LMBPN Collaborator Dan Willcocks has a new podcast, and was gracious enough to ask Michael Anderle to be his guest on Episode two.  You can grab the podcast through your favorite podcast app, or through one of these links:





Here are the details for the show:

Michael Anderle is the Amazon bestselling author of over 27 series, 4 story universes, and 160 audio books. Of which all of these have been published by his independent publishing company, LMBPN, in the last 3 years. His leading series, ‘The Kurtherian Gambit’ houses almost 200 books, with collaborations from a multitude of bestselling and leading independent authors, and spans across several genres including; science-fiction, space opera, fantasy, and post-apocalyptia. His Facebook group, 20Booksto50K, is now one of the leading pages for independent writers to share knowledge and ask questions, with the group hosting over 32,000 members at the time of recording.

On top of running a smash-house independent publishing company, Michael also finds time to appear and host at events and conferences across the globe, and is gracious enough to spare a small chunk of his very valuable time to join me on this podcast and answering a few of my own burning questions.

In this episode Dan & Michael discuss:

  • How he manages such a fast-growing publishing company
  • The difference between publishers and creators
  • Why you shouldn’t let having no editor slow you down
  • Moving across genres
  • Reviews vs sales
  • The key things to look for when finding collaborators
  • What exactly is an Australian death lizard?
  • How to remain so grounded following a meteoric success
  • The future of independent publishing and traditional publishing houses
  • The value of the whale reader
  • Finding out what you do best and finding others to support what you don’t
  • Why Michael doesn’t have a morning routine
  • Distractions in Dan’s day with personal training
  • What is the end game with LMBPN?
  • Publishing across mediums
  • Michael answers questions from fans