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Marvel and DC have been the two chief superhero comic book franchises since the era first began. Although they are both multi-million dollar franchises, these two rivals have been fighting for first place since the beginning of time.

In recent years, the feud between these two comic book companies has evolved not only to TV, but the big screen as well. Marvel and DC universes continue to grow an expanding audience and gain higher demand in today’s pop culture. As movies remain a favorite hobby among many individuals, these two comic book moguls continue their ongoing battle. Yet, while there are a select few who deem themselves die- hard aficionados, others can’t help but wonder: what’s so different about them?

So, without further ado, here are the four main differences between Marvel and DC films:

Individual characters vs. an entire group.

In 2008, Marvel started its cinematic universe with movies exclusively featuring their more popular characters, such as: Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. This was done intentionally so that each character would continue to grow and improve his status over time. Ultimately, this unique blend of characters was combined to form the 2012 classic The Avengers. DC, on the other hand, is known for creating the most notorious Batman trilogy to date. The beginning of its filmic world was created by first introducing Superman. However, DC ultimately veered into more group- inclusive cinemas. For instance, the premiere of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice featured several other well- known characters including Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Doomsday- just to name a few. The same concept applies with Justice League, distinctively branching off from Marvel’s more individualistic style

The role of the super heroine.

In one corner lies Marvel with Black Widow, who has been the leading feminine role in most recent films. Ironically enough however, she still does not have her own movie. Considering the impending introduction of Captain Marvel into the MCU, Black Widow may have hope of starring in her own film one day. Captain Marvel will, hands down, give Black Widow a run for her money.

In the other corner, DC proudly shines the spotlight on Wonder Woman. Not only has she starred in her own film played by Gal Gadot, but DC assured she was featured in several group flicks as well, setting the high-desire tone for more films to come.

Main protagonists.

While Marvel has been focused on giving each of their characters some “me time” in their movies, DC has alternatively opted to provide their leadership roles to both Superman and Batman on various occasions.

Should only one character be deemed the MCU leader, Iron Man would be ideal. He not only assisted in the creation of MCU, but also starred in multiple Marvel films. On the other hand, Batman should be considered the designated leader of DC films, although some aficionados may not agree. Yet, with his tactics, brains, and money, he successfully managed to assemble the entire Justice League.


Various news outlets, including The Hollywood Reporter, have pointed out that Marvel does not include enough diversity in its films. They predominantly select heterosexual white men to portray the leading role in the majority of their motion pictures.

However, DC wisely opted to mix things up by altering the ethnicity of many of their characters. For instance, they prompted a young Israeli woman to play Wonder Woman, an African American man as Cyborg, a Polynesian as Aquaman, and an openly gay actor as Flash in the recent Justice League movie.

So, there you have it. Both Marvel and DC continue their opposition among fans, yet they each have their own distinct differences that make them unique. It will be quite interesting to see how each of these comic book publishers will continue to evolve over time. Either way, fans can eagerly await the next epic film made by these talented comic companies.

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