Dust Song

Dust Song

After all of the blood, fear, and downright suffering Torbjorn and his crew have endured, you’d think they’d deserve better.

A hero’s welcome this ain’t. But such is the life of the shabr’dwal, eh?

It seems our band of misfits lot in life is to be suspected, mistreated, and imprisoned. Betrayals endured, enemies at home and abroad, and there’s no one to feel sorry for them.

Not that they want any more than the respect they’re due, of course. What sort of self-respecting dwan would put up with that pity nonsense?

Yet, there’s intrigue afoot as allies fall on hard times.

A dwarf of the Bad Badgers doesn’t have many friends to begin with. There’s no choice but to head out for another round of brawlin' and bruisin’ in their sword and sorcery universe.

Time to load that duabuw, sharpen that magsax, and get down to some dirty business.

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About the Author
Aaron D. Schneider

with Michael Anderle

Aaron was born to parents who taught him two very important things: truth matters and imagination is not a crime.

Our protagonist has spent the rest of his life trying to live out those two maxims, much to the chagrin of every unfortunate around him (progenitors included).

As such, by age six or seven, he was writing stories about a dark, reptilian avenger who brought final, painful justice to the guilty- with unsettling illustrations to boot. His beloved and benighted parents realized that budding sociopathy would simply not do, and so they began introducing him to tales of great and good heroes. First the account of a certain carpenter, then a hairy-footed burglar, then a savior lion, and after that point our protagonist was plunging face first and arms out into a world of heroism both real and imagined. While far from a hero himself, he has endeavored to try and capture that same bowed but unbroken spirit that dwells in a dark and ugly world, because that as far as he can tell is what makes it all worth it.

Along this rambling, dreaming way he managed to find a woman he could bamboozle into loving him, and then even have children with, Lord have mercy on them all.

Now Aaron has managed to cram no few exciting jobs and hair-raising experiences into his life so far, and God help him, he hopes for many more. It is these that drive his captured glimpses of something epic. If you have the time you should pull up a chair, grab a beer, light a pipe, or whatever your pre-literary consumption ritual may be and give them a look. It is been said they are truly monstrous, but as any true hero knows, monsters often guard treasure.

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