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Wild Wednesday, January 17, 2024


Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

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Origin Story of Monsters Complete Series Boxed Set:

Have you ever wondered where monsters came from? Their origin has been kept a secret for centuries. As long as Halsey and Brigham, her cousin turned mission partner, were on the hunt, you didn’t need to wonder, or worry. Till now. Keeping people in the dark is not so easy when supernatural things stop following the rules. It’s a full moon, the Summer Solstice, and an ancient coffin has washed up on the beaches of Moher, Ireland. Could the Mother of Monsters really have returned? It’s just not possible. Halsey’s convinced it’s more than mere coincidence. The Ambrosius Clan just doesn’t want to believe. Even if everything they thought they knew about being monster-hunters is about to change forever. Can Halsey dig up enough evidence to prove that the elementals’ ancient foe has returned to level the monstrous playing field? Or will it be too late to prepare for what’s to come?

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The Sword Mage Chronicles e-book coverThe Sword Mage Chronicles Boxed Set Books 1-4:

When you wake up with no memory of who you are, you know it’s probably going to be a bad day. That’s exactly what Bentley thought — but she had no idea how bad. When she saw the wires connecting her to a strange, glowing sword, and an old guy bleeding out next to her, she started to get an inkling. And then she met the Three. Three gods cast out of the Unseen World, condemned to make their way in this universe as best they can. While desperately trying to keep from being thrown out the airlock, Bentley discovers that the Three have a secret. A secret that involves the sword, the Unseen World, and a big bad that’s hell bent on hunting her down. With the fate of both worlds hanging in the balance, Bentley has to survive long enough to figure out how to get the Three on board and stop the fabric of spacetime from being torn apart. But that starts with figuring out the significance of this damn sword!

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Don’t dump the cargo – I paid for it fair and square with money I stole!  And so begins the saga of Jack Marber, former Special Assault Marine and his alien band of traders as they cross the galaxy doing the only job that doesn’t leave them homeless.  “I need eyes and ears in every system that would benefit the Federation. One way to do that is for the Free Traders of this universe to work for me…”  Nathan Lowell Nathan has a mission and is willing to pay handsomely for Jack’s time. If only Jack will represent the Federation that kicked him out of the service for what was Jack’s fault. He’s not sure they should trust him, although he likes it. His two-legged Yollin partner is trying to learn the English side of the Galactic Common language, but that doesn’t always work out so well.   Adina is a member who Nathan wants on the team. No one is sure of her, not even Adina.
A storm is rising and the misfits of the Fortitude have no choice but to fight it.

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the-visitant-e-book coverThe Visitant:

Archaeologist Dusty Stewart finds himself diving into a chilling excavation of an ancient massacre site when the echoes of an eight-hundred-year-old mystery reverberate, leaving tantalizing clues in its wake. But Dusty’s expertise is not enough to decode the brutality etched into the remains. When Dr. Maureen Cole arrives at the scene just as a formidable artifact surfaces—the basilisk, a symbol of witches and the hidden realm of duplicity—her task is to trace an ancient blood trail, a path laden with betrayal and madness. Drawing on her anthropological expertise, Maureen embarks on a quest to unveil the truth behind the heinous crime that has remained shrouded for centuries. But the horrors of the past have a way of intertwining with the present. Across time, in the shadowy expanse of Hillside Village, a primeval monster known as Two Hearts lurks, moving invisibly through the Katsinas’ People and casting a sinister shadow.

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Yakima Henry volume one e-book coverYakima Henry:

Yakima Henry is the loneliest breed of men in the Old West—he’s half-white, half-Cheyenne Indian.
It’s not easy being a half-breed on the western frontier. Belonging to neither race, Yakima finds himself at odds with both. Often fleeing a hangman’s rope, the lonely Yakima roams the mountains and plains, looking for…what?
Hell, not even Yakima knows. A home, maybe? The love of a good woman? He finds both for a time only after having hell to pay to get them… But for a man like Yakima—with a reputation as one of the most formidable gunfighters on the entire frontier who’s left a trail of dead men in his wake, as well as a few broken hearts—none of the usual comforts are his for long.
Follow Yakima’s epic adventures in this captivating omnibus that combines heart-pounding action, western grit, and a quest for identity.

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