Attack Wing

Attack Wing

A Missing Comrade, Raider Attacks, and a Surplus of Plotting Enemies

Lieutenant Commander Beau Ward has too much on his plate. June is acting even quirkier than usual, the space station is malfunctioning, and his growing squadron needs new fighters to fly their missions.

Worst of all, finding a lead on who kidnapped Katy is turning up nothing but dead ends.

Beau’s pilot shortage is eased by a new arrival, and Katy’s apprentice may be green but he’s stepping up to make her proud in her absence.

The search for Katy is further complicated by the Kratch piling on the pressure with regular attacks. But do they have an ally on Uuru?

When news of Katy comes in, the only option Beau has is to ask for…external assistance.

Can the squadron take the battle to the enemy in time to pull off the most daring rescue yet?

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About the Author
Jamie Davis

with Michael Anderle


Jamie Davis is a nurse, retired paramedic, author, and nationally recognized medical educator who began teaching new emergency responders as a training officer for his local EMS program. He loves everything fantasy and sci-fi and especially the places where stories intersect with his love of medicine or gaming.

Jamie lives in a home in the woods in Maryland with his wife, three children, and dog. He is an avid gamer, preferring historical and fantasy miniature gaming, as well as tabletop games. He writes LitRPG, GameLit, urban, and contemporary paranormal fantasy stories, among other things. His Future Race Game rules were written to satisfy a desire to play a version of the pod races from Star Wars episode 1.

He loves hearing from readers and going to cons and events where he meets up with fans. Reach out and say "hi."

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