The sneak peek of series releasing this month continues with the last four coming out later this month! Check them out below!

Death leads to a strange new beginning for a new heroine…


Jasmine’s world should have ended when she fell from the 17th floor window after being accosted by a man holding a gun loaded with silver bullets.

Instead, she dug herself out of her own grave and is now looking for the person who killed her as well as the answer to a bunch of new questions her death has caused.

All of her questions demand answers. If Jasmine can rise from the grave, surely the truth can, too?

Join Jasmine in her fight to discover the truth of her origin! Preorder coming soon!

A new series in the Oriceran Universe is coming this month…


Winland Underwood has been running and hiding most of her life. Today is the day she will stop and stand her ground.

The half Light Elf and half Witch has led a band of magical refugees to the Ozarks where they can finally put down roots.

But what darkness hides underneath the scenic mountain views? Will the legacy of the Fixer help her out?

An ancient mystery starts to unravel threatening their new town, and Winland must find it in herself tostay and fight it out.

Preorder your copy! It releases June 20!


Dive into a tale of war and desperation, of grit and heroism, and see just what a batch of desperate dwarves can do when the chips are down.


War is a messy business and anyone who claims otherwise is trying to sell you something.

The dwarvish legions, the Holt'Dwal, are familiar with this but these are strange times.
The dead are rising from the earth in the freshly settled Ysgan Vale and the war just got a lot messier.

So an old custom was resurrected and the Bad Badgers were formed.

Condemned and disowned, the Badgers have nothing to lose and everything to prove. But in a world where the dead don't stay dead and victory will cost you everything, what can be done?

A lot, if one has the will and stomach for it.

Preorder your copy to dive into the adventure June 24.


If you like urban fantasy with a side of dragons…


Scarlet lives an ordinary life in LA. She is going about her life as normal when she finds out the hard way about the creatures that go bump in the night.

With her guardian missing and strange events happening wherever she goes, she is forced to confront the truth and accept her true nature.

Will she become what she needs to be?

Hunted and adjusting to a new reality, can Scarlet find her friend and companion? Or will she be too late to save him?

Preorder your copy. It releases June 30.


We hope you enjoy this sneak peek of the new series coming your way, along with all the other new releases, in June! We'll be back later in June to tell you about the new series arriving in July! There are some exciting new series coming your way later this year!