TKG13 My Ride is a Bitch small tempThe three men could hear the voices before they could discern the vague outlines of two people walking towards them.

They heard a woman’s voice, “I’m saying that killing them here is easier to clean up.  As in, there isn’t any clean up.”

A third figure became a little distinct trailing the first two.  They heard a chuff from a dog come through the mist.

The gargantuan figure beside her, his voice deeper seemed to be trying to argue for the three of them.

“I understand you didn’t like returning and getting singed in the fire.”

Another chuff.

“You either, Ashur.”

“I might have been unlucky enough to come back into a broken piece of wall, that would have been a real downer.”

The two were getting closer.

“How come you guys didn’t?”

“I can peek out, now. I’ve figured out how to barely look and make sure. The fucking fire was still damned hot. That shit burns like a motherfucker.”  She was close enough for the three men to discern her features. “Ah, here are my three camel tea-baggers now.”

The dog stopped and laid down on the ground.

“So, where is the wife?” She asked the three of them.  All of them kept their mouths shut.

“Oh? You are so out of your league, penis tips, that life as you know it doesn’t exist.  You aren’t even school grade sports against a pro.  This is like a pro team against a tank full of goldfish.”

She looked the three of them over and then added, “dead goldfish.”  She looked to her left, then her right and reached under her jacket and pulled out a scabbarded short sword, “You know, for some reason there is this misunderstanding that good people should be nice to Gosse Schweine such as yourself.  Personally, I don’t agree and since my overly large friend here,” she thumbed the man next to her, “really isn’t my conscience and this isn’t a good-cop bad-cop routine like you are thinking, you can all kiss my ass.”  There was a chuff behind her, “I know, stay back, you hate getting blood out of your coat.”

She took the scabbard off, “Eenie meanie miney moe, Dieter my friend, you can go.”  She was ten feet away and then Gunter and Klaus jumped back, because she had stabbed Dieter through the gut with her sword. Her left hand was choking him, as she easily held him off the ground, while he struggled.  She looked over her shoulder and spoke to the man behind her, “I told you, much cleaner here.”

The big man shrugged, “All I said is it would be easier to get the wife’s location from people that were alive, even if you had to leave them alive.”

When she turned around, Gunter and Klaus took another involuntary step back.  The figure in front of them was from a nightmare.  Her face had red glowing eyes, her teeth had grown, and she smiled at them like they were snacks. “I never said I had to have live people to get my answers, John.  I can always ask them when I kill them the second time.”

“She’s in a warehouse!” Gunter screamed, “On the East side out by Green Valley in Vegas, I swear!”

“Shut up, Gunter.” Klaus hissed, “That is our only negotiation card.”  Scared or not, Klaus knew that the woman was one thing that might get them out of this predicament.

Dieter had stopped struggling in her grip.  His lifeless body still lifted above the ground, his blood puddling at her feet.  She seemed to finally notice he had expired. “That was uneventful,” she acted annoyed and tossed the body. Both men were shocked.  Dieter’s lifeless body had been tossed twenty feet away into the mist.  She never noticed his weight.

She took a step towards the two men, “Who paid you to do this?”

Klaus spoke up, “Will you let us go if we tell you what we know?” His voice, usually assured, was cracking.

“Klaus Weber,” her voice changed, softer but unyielding, “stand still and tell me what you know.  Who paid you to do this?”

Klaus bit down hard, trying to keep the information to himself.  He kept hearing her command resonating in his mind, he played what he would say to her over and over and finally stopped thinking about it when she said, “That is enough, you don’t need to tell me multiple times.”

Her man spoke, “Bethany Anne, we don’t have time to track all of this down right now.  We need to get back to the ArchAngel.  We have a meeting with the Japanese pretty soon.”

She looked disgusted, “Ok … fine. I don’t think this prick knows anything, sounds like a typical dark web merc job.  I know someone bored who needs something to do.”

Why? What do trophy wives do except check on truant children and blow up houses?

Shut. Up. TOM.

Klaus, aghast that he had been talking the whole time he thought he was keeping the secrets to himself never saw the flick of the blade that cut his head off. Gunter, his mouth open as Klaus’s body dropped to the ground, finally recognized she was cleaning her sword on Klaus’s shirt.

Her face, eyes normal, looked up to him, “and now, we come to miney moe.”

FROM MICHAEL >>>  Ok, life is passing strange at times.  Eventually, I’ll explain but for right now I can say I went on an unplanned trip to Vegas on Friday for the weekend for other reasons than the obvious, although I did get a little gambling (I mean, giving the casino money for the rooms by playing their games).  Then, on Saturday, I noticed I left my laptop power brick back in Texas.


So, I had 20% power and NEEDED the laptop to not go dark while I was there for business reasons.  So, no writing or much social stuff (which is business BTW), either.  SORRY!

I will be pretty busy for clients next 48 hours … then should be back on track by Thursday…So, GO GO GO!

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