TQB Base Denver, Colorado

TKG13 My Ride is a Bitch small tempBethany Anne arrived at the Colorado headquarters with Ashur in one of her arrival rooms. It took her a little while to sneak outside.

Unfortunately, her personally modified F12berlinetta was locked up and had a guard for the garage area.  It had required her to command him not to speak about her taking the car for twenty-four hours.

Leaving the base required her to command two additional security checkpoints to not mention her presence. At least for twenty-four hours.

Bethany Anne enjoyed the crisp air for a couple of hours as she and Ashur drove through the mountains heading towards Las Vegas.  She looked in her rear view mirror to confirm no one was behind her and then told TOM to punch it.

Their car lifted off the road and started flying through the night sky.

Within fifteen minutes, she was arriving and setting down on a small road outside North Las Vegas. She entered the address into the onboard navigation and drove into town as the barest hint of dawn was cracking the sky.

“Hey, no shedding on my leather,” she reached over and brushed a few of Ashur’s white hairs off the seat. “We should look for a girlfriend for you.” Ashur look over at Bethany Anne, cocking his head to the side and chuffed, “I don’t know how to tell if she is smart,” she said, “probably will be the one that bites you on the ass the first chance she gets.”

He chuffed and looked out the window as Bethany Anne laughed.

>> I could have easily told you the directions.<<

I know that ADAM, sometimes the little computers need some attention too.

You just wanted to play with your new toy.

You say that as if it is a bad thing, TOM.

The directions took her to the west side of Las Vegas, and she pulled up to a neighborhood security gate.  Bethany Anne could see the Red Rock Casino a couple of miles away and the Red Rock Canyon just beyond it.

Casper was reading the latest Vegas news when a car pulled off Spanish Trail, and the headlights flashed through their window as the beginning of another bright day started.  He looked up in time to see the Ferrari when his partner, Jocelyn said, “Ten bucks says it is an old man with gray hair wearing a toupee.”

While he couldn’t see inside too well, but he did notice what looked like a large white dog in the front seat, “You got a bet,” he replied and stepped out of the air-conditioned guard house, closing the door behind him.  The Ferrari smoothly pulled up beside him and the tinted window started dropping.

So did Caspers jaw, “Hello,” he managed to croak out.  Jocelyn owed him ten bucks, now.  No mistaking this lady for an old white fat and balding guy using a car to market himself.  She didn’t look like she needed the car to sell herself, either.  But, this was Vegas. Casper supposed she could be an Elite Companion.  If she was, then Casper couldn’t afford her.

“Hello, Casper is it?” she smiled and nodded to his name badge, “I’m here to surprise my brother,” her voice, velvet smooth over steel warmed his soul, “would you mind letting me do that without putting me down on your notepad?”

Moments later, Casper stepped back inside and put his clipboard in the slot.  He barely noticed when Jocelyn slid the ten dollars in front of him. “You win the ten bucks. She wasn’t an old fat guy.” Then, Jocelyn started sliding the money back towards herself, “But, you lose the money for not putting her name down on the clipboard.  It’s now hush money.”

Casper just nodded his agreement to the deal.

Bethany Anne pulled up in front of the four thousand square foot two-story.  It had a Spanish brick roof and a nicely kept lawn.  All of the homes in this gated community were well kept.

She slid out of her car and walked around to open Ashur’s door.  He jumped out and looked around, sniffing the air.

A few cars were leaving for work already, but her car tended to show everyone living in this neighborhood she belonged.

The two of them walked up to the door.

“He has visitors,” Dieter said as he looked out the window with his binoculars, “Attractive woman, and … a dog.”

“Not exactly your standard military rescue team,” Gunter commented, as he drank his coffee and walked up beside his partner, “Maybe his family?”

“Cannot tell,” Dieter pulled off the glasses, “Here, take a look, I’m going to wake up Klaus in case we have a snag in the plans.  Today he is supposed to pull the data in exchange for his wife.”

