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Diplomat’s Apprentice:

The best laid plans . . . Fall apart when family gets involved!

Anwyn’s family has always assumed that she’d follow in the footsteps of her illustrious mother and uncle as a diplomat and eventual head of state. But Anwyn is an impulsive rule-breaker, and she’s made other plans: getting off her home planet and seeing the galaxy after training as a starship pilot.

Persuaded to go with her uncle on one diplomatic mission, Anwyn arrives at a planet in the midst of a violent uprising.

Space battles, daring rescues, dramatic chases, firefights and yes, even a bit of diplomacy, all make for a more exciting trip than Anwyn could have imagined. For her uncle has a hidden past that comes to light when they run into a small, specialized band of freelance agents with their own agenda, who know her uncle far too well.

Anwyn will find unexpected allies and dangerous adversaries. But she will need to learn to think before she acts if she wants to help her uncle and survive her journey as a Diplomat’s Apprentice?

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