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Wild Wednesday, March 16th, 2022


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

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The Elven Prophecy complete series omnibus e-book coverThe Elven Prophecy Complete Series Omnibus:

There are many who don’t want to see the elven prophecy fulfilled. And they want me dead before I can do something radical. Like, oh, I don’t know… save the world?

They blackballed me a heretic. Not like they had a choice. The only alternative was admitting they might be wrong. Unthinkable! I didn’t go into ministry to defend dogma. I just wanted to spread a message of hope. But now I don’t know what to believe. Elves are real. I mean, seriously?  How does getting stabbed confirm to anyone I am the center of ancient prophecy? Now it isn’t just my beliefs I have to fight. I'm against a lot more than that and they want me dead before I can fulfill a prophecy. My whole life is in disarray. How can I be expected to save anyone, much less the world?

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Son of Avonar e-book coverSon of Avonar:

A violent fugitive who cannot speak, who has no past. A disgraced noblewoman who would rather forget her past.
And a world of magic that has turned against both of them. Seriana Marguerite, daughter of a warrior house, once believed that intelligence, determination, and love could avert the consequences of youthful rebellion. She was wrong.  Over the years Seri has adapted to poverty and exile, far from royal intrigues and the politics of power. But her bitter peace collapses on the day she encounters a half-mad fugitive—a man incapable of speech, yet skilled at violence. The discovery that one of his dead-eyed pursuers is the man responsible for the horrors of her past forces Seri onto a path of anguished memory and ancient riddles, a race to unravel the mysteries of the fugitive’s identity, his mission, and a looming danger that could shatter the very foundation of the world.

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Sergeant e-book coverSergeant:

Ryck Lysander has proven himself as a Marine, as a warrior. As he is promoted to sergeant, though, his responsibilities expand beyond merely fighting to leading other Marines into battle.

When an old ally becomes a new enemy, one well-equipped and trained, Ryck is pushed to his very limits as he tries to keep his Marines alive while fulfilling his mission of defeating the enemy on the field of battle.

Faced with extraordinary challenges and grueling missions, Ryck discovers love, loss, brotherhood, and dogged inner strength as he learns what it means to be a sergeant in the United Federation Marine Corps.

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Fighting Submarine e-book coverFighting Submarine:

From the author of the bestselling U-boat series, comes a fabulous new series about the war at sea.

Lieutenant-Commander Cavendish R.N. was cashiered from the navy after master-minding a dummy torpedo run during peacetime on the pride of Nazi Germany’s new navy.

As far as everyone knew he later died in a racing car accident and the case was forgotten. Except by his First Lieutenant Nick Hamilton, who, by 1940, was commanding his own submarine, HMS Rapier. When Hamilton made an audacious attack on the Nazi prison ship, Norse, he discovered that Cavendish was not dead at all—and he and HMS Rapier were involved in the most terrifying adventure of their career…

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and hell followed him e-book coverAnd Hell Followed With Him:

Ranald MacKenzie can do anything, at least that’s how it seems to friend and foe alike. From Bull Run to Appomattox, the tireless and endlessly resourceful MacKenzie marches from one victory to the next, no matter how seemingly impossible the assignment. Promoted to general at only 24, he seems impervious to pain and incapable of failure.

When the Civil War ends, MacKenzie's reputation shines even brighter when he is assigned to the Plains Indian Wars to take on the invincible Comanche led by their great war chief Quanah. But there is a price to be paid for 25 years of almost constant and always brutal warfare… Based on the real-life story of Ranald MacKenzie, whose eventual illness – possibly PTSD almost a century before anyone knew what that was – and terrible end saw him virtually erased from the pages of history; a bare mention, when he is mentioned at all.

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