Gunter put his coffee down, accepted the binoculars and put them up to his face, “Yes, attractive.  Weird she is wearing a jacket for Las Vegas.”  Gunter looked back at the car, “Dealer plates, I can’t see what area.  She is perhaps not from around here?”

Dieter called back from the room across the hall, “I don’t know.”  There was a knock, “Klaus, wake up.  We have an unexpected visitor.”

“Here?”  Gunter could hear the sleepy man ask.

“No,” Dieter replied, “across the street, we might need to intercept so get prepared.”  He stepped back into the front room, “What now?”

“She is knocking on the door,” Gunter said. “Is the volume up?”  Seconds later, they heard the door open from across the street, and Mason’s voice came in loud and clear.


The female’s voice answered, “I’m sorry, Mr. Jayden, but the Clark County School District is concerned about your daughter, Anne.  She has missed two days of school already.”

“Anne?  Yes, she’s sick.”

“May I see her?”  the lady responded.

“What? No.  I’m sorry, who did you say you were again?”

“My name is Bethany Anne…”

If anyone had looked straight up, they would be looking in the right area to see a tiny little black dot up in the sky.

Would they be able to see it? No.

John was listening to the conversation below, “ArchAngel, you are capturing the audio from wireless signals?”

“Yes, John.  Small wireless signals are coming from the house Bethany Anne is at and sending in the direction of a couple of houses across the street.”

“You can’t tell which one?”

“No, only direction.  It is either the house directly across, or the one to the south of it.”

John continued listening to the conversation as Bethany Anne spoke.

“My name is Bethany Anne, and I help the Clark County School District maximize their income by confirming all able body children are attending school. It reduces truancy.”

“In a Ferrari?”

John chuckled, wondering how his boss was going to answer this question.  He could hear the pause, almost seeing her turn around to confirm that yes, she had driven a Ferrari.

“Well, yes.  It’s my new car.  You see, I’m a helper for the school district in the mornings.  The rest of the day, I play a trophy wife.”

Up in the sky, John was slapping the side of the Pod trying to control his laughter, “Oh God!” He screamed, “ArchAngel, please tell me you are recording this?”

“I am, John.”

He wiped a tear from his face as he tried to stifle his laughter, “Sweet blessed mother of Saint Payback-is-a-Bitch, I’m going to use this sometime in the future.”  John had to stifle any further comments as the two beneath him continued talking.


FROM MICHAEL >>>  I love John’s new Saint.  Hopefully, the church recognizes it as a fun comment, and not a dash at the value of true Saint’s, we shall see.

Hmmm…  Just a few clues to what is coming up – Tabitha is in this story, Japan (obviously), and…others!  Including, two reader-favorite vampires Gabrielle is fond of smacking around.

See you next snippet!


One of my Indie Author friends, TS (Scott) Paul is working on his first Urban Fantasy series.  He has had a successful science fiction series and often sticks ‘TQB’ references in it.  So often, that some fans have thought he was a pen name for myself.  No, no he isn’t.  However, it is a funny joke between the two of us.

So, he has four books planned in his new series, but decided he wanted to do something as an intro short and get it out in advance of book 01.

If you like witch’s, I’ve heard through the grapevine that this one is a lark!  The Paranormal exist, but they aren’t too happy with regular humans as they’ve been screwed back in World War I and World War II.  You know, when evil witch’s forced Vampires to fight on the bad guys side?

Check it out, it is in Kindle Unlimited and sells for $0.99 (the cheapest you can do on KU).


Born a Witch… Drafted by the FBI! (The Federal Witch Book 0)


Agatha Blackmore came into her powers early as a child.

Her first spell was a thing of beauty and wonder. It brought terror into the hearts of her family. Who wanted to accidentally become a pink chicken? Now that she’s older, her magic is out of control.

She needs a teacher and none of the Witch Schools will take her. How about a career in law enforcement? The FBI needs serious help in catching law breaking Paranormals.

It’s a match made in heaven – or is it Hell? God only knows what happens next.