The Homecoming

The Homecoming

Series: Stonecrusher Legacy, Book 3
Genre: Fantasy
Tags: FANTASY STAND ALONE, Stonecrusher Legacy
Publisher: LMBPN Publishing

It’s time to reclaim the Stonecrusher stronghold! Once in, never out!

Three decades after evil forces invaded their ancestral home and slaughtered their people, the survivors of Clan Stonecrusher marched to liberate their stronghold and free their clansmen.

Until deep-seated hatred turns allies into enemies.

Fighting against the forces of elves, goblins, troglodytes, and wizards, Waldorf once again stands as the champion of his people and exposes the lies and manipulations woven by a master in the shadows.

An adversary even more dangerous than Chief Oghark and King Elraith.

As Waldorf embraces his destiny, he, Tempress, and Mallick must work together to expose their enemy and ascertain his twisted intentions.

Can the dwarven duo and their elven healer restore their peoples’ freedom? Can Clan Stonecrusher regain their place among the Dwarven Nation, and advance the All-Father’s quest to reunite his dwarven children?

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