It’s that time of the month when we let you know about all the great books coming up in November that are already available for preorders!

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret: sometimes it is not easy tracking down all of our preorders. Sometimes I know when a book is coming, but I don’t know if it’s been put into the system that adds it to Amazon, so I have to search Amazon for it. Sometimes, Amazon doesn’t have its search engine up to date and I can’t easily find the new book and have to go to the previous book to track down the link. 

And with as many books as you see below, believe me when I say I cut out around 5 that weren’t available yet for preorder. Yes, there are THAT many new books coming your way in November.

Isn’t that exciting? Hopefully, you have some time off coming with the holidays in November and December because that’s a lot of books!

Reminder: These may not be the only books on preorder this month, but they are the ones currently available for preorder. Others may be added throughout the month (and looking at the calendar, I’ve got a good bet that there will be a few more).

Books available for preorder:

Boxed sets available for preorder:

Boxed sets available for preorder

Academy of Necessary Magic
Complete Series Boxed Set