The Dark Professor

The Dark Professor

Ashlynn Mosier’s instincts have always driven her. Will they get her killed when they push her toward a danger she can’t comprehend?

Ash just wants to finish her degree and head out to explore history’s mysteries with her adopted sister. She didn’t expect sparks to fly when she became a teaching assistant for the devastatingly sexy and enigmatic history professor, Luca Romano.

Things seem to be falling into place, but fate has other plans in store for Ash.

When vampires attack her, Ash discovers there’s a hidden supernatural world. Now there’s no going back. Every instinct drives her toward Luca—but he’s keeping a secret that could get them killed.

Ash also has secrets, and one is determined to surface.

When her instincts urge her to do the impossible, can Ash reconcile her old and new realities in time to keep the people she loves alive?

Start this steamy, action-packed series today!

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