Mystic Mantle

Mystic Mantle

Authors: ,
Series: Eldrich Engineer, Book 4
Genre: Lit-RPG
Tags: Eldrich Engineer, LITRPG STAND ALONE

Charles Smith brought magic back with him to Earth, but will even that be enough to end the Reaper threat?

The reapers have brought a Queen through the dimensional barrier. With her magic behind them, the reapers intend to open a massive portal, allowing tens of thousands more of their kind to pour into Earth.

They have to be stopped—no matter the cost.

As governments of the world gird themselves to use their most terrible weapons to stop the reaper threat, Smith and his allies throw everything they have into one final attempt to defeat the enemy with more conventional means.

Under the streets of Manhattan they go, seeking the deadliest foe Charles has ever challenged.

And if he fails, nuclear fire will destroy the city and everyone in it.

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About the Author
Kevin McLaughlin

with Michael Anderle

USA Today bestselling author Kevin McLaughlin has written more than three dozen science fiction and fantasy novels, along with more short stories than he can easily count. Kevin can be found most days in downtown Boston, working on the next novel. His bestselling Blackwell Magic fantasy series, Accord science fiction series, Valhalla Online LitRPG series, and the fan-favorite Starship Satori series are ongoing.

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