As you might imagine, a creative person such as yourself (or myself) might enjoy different types of activities that help express their creativity.

When I was young (think 18-22) I dabbled in all sorts of creative outlets including (but not limited to) Leather (think Tandy Leather for those who know the company), stained glass (NOT easy for me to cut glass, by the way, and holy crap does it make a potential mess), and painting.

Now, I’m impatient.  So, I had studied the ‘masters’ in high school and had this fantastic book on the master that belonged on a coffee table.

If I had one.  C’mon, I was just out of the house, first apartment, a coffee table was not on my list-of-furniture-to-get.

Anyway, I explain the masters because they all worked in oils.  If they worked in oils, I need to work in oils, right?

Nope, wrong.  Oils can take DAYS to dry!  Holy crap, screw that.

I’m impatient, remember?

Then, acrylics (still a drying problem) and watercolors and pastels.  You would think pastels, at least, would be quick enough.  The problem with both pastels and watercolors was white.  Yeah, the color white. As in, I couldn’t just paint white on my scene, I had to leave the white area’s of the paper white to have white and I didn’t like it.  I mean, come on, I’ve had the color white since my Crayon box of 16 colors.

So, I fast forward to say that while I’m writing and working on LMBPN Publishing here in 2017 and we are branching out. I’m using income from the book sales to fund the audio productions AND I get to invest a small amount in a passion of mine.


Now, not a whole lot into video because investing in a true video production using state of the art techniques makes taking a family of 10 people to DisneyWorld look like a non-profit exercise.

Michael doesn’t have the pockets of the big Mouse himself.

But, I’m SUPER excited to say that as we build some great art, I’m building a small group of fantastic artists behind the scenes, and ONE of the things we are doing is looking at video.

So that one day, whether Hollywood or Netflix come calling or not, we WILL have a show about the Kurtherian Gambit.

Cause, I’m an Indie Publishing Outlaw, and we don’t accept ‘No’ from anyone.  We have the fans, we have the stories, the rest?

It’s just details.

So, here is what the team has produced this time.  It is a cover done by Jeff Brown (http;//, Bethany Anne voiced by Emily Beresford (who does the Audio Books), and animation done by K. Kadera under direction of Jude Beers.  I did the audio work with music licensed from

Here is the Painting used for the Cover of Never Surrender (Art by Jeff Brown – (c) LMBPN Publishing)



Add in a script sent to Emily Beresford, work by Jude Beers and K. Kadera and myself…

We got this (I hope you like it!)