Planet Yoll, Southwest Continent, Remote Canyon – Deadlands

TKG15 NEVER Surrender Full Cover 700pxThe weather wasn’t the best to be flying through, however, Ber’knick was happy for the protection and opportunity that it provided the smaller ship to hide from the humans’ technology.

The design of this ship two wings, and Ber’knick had to fight the occasional gusts of wind as he stayed low to the ground. He worked to make sure the ship neither lifted high enough that it could be seen on radar, or went low enough to clip the occasional jagged rocks and peaks beneath them. Hitting ground would result in loss of control, and then nose plant into the rocks beneath them.

Ber’knick heard Captain Maek-ven yell curses at him from the cargo hold in the back when he had violently jerked their ship to the left, missing a peak that had startled him.

A peak the instruments hadn’t shown was in front of the ship.

The pilot yelled over his shoulder, “Well, what do you expect Captain? If you don’t provide me a ship with decent instruments, we could all just end up flattened little pies against one of these rock faces out there.”

Ber’knick could hear the captain’s clip clip, clip clip as he made his way up to the front of the craft. Soon, the Captain stuck his head into the small cockpit and grumbled, “If we knew that the humans wouldn’t be able to track us, I would have used our own ship. However, with limited understanding of their technology, I’m not willing to bet they can’t find us. Who knows, the human that’s waiting for us could be quite willing to cheat us.”

Ber’knick risked a quick glance back at the Captain before returning his gaze out the windows. He could see the lightning off to the east and veered a little bit more to the west. It might add a few minutes to their trip, but he really wanted to stay away from the sudden downdrafts that storm would bring. “Do you really believe this human is on the up and up? Personally, I find it curious that with all of the humans supporting their leader, we found one that is willing to sell us the spice.”

“From what I understand, those humans who are willing to talk admit that this particular human likes the drink himself. It seems he wants to help support the underground effort to produce the drink, so he might be able to purchase it when he comes down to Yoll.”

Ber’knick smiled. “If there is ever a person to trust? It’s going to be a drug junkie. They will do anything that’s necessary to get their fix.”

The Captain knocked on the side of the cockpit’s door, “That’s for good luck, and I have to agree with you.” He looked out the cockpit window, “That’s why I was willing to take this gig. Even those that had no reason to lie, mentioned this person was willing to do anything to get some Pepsi. It wasn’t even a very big secret up on their station. They just don’t believe it’s much of a drug, these humans.”

The Captain shrugged before working to turn around in the small, narrow passageway. He called out over his shoulder, “However, we both know a drug is what you make of it. If this Pepsi is his drug? Then yes, I trust him as far as I can throw him, which is probably pretty far.” The captain’s chuckles reverberated off the decking as he walked back to the cargo area.

“And I’m telling you,” Ecaterina told her young daughter, eyes narrowing, “I don’t care if you think you can fight Aunt Bethany Anne to a standstill! You will change into your wolf form; I don’t want these people knowing you are a human child.”

Nathan looked around where the money for the spice exchange would happen. He had selected this canyon since it had good defensive features. He had three different guns trained on the central location where they would accept the gems and money in exchange for the special the spice necessary to make Pepsi.

Not that the people meeting them would think they guns could rip through their ship, but that wasn’t Nathan’s problem.

At the moment, he thought it pretty damned hilarious Bethany Anne was using a drink she hated to help fund some of their efforts. Using local currency, definitely currency which had been cleaned, through this effort, was smart.

Trust Bethany Anne to use something she despised to further her plans.

“Follow the money,” Nathan murmured.

Ecaterina walked up to him as she eyed their young daughter, now in her wolf form running around the small canyon. She turned to look at Nathan, “Follow what?”

Nathan reached out and put an arm around his mate, “One of Bethany Anne’s quotes from way back, she always said ‘follow the money’ and now we are doing it again.”

Ecaterina nodded her head as her eyes followed Christina, “I remember that comment; she would use it all the time. Whenever you wanted to figure out something, or why someone was doing an activity you didn’t understand, you just needed to follow the money.”

“Right,” Nathan agreed. “Now, we have the spice and we are about to trade it for currency she needs, that we all need, as we continue to build our base of operations here in the Yollin system. I find it funny as hell that Pepsi is the product that is helping her accomplish this and not Coca-Cola.”

Ecaterina took two steps towards their daughter and yelled out, “Christina Bethany Anne Lowell! Get your furry tail over here. I did not say you could go that far away.” There was a yip of acceptance as their daughter changed direction and started loping back towards the two of them. Ecaterina turned around and smirked at her mate as she thumbed over her shoulder, “I blame you for this.”

Nathan shook his head, “You blame me for what? Naming her Christina Bethany Anne? That’s all on you and Aunt Bethany Anne. If she is taking after her namesake?” Nathan pointed to himself, “Don’t blame me.”

Ecaterina opened her mouth to argue, but closed it as she realized it was rather fruitless.

Truth be told, Christina was acting just as much the independent young girl as Ecaterina had when she was a child.

However, neither Ecaterina’s parents, or her brother, had come with them through the Annex Gate. Therefore, there was no way for Nathan to confirm that Christina was acting like her mother.

The three Lowell’s heard the airship before they saw it come over the towering rocks and small hills in the distance. The pilot was keeping fairly low to the ground and Nathan smirked. “That is some good flying, for all the good it’s going to do him.”

Ecaterina just nodded her agreement.

FROM MICHAEL >>>  Can you believe this?  Yeah, HERE WE GO AGAIN, BABY!

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