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Wild Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Each week we bring you a list of books from not only LMBPN authors, but also friends of ours, that are on sale! Here’s a fantastic opportunity to discover some new authors or some exciting books you may not have seen yet.

Most of these books are FREE in Kindle Unlimited, but all are on sale today.

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The adventures of Maggie Parker e-book coverThe Adventures of Maggie Parker Complete Boxed Set:

Austin Detective Maggie Parker has seen some weird things in her day, but finding a surly gnome rooting through her garage beats all. Her world is about to be turned upside down in a frantic search for 4 Elementals. Not 3, not 5…but 4. Why is it always 4? Each one has an artifact that can keep the Earth humming along, but they need her to unite them first. Unless the forces against her get there first. A compass, a telescope and untapped magic are her only tools. Will she join forces with an army of gnomes? Can she get the hang of even a simple spell to defend herself?

Included in this boxed set is: The Magic Compass, The Gnome’s Magic, The Elemental’s Magic, The Magic Quest

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“Free people don’t live in cubicles!” —Big Richie before he caught the wave that ended his life.

Some people just knew how to go out in style. Tim had never been one of those guys.  Tim was always a planner.  The plan was to get into college, graduate, and find a well-paying job. That plan was coming together nicely until he saw a presentation to get paid to play The Etheric CoastAt his graduation ceremony. After watching the company’s employee recruitment video, Big Richie’s words had a whole new meaning.  He could spend his life going from a cubicle at work to a one-bedroom apartment and back again… Or he could take a leap of faith by entering a virtual world of unlimited possibilities. And get paid.

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A lot of religions and traditions had some kind of “other” world, a primeval world, unmarred and unstained by human corruption. In the Judeo-Christian tradition it was the Garden of Eden. For the Druids and Celts it is Annwn. For Louisiana vodouisants it is Guinee.  All of the Gates of Eden books are based on a particular mythological or spiritual tradition. While the magical systems are fictional, they are based on rites, lore, and mythologies unique to these traditions.

There is a lot of overlap between traditions in these books–what the Druids call one thing, the Voodoo Mambos call something else. There may be many “Gates,” but ultimately there is one Eden, one Annwn, one Guinee. One humanity.

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Humans think he’s a freak, he just wants answers about his past… but answers are hard to find in a world that’s slowly drifting into chaos. As a child, Veric saw his parents burned alive by dragonfire. All they left him is a mysterious box with a broken symbol. Over twenty years later, he still doesn’t know what’s inside the box.

To understand his heritage, he must retrieve a magic orb that is buried deep under the mountain. There are many obstacles on the way: a storm, hungry orcs, visions, a lunatic centaur… but, most of all, he is forced to face his greatest fear, at the peril of his own life. “Of Dragon Bones and Ashen Tears” is the first episode in a 12-part high fantasy series that veers progressively into epic. Though it starts gentle, it grows in complexity and becomes darker with each new installment.

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2018 Dragon Award Finalist for Best Military Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel

Human slavers attack. Despite trying to fight back, there is nothing the young Leefe can do to save his family and friends. But he doesn’t have to. The Imperial Marines arrive in the nick of time, and they hate slavers. Three tri-years later, when the new emperor issues a proclamation to integrate the imperial military with non-human citizens, Leefe is among the first to volunteer. Integration to resurrect the empire as a force for good is challenged by centuries of prejudice against the “dung races.” Leefe and the other Wyntonans only want to prove their worth and fight for the empire, but their greatest battles are closer to home.  With threats to the empire from both within and without, this grand experiment has the potential to save it . . . or tear it apart.

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Ghost Marine series e-book coverGhost Marines Series:

The Corps has been integrated by imperial decree—but that doesn’t mean everyone accepts the wyntonan Marines. Despite an impressive combat record as a grunt, Corporal Leif Hollow struggles to become an effective NCO and leader of Marines.

After the failed coup to oust the emperor, the Novacks do not fade quietly into the background. They continue a low-grade insurgency, but in doing so, they open the door to other players that bring the entire empire to the brink of destruction.

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The Midwest Witch e-book coverThe Midwest Witch:

When Maria Apple receives a strange music box for her nineteenth birthday, everything changes. She begins to showcase odd magical abilities, glowing blue, seeing ghosts, and talking to creatures that shouldn’t be able to talk, all while trying to juggle the task of being a typical teenaged girl. Now, not only does Maria learn she is a witch, but her grandfather Ignatius reveals he was once a famous warrior from a planet named Oriceran.

Throw in a world in between the two worlds, a ghost bringing Maria an ominous warning, a race of giant spiders determined to claim the music box for their own, and Maria Apple realizes she’ll never be a typical teenaged girl again. After all, it’s just another day in the Midwest, where magic is real and the stakes never stop rising.

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Plumage from Pegasus e-book coverPlumage from Pegasus:

 Paul Di Filippo takes on the foibles and follies, tropes and tics of the genre he loves in a wealth of short, sharp flash fictions. Using his four decades of experience in writing and publishing, he skewers authors, editors, artists, readers, retailers, librarians, and book companies alike with fantastical and visionary humor. You’ll encounter miniature android authors as playthings and a future where guns are de rigueur and books are banned. You’ll learn of the secret collaboration between Wells and Verne, and how civilization was toppled by a DVD sale gone wrong.

You’ll attend the only school for writers that matters, and witness how an invented language escapes Hollywood to revolutionize the world. On each overstuffed mini-odyssey into Carrollian contrarianism, you’ll enjoy sparkling and savage prose and meet folks you’ll recognize from a thousand conventions—or from looking in the mirror.

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A teenage girl is shot to death by LAPD officer Brian Culpepper – young, idealistic, a veteran of combat in Afghanistan. The All-News Networks, as well as social media, need little to create doubt, incite anger, and encourage protests, but there’s an unseen victim, a victim in the shadows, one seldom mentioned – the cop that pulled the trigger.

The Brotherhood of the Badge is not a defense of cop wrongdoing. It is the untold story of those who keep the peace. All too often the police have to defend themselves or others using deadly force. When you carry a badge and gun, and your life is in danger you quickly learn the meaning of the Brotherhood of the Badge. Life is never the same after shots are fired.

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Rugged ranchers. Vengeful lawmen. Discover 10 full-length western tales of classic frontier justice.

Can brothers torn apart by war make peace to find a lost treasure? Will an orphan turned sheriff fulfill his lifelong quest for vengeance? What will it take for deserters, decorated vets, and an Apache scout to pull off a death-defying rescue mission? When you live your life by the gun, it’s only a matter of time before the past catches up…

From grizzly dens in the Rockies to no-man’s-lands teeming with outlaws, 10 of the top names in Western fiction explore how the West was won. After these true trailblazers track down fugitives, battle natural disasters, and ride into danger, who among them will be left standing?

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A full-moon solstice. Let the magic flow. Feel the power. Fae come out to play, vampires rove from dusk til dawn, and werewolves howl. Do they howl…

On this one fateful night, out come the witches, demons, vampires, shifters, and fantastic creaturesin a celebration of magic and mayhem. Some spells can only be cast or curses broken on this rare, enchanted night.

If you dare, follow the fae down a magical path but beware of getting forever lost. There’s trouble around every corner amidst the glow of the supernatural.

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