awaits (in Preorder) and the future book ancient spirits. The first Space Chef book will be out in January.

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