When Stan Lee created X-men, he envisioned a race of freak humans who hid their special powers in order to participate in human kind. Mutants were scorned and feared by regular humans who didn’t understand them. With this, Lee created an entire universe that surrounded a single trope or idea. This made humanity the protagonist and fear the villain and what it can do to people. Fear really can make us do terrible things to each other.

This dangerous dance between friend and foe is not uncommon throughout literature. Know that Disney Inc. does own both Marvel and Star Wars now. A simple mouse began it all. This mouse grew to such great heights that it now owns an entire universe of make believe based on human fear.

The storm rolls on and the world moves forward, but little does change the fight between good and evil. Luckily for most of us, the majority of hate incurs now in comic books, stories, and on play fields. However, hate always sits at the gates waiting for a chance to enter.

In arrives unlikely heroes. Now, in the comic book world heroes do in fact wear capes. That’s why legendary comic book writer and creator Rob Liefeld has brought in a new character to love. That’s right, the same person who brought us Deadpool and Cable has a new character in town. “To me, the X-Men have always thrived on big ideas, crazy ideas. Major X introduces a new character who is certain to mix up everything in the X-world.” Liefeld said in a recent interview.

Major X doesn’t debut until April – around the same time that HBO will begin showing the final season of Game of Thrones. We all have to wait and see what Liefeld has in store for us. I’ll always remember when I got to interview the creator of Wolverine. That was one of the greatest moments in my life. There’s something about the creation of a character that really impacts people that makes me buzz.

What’s really cool about Major X is he spawns from an idea Liefeld had in the early ’90s. “This was a storyline that was on my list of things to do in 1992…It was in New York..They brought everybody in to plot the future of the X-Men. Major X was in my notebook.” Liefeld said. That’s right his handy, dandy notebook.

Since Major X was a creation of Liefeld’s back in the early ‘90s, that tells us a lot about what can be expected from this character. He looks much like Deadpool and his weaponry is very similar. But why didn’t Marjor X get comic book time way back then? Because of fear. Liefeld said he was tired, but he also says now is the time to bring Major X to the light. “I feel like this is new territory. That’s the exciting part. The other thing is the instincts. Just like the instincts to bring Cable and Deadpool and Domino. It just feels like the right time and the right place for Major X to make his play.”Liefeld said to ComicBook.com.

Not only has Major X been hidden away from us all these years, Liefeld is leaving a lot to the imagination as to this new character’s identity. “If you’re going to play in the X-Men sandbox, you better bring some mystery and some intrigue because that’s what they’re built on.” Liefeld stated.

His favorite character? Well, that is of course Wolverine. Deadpool is pretty awesome, but he’s no Wolverine. Is Major X as cool as Wolverine? When we know we will tell you.

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