It's that time of the month when we let you know about all the great books coming up in July that are already available for preorders!

It's officially the 5th of July and I hope all of you have all of your fingers and toes and survived the activities of the Fourth of July with little to no injuries. I was pulling together the list of upcoming releases for this month to the sounds of fireworks exploding everywhere. And as much as I like explosions, pretty sure I'm not allowed to participate. 

There are some fantastic new series coming out during July and the first week of August – I included the full first week of August because the preorder release email won't come out until after the new release email comes out. There are also many series continuing this month and I'm sure there are many of you eagerly awaiting those new releases.

Check out all the preorders below and let me know what books you are looking forward to this month!​​​​

Reminder: These may not be the only books on preorder this month, but they are the ones currently available for preorder. Others may be added throughout the month (and looking at the calendar, I've got a good bet that there will be a few more).

Books available for preorder:

Boxed sets available for preorder:

Grave Choices

The Rebel-Mage Ziammotienth

The Careful Revolutionary

Two If By Magic

Pack Rules

Fight or Flight

Witch With An Enemy

Ready For All

Sorcery in San Francisco

New Rules for Incompetents

Undead Reckoning

The Wolf is the Pack

The Nightmare Awakens

The Kindling Burns

The Surgeon's Scalpel

Boxed sets available for preorder

Hawthorn Academy Complete Series Boxed Set

Revenant Files Complete Series Boxed Set

Barbarian Princess Complete Series Boxed Set