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Note:  We requested the price changes from Amazon on Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately, they don’t change all of the prices at one time. Please double-check the price before clicking “Buy”.)


On Friday afternoon we received a message that they were 5 days behind on updating books. We will be keeping an eye on the situation and if they don’t change the price this weekend, we will try again next week and let you know. Sorry, nothing we can do to light a fire under their proverbial “butts”.

All of these new releases are 99c for one day only! Should the ‘Zon smile down on us and actually change the prices in time, hence the “Mysterious” post name. Oh well!


However, all are also available for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!


Grab them today before the prices go up! Well, that is if they are in fact 99c. Hehehe I think Tabitha’s snark is rubbing off on me. (insert shoulder shrug)


Ascension Myth boxed set cover

The Ascension Myth Complete Boxed Set


Blood Ex Libres ebook cover

Blood ex Libris


Justice Unhatched ebook cover

Justice Unhatched


Warmage Uncontrolled ebook cover

Warmage: Uncontrolled


Rise of the AI ebook cover

Rise of the AI


And just in case the pesky gremlins keep the books from changing prices, I have something special to share with you! A free book if you sign up for our newsletter! It’s a prequel story to a brand new series that’s due to come out any day, once those said gremlins let go! LOL


Remember Terry Henry Walton? Then you’re going to love this one!


First Samhein ebook cover

Sarah Jennifer’s First Samhain



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